Mothering with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Grace
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von: Denise Roy

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Verlag: Jossey-Bass
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 03.12.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9781118040959
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 256

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Denise Roy combines the hard-won wisdom of a parent with the insights of meditation to create a spiritual practice that goes to the heart of everyday life: mothering with mindfulness. Through anecdotes, reflections, and specific practices, this book invites mothers to wake up and embrace their lives, discovering that they are always standing on holy ground.
Introduction. Momfulness. Developing a Practice. Presence. Breathing Meditation. I See Me in Your Eyes. Rolling Hippo Meditation. How a Mom Prays. The Alone Hat. Porch Swing. Attention. Plan B. Autopilot. The River. Mouth Yoga. The Ideal vs. the Real. Clearing Clutter. Compassion. Late-for-School Practice. Pier Pressure. Walking the Night Hallways. When Someone Deeply Listens to You. No Good Very Bad Day. Mobilize the Mothering Instinct. Embodiment. Hugging Meditation. Body Blessings. Seven Nights in a Row. Generations of Bodies. Saved by Wonder. Close to Things. The Sacred in All Things. Where Does the Wind Come From? Lobster Tale. Framing the Day. Nurturing Family Spirit. Grace. Family Circle. Community. Sacred Circles. Our Many Mothers. The Holy Family Commutes. Are All the Children In? The Mother Is Standing. What Do Trees Have to Do with Peace? A Final Word. Suggested Readings. Acknowledgments. The Author.
Denise Roy is the author of the award-winning My Monastery Is a Minivan and is in private practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Visit her Web site at
The Down-to-Earth Spiritual Handbook for Busy Moms "Momfulness is a blessing and a prayer—the way to wholeness is in these pages." —Christiane Northrup, M.D., author, Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom "Denise Roy celebrates the abundant rewards of mothering with mindfulness. A must-read for all parents!" —Patt Saso, author, Parenting Your Teens with T.L.C. "All moms could use the soothing words Denise Roy so generously shares in Momfulness. Grab a cup of tea, put up your feet, and dive right in!" —Mimi Doe, author, Busy but Balanced and founder of "Momfulness is a wonderful guide for conscious mothering in an all-too-busy world. I love this book!" —Michele Borba, Ed.D., author, 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know and Parents Do Make a Difference "Momfulness helps us discover that what we do as mothers really does matter—from the way we hold our children to the way we change the world. I love the stories and practices in this beautiful book!" —Amy Tiemann, Ph.D., author, Mojo Mom: Nurturing Your Self While Raising a Family, and creator of

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