Media Selling

Media Selling

Television, Print, Internet, Radio
4. Aufl.

von: Charles Warner

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This newly revised and updated edition of Media Selling addresses the significant changes that have taken place in media industries over the last few years, while continuing as a seminal resource for information on media sales. A classic in this field, this book has long served students and professionals in broadcasting and media industries as an indispensable tool for learning, training, and mastering sales techniques for electronic media Addresses the unprecedented consolidation and sweeping change faced by media industries in recent years, and now features greatly expanded coverage of the Internet, including video streaming and the impact of social network sites Covers a broad span of media industries and issues, including: electronic media, newspapers, magazines, outdoor/billboard promotion, sales ethics, emotional intelligence, and interactive media selling Fully updated to include much greater focus on national and international media sales issues, as well as expanded coverage of network-level selling, product placement, sales promotion use of market data
List of Contributors Preface and Acknowledgments Part I: The Marketing/Media Ecology and Personal Selling: 1. The Marketing/Media Ecology: Charles Warner 2. Selling: Assumptions, Approaches, and Types of Selling: Charles Warner 3. Sales Ethics: Charles Warner 4. The AESKOPP System of Selling: Charles Warner Part II: Attitude, Emotional Intelligence, and Skills: 5. Attitude and Goal Setting: Charles Warner 6. Emotional Intelligence: Charles Warner 7. Skills: Effective Communication, Effective Listening, and Understanding People: Charles Warner 8. Skills: Influence and Creating Value: Charles Warner 9. Skills: Prospecting and Identifying Problems: Charles Warner 10. Skills: Generating Solutions, Proposals, and Presentations: Charles Warner 11. Skills: Presenting: Charles Warner 12. Skills: Negotiating and Closing: Charles Warner 13. Skills: Servicing: Charles Warner Part III: Knowledge: 14. Business and Finance: William Redpath 15. Marketing: Tim Larson and Ken Foster 16. Media Research: Roger Baron 17. Advertising: Charles Warner 18. Television: J. William Grimes and Ron Steiner 19. Newspapers: Thomas J. Stultz 20. The Internet: Vincent Thompson and Paul Talbot 21. Radio: Paul Talbot 22. Magazines: Phil Frank 23. Media Comparisons: Advantages and Disadvantages: Charles Warner Part IV: Opportunities, Preparation, and Persistence: 24. Opportunities, Organization, and Time Management: Charles Warner Appendix A. Selling Magazines to Agencies: Phil Frank Appendix B. Writing Copy: Charles Warner Index
Charles Warner is a media sales and management consultant/trainer and an active blogger at He teaches at The New School in New York, and is the Goldenson Chair Emeritus at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He was the Vice President of AOL’s Interactive Marketing division until his retirement in 2002.
For the past two decades, Media Selling and its predecessor, Broadcast and Cable Selling, have served students and professionals in the broadcasting, cable, print, and Internet industries as an indispensable tool for learning, training, and mastering sales techniques for these media. This newly revised and updated edition addresses the significant changes that have taken place in media industries over the last few years, while continuing as a seminal resource for information on media sales. This fourth edition includes chapters on sales ethics, emotional intelligence (discerning and then matching the emotional needs of a prospect), and Internet selling. Praised by educators and sales training managers throughout the country, Media Selling advocates a solution-selling approach that one reviewer called “the best synthesis of behavioral psychology, common sense, and professional salesmanship I’ve ever read.”
“Media Selling has set the bar once again—providing the new knowledge standard for the industry. Whatever segment of media and advertising you’re involved in, you must read Media Selling to matter in the next-generation of media.” Dean DeBiase, CEO, TNS Media, Co-author of The Big Moo “Charlie Warner has trained more professionals in the art -- and science -- of selling radio, television, print, and interactive than anyone else. I've had the opportunity to witness his insights at work, and this book is an invaluable tool for anyone hoping to succeed in media selling." Bob Pittman, Founding Member of Pilot Group, Co-Founder of MTV and former CEO of MTV Networks and COO of AOL and AOL Time Warner "Media Selling is the preeminent text for anyone considering a career or currently employed in sales. Incorporating traditional and new media, it details both the theory and real world practice of selling. Simply put, if you want to do sales well, Media Selling is a must read. It's the only book I will use.” Darryl Smith, University of West Florida “Charlie Warner’s Media Selling is a complete, thorough playbook that expertly explores how to win in today's cross-selling media environment." George Bodenheimer, CEO of ESPN and ABC Sports

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