Managing For Dummies

Managing For Dummies

UK Edition

von: Richard Pettinger, Bob Nelson, Peter Economy

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 07.12.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9781119992509
Sprache: englisch
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If you're having trouble motivating your employees, need to resolve a conflict, or want to learn how to better monitor your employees’ performance, this straight-forward guide will take you step by step through every aspect of managing. Packed with expert advice on team-building, communication skills, identifying talented employees, and letting go of staff, Managing for Dummies takes the stress out of what can be an intimidating and high-pressured job. The book will be adapted from the current US edition of Managing for Dummies. Existing content will be revised to reflect essential UK information including: UK-specific case studies, including references to recognisable UK businesses UK business practice, including ethics, employee and employers rights and responsibilities, hiring and firing - with reference to UK law UK websites UK financial information
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: You Want to Be a Manager. Chapter 1: You’re a Manager — Now What? Chapter 2: Delegation: Getting Things Done - By Everyone. Chapter 3:Leadership and Leading. Part II: Managing People. Chapter 4: Attracting and Keeping the Best. Chapter 5: Motivation, Inspiration and Performance. Chapter 6: Coaching and Development.. Part III: Making Things Happen. Chapter 7: Setting Goals and Targets. Chapter 8: Measuring Performance and Progress. Chapter 9: Performance Evaluations and Appraisals. Part IV: Working with People. Chapter 10: Effective Communication. Chapter 11: It's a Team Thing. Chapter 12: Managing Flexible Workers. Chapter 13: Ethics and Organisational Politics. Part V: The Tough Ones. Chapter 14: Managing Change. Chapter 15: Discipline: Speaking Softly. Chapter 16: Too Little, Too Late: Dismissing Employees. Chapter 17: Managing Yourself : Taking Care of No.1. Part VI: Tools and Techniques for Managing. Chapter 18: Budgeting and Accounting. Chapter 19: Harnessing the Power of Technology. Chapter 20:Employee Development. Chapter 21: Keeping Track of Management Trends. Part VII: The Part of Tens. Chapter 22: Ten Common Management Mistakes. Chapter 23: The Ten Best Ways to Recognise Employees. Chapter 24: Ten Classic Business and Management Books. Index.
Richard Pettinger is a management lecturer and author of over 30 management books. Bob Nelson founded Nelson Motivation, a training and consulting firm. Peter Economy is a management writer and consultant.
Tried and tested techniques helping you to get the job done Make your mark in management Good management is vital to the success of every business but being a good manager isn't always easy. Written by professionals with decades of experience, this book gives you time-tested advice on hiring the right staff, building effective teams, resolving office politics, and maintaining your work/life balance. With Managing For Dummies you'll be making things happen in your business in no time. Discover how to Inspire your employees Measure and monitor performance Make dynamic presentations Deal with dismissals and redundancies Understand UK employee rights and employment law

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