Managing Business Change For Dummies

Managing Business Change For Dummies

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von: Beth L. Evard, Craig A. Gipple

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 04.05.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9781118069479
Sprache: englisch
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Managing Business Change For Dummies gives you practical step-by-step advice for evaluating your organization's change effort from start to finish. This friendly guide brings you specific techniques and tools for each step of the change process -- from how to pinpoint potential problems and resolve them quickly, to how to help employees respond to change with more flexible and positive attitudes.
Introduction. PART I: Who, Me? Change? Chapter 1: Expect the Unexpected. Chapter 2: What Is Changing? PART II: Over Two-Thirds of Changes Fail -- Don't Let Resistance Put You in This Statistic. Chapter 3: Resistance: Looking at Losers and Winners. Chapter 4: Don't Shoot! Resisters Aren't Your Enemies. Chapter 5: Why People Will Always Resist. Chapter 6: If Knowledge Is Power, How Do I Get More Of It? Chapter 7: Managers Resist Change, Too. Chapter 8: Skills for Working with Resistance. Chapter 9: Assessment: How's Your Organization Doing with Resistance? PART III: Planning Your Change -- From Calamari to Tiramisu. Chapter 10: Making Sure That Your First Step Is The Right One. Chapter 11: Getting Your Act Together. Chapter 12: Describing Your Present World. Chapter 13: What Does Your Brave New World Look Like? Chapter 14: Creating Your Implementation Plan -- Even When You Don't Want To. Chapter 15: Now, What Do You Tell Your Employees? Chapter 16: Assessment: How's Your Management Doing with Planning for Change? PART IV: Leading the Charge. Chapter 17: The Many Faces of Leadership. Chapter 18: Making Communication Work for You. Chapter 19: Celebrate Successes. Chapter 20: Assessment: How's Your Management Doing with Leading the Charge? PART V: Taking Care of Yourself -- No One Else Will. Chapter 21: Five Keys to Mental Mastery. Chapter 22: Powerlifting for the Mind and Body. PART VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 23: Ten Things That Every Change Winner Does. Chapter 24: Ten Barriers to Successful Change. Index. Book Registration Information.
Beth L. Evard is an organizational psychologist and a conflict and stress management consultant. Craig A. Gipple is president of Leadership Solutions, Inc. and a change management consultant for Fortune 500 companies.
"Packed with sound, practical guidance on how to understand, lead, and manage change." Beth Wann, VP, HR, Time Warner Cable Praise for Managing Business Change For Dummies "Organizational change can be filled with stress for the people who must implement the change. The authors provide you with the tools to gain your team's support and keep your team, as well as yourself, effective and calm." Evelyn Greenwald, COO, Creativity For Kids, a division of Faber-Castell Find out how to promote stress-free change at the office The pain-free way to help your employees go with the flow Are your employees addicted to the status quo? Relax! Let two experts show you how to change their attitudes about change. From step-by-step advice on communicating effectively with your employees to specific tools for successfully working with their resistance, this practical guide will help you smooth the way for seamless change within your organization. Discover how to: Pinpoint potential problems and resolve them quickly Promote positive, flexible attitudes Expect the unexpected Brave the unknown Keep cool amidst change Reduce stress Get smart! Sign up for daily eTips at Choose from among 33 different subject categories Get news you can use on everything from money to health to computers

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