Location Based Marketing For Dummies

Location Based Marketing For Dummies

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von: Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

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Verlag: For Dummies
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Veröffentl.: 02.08.2011
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Learn to create a two-way dialog with customers with location-based services and smartphones Location-based services (LBS) have started to gain popularity in the marketplace with more and more businesses starting to incorporate LBS into their marketing mix. This book is a necessary resource for anyone eager to create a two-way dialog with their customers in order to establish customer loyalty programs, drive promotions, or encourage new visitors. You'll learn how to successfully build, launch, and measure a location-based marketing program and figure out which location-based services are right for your business. Packed with resources that share additional information, this helpful guide walks you through the tools and techniques needed to measure all the data that results from a successful location-based marketing program. Serves as an ideal introduction to location-based marketing and gets you started building a location-based marketing program Helps you figure out which location-based service (LBS) is right for your business and then integrate LBS with your social graph Details ways to create compelling offers, using location-based marketing as a customer loyalty program, and set performance goals and benchmarks Explains how to use tools to measure your campaign, analyze results, and determine your business's success Includes examples of companies that are successfully using location-based marketing to demonstrate techniques and concepts featured in the book No matter your location, location-based services can benefit your business and this For Dummies book shows you how!
Foreword xxi Introduction 1 Part I: Putting a Little "Location" in Your Marketing Campaign 7 Chapter 1: Understanding Location-Based Services 9 Chapter 2: Surveying the Location-Based Services Landscape 21 Chapter 3: Choosing Platforms for Your Campaigns 35 Chapter 4: Checking In and Playing the Game 51 Part II: Location-Based Marketing in Action 71 Chapter 5: Building a Location-Based Marketing Campaign 73 Chapter 6: Creating a Relevant Offer 89 Chapter 7: Using Location-Based Marketing to Enhance a Loyalty Program 103 Part III: Integrating Location into Other Channels 117 Chapter 8: Integrating Location-Based Marketing with Other Marketing Campaigns 119 Chapter 9: Using Location in Marketing Beyond the Check-in 129 Part IV: Measuring Your Return on Investment 141 Chapter 10: Setting Up a Monitoring Strategy 143 Chapter 11: Setting Your Location-Based Key Performance Indicators 165 Chapter 12: Pulling Data from Your LBS Dashboards 175 Part V: The Part of Tens 187 Chapter 13: Almost Ten Reasons to Start with an LBS 189 Chapter 14: Ten (Or More) Ways Location-Based Services Will Impact the Future of Marketing 197 Chapter 15: More Than Ten Smaller Location-Based Services 203 Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Promote Your LBS Program Offl ine 219 Appendix A: Technology Overview: Phones, Operating Systems, and Geofencing 227 Appendix B: Getting Started with Location-Based Services: A Primer 239 Index 251
Aaron Strout heads location-based marketing efforts at WCG, digital agency of the year as ranked by The Holmes Report. Mike Schneider is Senior Vice President, Director Digital Incubator for allen & gerritsen, ranked as a top independent advertising agency by AdAge.
Reward your customers, build their loyalty, and let them help market your business Want your marketing efforts to reach the right customer at exactly the right time? How about as they walk into your store? Location-based marketing lets you provide highly targeted offers and build customer loyalty. This book explains location-based services, what your campaign should contain, how to launch it, and how to measure results. Check in — learn what goes into a check-in, what will encourage customers to do it, and what data you can collect Get started — find out how to set up a campaign on foursquare, Facebook Places, Yelp, and Gowalla Know what you want — fine-tune your marketing goals to maximize what location-based marketing can do Know what your customer wants — research what motivates your customers and choose appropriate rewards Identify your influencers — discover and reward the thought leaders among your customers Behind the scenes — assure that your LBS campaign is well supported within your organization Choose analytics tools — evaluate options for measuring your success Dash after information — use dashboards to collect information about your visitors, when they visit, and whether they share Open the book and find: Types of campaigns to consider Tips for getting customers to check in Cool reward ideas How to use scavenger hunts and games to motivate response How location-based marketing works with other campaigns When to support your campaign with traditional marketing How to identify key performance indicators An overview of services and tools that you use with location-based services Learn to: Choose the right location-based service to achieve your goals Get started using foursquare, Facebook Places, Yelp, and Gowalla Analyze the results of your program Apply and adapt what other businesses have learned

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