Local Online Advertising For Dummies

Local Online Advertising For Dummies

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von: Court Cunningham, Stephanie Brown

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Veröffentl.: 16.03.2010
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Kick your local online advertising into high gear with this friendly, timely guide! Add the newest means of advertising your business into your marketing mix by developing an online advertising strategy. This get-down-to-business guide will show you how. Written by executives from Yodle, a New York-based firm specializing in online advertising, this book reveals the best and brightest ways to get the word out, from creating a Web presence that draws visitors, to using SEO, to jumping boldly into social media advertising. Online advertising market is estimated to grow to $10-$19 billion by 2011, and you'll want your business to be part of this huge shift Explores how to research your audience, set goals, and build a plan Provides steps and tips on creating an effective Web presence and landing pages-then covers how to drive visitors to your site with search engine optimization, AdWords, e-mail blasts, and social media marketing Examines blogs, chat rooms, video, and other ways to win customers Don't miss the free offer from Yodle that comes with this practical guide!
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started with Local Online Advertising. Chapter 1: Online: It’s Where Your Customers Are. Chapter 2: Engaging Your Advertising Arsenal. Chapter 3: Planning Your Online Advertising Campaign. Part II: Setting the Foundation for Local Online Advertising Success. Chapter 4: Building a Great Web Site: The Key to Online Advertising Success. Chapter 5: When You’ve Hooked Your Customers, Reel 'Em In! Chapter 6: Analyzing Results for Long-Term Gains. Part III: Doing the Advertising Part of Local Online Advertising. Chapter 7: Demystifying Search Engine Marketing. Chapter 8: Getting Web Traffi c for Free: Practicing Search Engine Optimization. Chapter 9: The Nuts and Bolts of Search Engine Advertising. Chapter 10: Saying It with E-Mail. Chapter 11: Linking Up with Directories and Lead Aggregators. Chapter 12: Targeting Customers with Banner Ads, E-Newsletter Ads, and More. Chapter 13: Hanging Out on Social Networks. Chapter 14: Generating PR Buzz. Chapter 15: Using Offl ine Channels to Drive Online Traffic. Part IV: Keeping Your Customers Coming Back. Chapter 16: Staying at the Top of Customers' Minds. Chapter 17: Leveraging Customer Data: Reach Out and Touch 'Em. Part V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 18: Ten Local Online Marketing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them). Chapter 19: Ten Steps to an Effective Local Online Advertising Plan. Chapter 20: Ten Considerations When Choosing a Local Online Advertising Partner. Index.
Court Cunningham is CEO of Yodle, a leading local online advertising company that works with thousands of businesses. Before joining Yodle, he held positions at Community Connect and Double Click. Stephanie Brown is a local business consultant who has been helping businesses market online since 1994.
Competition is tough! Get an advantage with online advertising aimed at local customers The Internet has changed the way you attract customers to a local business. Now you need a killer Web site, strong presence on search engines, and a vibrant social media campaign along with your other ads to grab the attention of consumers. This book offers the advice of advertising professionals who know how the online world can provide big help for your business! Create a plan — discover where your customers hang out online, set goals, and identify strategies for success The site's the thing — learn how to create a customer-focused Web site that's search engine–friendly Getting them there — understand how to use search engine marketing, banner ads, and social networks Turn clicks into customers — use blogs, online video, and online coupons to engage visitors on your Web site Measure results — find out how to determine ROI, where your leads come from, and how to see if your ads are working Get a $100 advertising credit from Yodle! Look inside for details on how your company can get $100 in online advertising from Yodle! Open the book and find: Proven strategies for using search engines to get more customers How the Web is becoming more local Definitions for the lingo of the online advertising world Ideas for creating a catchy Web site Ways to engage your customers and keep them coming back When help is worth paying for How to use e-mail without becoming a spammer Ten common mistakes and how to avoid them Learn to: Plan and launch an effective local online advertising campaign Set up a Web site that draws local traffic Maximize your presence on top search engines Inside — find out how to get a $100 advertising credit from Yodle!

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