Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation

How to Engage Marketing-Weary Consumers with the Power of Community, Dialogue, and Partnership
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von: Joseph Jaffe

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 18.01.2008
ISBN/EAN: 9780470187869
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With the continued fragmentation of the media and proliferation of media options, the balance of power has shifted from the marketer to the individual. In Join the Conversation, Jaffe discusses the changing role of the consumer and how marketers must adapt by joining the rich, deep and meaningful conversation already in progress. This book reveals what marketers must do to become a welcome and invited part of the dialogue, and how to leverage and integrate the resulting partnership in ways that provide win-win situations for businesses, brands and lives.
Chapter 1. Talking "At" vs. Talking "With". Chapter 2. The many-to-many model. Chapter 3. Can Marketing be a Conversation? Chapter 4. The birth of generation "i". Chapter 5. The Rise of the Prosumer. Chapter 6. The new consumerism. Chapter 7. The 6 Cs; 3 phases of conversation. Chapter 8. The content-conversation relationship. Chapter 9. What your future holds for conversation? Chapter 10. Why are you so afraid of conversation? Chapter 11. The 10 tenets of good conversation. Chapter 12. The 5 Ways you can "Join the Conversation". Chapter 13. When conversation isn't conversation at all. Chapter 14. Where does conversation fit in? Chapter 15. Conversation through Community. Chapter 16. Conversation through Dialogue. Chapter 17. Conversation through Partnership. Chapter 18. Getting started...the Manifesto for Experimentation. Chapter 19. Does conversation actually work? Chapter 20. Do you speak conversation? Take the test. Index.
“The long and short of it is that the book is excellent…Jaffe deserves a place in Marketing history for this.” (, Tuesday 25th February 2008) “In a series of case studies, Jaffe shows you how to bring your brand up to speed.” (Fin Week, Thursday 3rd April 2008)
Joseph Jaffe is President and founder of crayon, LLC. crayon is a new marketing innovation company specializing in interrupting the status quo, joining the conversation, and effecting transformational change through well-structured experimentation, using a bold mix of alternatives to traditional advertising ( Prior to crayon, he was president and founder of Jaffe, LLC, and director of Interactive Mediaat TBWA/Chiat/Day and OMD USA. His clients have included The Coca-Cola Company, American Airlines, Starwood Hotels, Procter & Gamble, Kmart, Absolut Vodka, and Google. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School.
Throughout the history of advertising and marketing, communicating with consumers has been a one-way street. Marketers produced and disseminated messages and customers consumed them whether they liked them or not. Today, every person sees thousands of advertisements a day—and totally ignores the vast majority of them. Yet, companies still spend billions of dollars each year yelling at customers who don't want to hear it. In this follow-up to his bestselling book, Life After the 30-Second Spot, author Joseph Jaffe explains how marketers must adapt to the brave new world of the Internet, social media and networking, consumer-generated content, blogs, and podcasts by joining the rich, deep, and meaningful customer conversations already in progress. Consumers today are active participants in the advertising process, not silent targets and sitting ducks for one-way communication. Forget about the medium being the message; today, consumers are both the medium and the message. The future is bright for organizations that can join the ongoing dialog and leverage their customer relationships to build win-win situations for businesses, brands, and individuals. Through the power of community, dialog, and partnership, marketers finally have the power to talk with consumers rather than at them. Traditional marketing is a red flag smart consumers can see from a mile away; an outdated idea lurching toward them with the same predictable exhortations and tired come-ons. They've had enough, and it's time to change the dynamic. When marketing is a conversation, marketers can get to know their consumers as individuals, not as silent members of a faceless demographic subsection. Join the Conversation uses real-world brands and companies, real case studies, and real conversations to reveal how to talk to customers—and how to get them talking about you. It's time for marketing and marketers to become more meaningful and authentic, or they will both become obsolete. Totally practical and brilliantly revolutionary, Join the Conversation reveals the future of marketing and how you and your company can march boldly into it. Join the conversation today at or through Jaffe's daily blog and podcast, Jaffe Juice (
Praise for Join the Conversation "Communication is no longer enough to provide a sustainable growth platform for brands. Jaffe lays out what comes next for marketers looking to build bridges, bonds, and relationships with their most valuable asset—their consumers." —Jim Stengel, Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble "Marketing is no longer a spectator sport, but rather full-contact collaboration; working with consumers as partners eliminates 'us versus them' from the equation. This is conversational marketing firing on all cylinders, and it's all in Join the Conversation." —Beth Comstock, President, Integrated Media, NBC Universal "Conversation is not as easy as it sounds. When companies head down a path of consumer dialogue and loosening of brand control, it helps to have a guide on your journey. This book is that guide." —Mark Greatrex, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communication and Insights, The Coca-Cola Company "Jaffe's latest book provides marketing professionals with a blend of inspirational guidance and practical evidence for joining the conversation. Jaffe is an activist for necessary behavior change, and we'll all benefit from his witty yet thoughtful conversation in this enjoyable book." —Nick Brien, Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Universal McCann "Jaffe possesses an uncanny ability to cut through the jargon and get right to the heart of today's complex and vexing marketing challenges. Visionary CMOs will read this book and embrace their roles as Chief Conversation Officers for tomorrow's great brands." —Jim Garrity, former chief marketing officer, Wachovia "The Berlin Wall of the entire communications industry has crumbled. In its place is the exciting and daring new world of massive and dynamic collaboration and conversations. Join the Conversation is the road map for future leaders." —Roy Spence, founder and President, GSD&M Advertising "My favorite guru of the Age of Engagement (arguably the most bewildering, rapid-fire turnaround ever seen by consumer and B-to-B marketers) is Joseph Jaffe.... Right now is the perfect moment for Jaffe to be sharing his keen insights into the workings of the new conversational marketing." —Stan Rapp, coauthor of MaxiMarketing

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