Job Interviews For Dummies

Job Interviews For Dummies

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von: Joyce Lain Kennedy

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 29.11.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9781118237489
Sprache: englisch
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Deliver a show-stopping interview performance Does the thought of interviewing for a new job send shivers down your spine? It doesn't have to! Whether you're searching for your first job, changing careers, or looking for advancement in your current line of work, Job Interviews For Dummies shows you how to use your skills and experiences to your advantage and land that job. Following a half-decade characterized by an explosion of economic crises, global expansion, and technological innovation in the job market, today's job seekers vie for employment in a tough era of new realities where few have gone before. In addition to covering how to prepare for an interview, this updated edition explores the new realities of the job market with scenarios that you can expect to encounter, an updated sample question and answer section, coverage of how you can harness social media in your job search, information on preparing for a Web-based interview, and the best ways to keep your credibility when applying for several jobs at once. Out-prepare the competition Overcome your fear of interviewing Ask smart questions about the job and the employer Give the best answers to make-or-break questions Fit your qualifications to the job's requirements Dress like an insider Survive personality tests Interview across cultures Evaluate a job offer Negotiate a better salary Whether you're fresh from the classroom, a prime-timer over 50, or somewhere in between, Job Interviews For Dummies quickly gets you up to speed on the skills and tools you need to land the job you want.
Introduction 1 Part I: And the Interview Winner is … You! 7 Chapter 1: Job Interviews Are Show Biz. Seriously! 9 Chapter 2: Tryouts: Getting Past Screening Interviews 29 Chapter 3: 21st-Century Video Interview 39 Chapter 4: Interviewing on the Global Stage 51 Chapter 5: A Chorus Line of Interviews by Type 57 Part II: Backstage Researching and Rehearsing 77 Chapter 6: Research Is Your Ticket Inside 79 Chapter 7: Your Close-Up: Personality Tests 89 Chapter 8: Showing You the Money 101 Chapter 9: Costuming Yourself for a Starring Role 119 Chapter 10: Beat Stage Fright with the R-Word: Rehearse 133 Chapter 11: Looking Good with Questions You Ask 143 Chapter 12: Closing the Show 149 Part III: Actors' Studio: Casting Your Character 165 Chapter 13: Opening Acts for Younger Talent 167 Chapter 14: Selling Scripts for Career Switchers 173 Chapter 15: Star Turns for Prime-Timers 181 Part IV: Lights, Camera, Talk! Answering Questions 191 Chapter 16: What Can You Tell Me About Yourself? 193 Chapter 17: What Do You Know about This Job and Our Company? 213 Chapter 18: What Are Your Skills and Competencies? 217 Chapter 19: How Does Your Experience Help Us? 225 Chapter 20: What Education Do You Have? 233 Chapter 21: What about Your Special Situation? 243 Chapter 22: How Should You Answer a Questionable Question? 259 Part V: The Part of Tens 267 Chapter 23: Ten Tips to Avoid Rotten Reviews 269 Chapter 24: Ten Tricky Questions to Watch Out For 273 Chapter 25: Tens of Lines on the Cutting Room Floor 279 Appendix: Questions by Career Fields and Industries 285 Index 305
Joyce Lain Kennedy is a nationally syndicated careers columnist. CAREERS NOW appears twice weekly in newspapers and on websites across the United States. She is the author of seven career books including Resumes For Dummies, 6th Edition, and Cover Letters For Dummies, 3rd Edition.
Learn to: Survive web-based screening knock-outs Master the essentials of popular video interviewing Manage your social media presence to make a great impression Deliver a show-stopping interview performance Whether you're searching for your first job, advancement in your current field, or a career change, including a military transition, Job Interviews For Dummies shows you how to get your foot in the door and deliver a show-stopping interview every time! Updated with new realities of the current job market — and scenarios you can expect to encounter today — this guidebook is everything you need to interview your way to the job offer you want. Step into the spotlight — find out how you can use appearance, body language, confidence, and performance skills to deliver a winning interview Check behind the scenes — discover how to research employers, understand personality tests, dress the part, overcome stage fright, and speak up with the right questions Be guided by pros — get trusted, career-tested advice on giving a Show Stopper's response to major questions employers in any career field ask Preview questions by career fields — anticipate questions that can come up in a particular line of work, from administrative and education, to information technology and management Open the book and find: Strategies and techniques that work Why "be yourself" can be poor advice 18 interviewing formats you may encounter Sample dialogue and research tips Questions to ask that will make you look good How to prepare for automated and web-based interviews An updated sample question & answer section Tips for negotiating salary

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