IT-Driven Business Models

IT-Driven Business Models

Global Case Studies in Transformation
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von: Henning Kagermann, Hubert Osterle, John M. Jordan

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A look at business model innovation's crucial role in today's global business environment . Showing organizations how business model innovation should be a key focus area in today's global economy, this book features cases from businesses around the globe that have developed customized business models and achieved spectacular levels of performance. Case examples from well-known innovation leaders IKEA, Apple, Tata, SHARP, Saudi Aramco, De Beers, Telefonica, Valero Energy, LEGO, and Proctor & Gamble Shows businesses how to get beyond traditional business models to take better advantage of emerging opportunities Coauthored by former CEO of SAP AG, the world's largest provider of enterprise software Filled with interviews with key executives, this book reveals the role of technology in driving and enabling changes to fundamental facets of a business. Companies around the world are innovating their business models with tremendous results. IT-Driven Business Models shows interested organizations how they can start the process.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Enterprise Value from Customer Value. Customer Value and Enterprise Value. Context. Shaping a Response. Business Models, Business Concepts and the Role of IT. Case Study: Apple. Realizing the Information Vision: The Technology Dimension. Checklist. Chapter 2: Customer Value from the Customer Process. Management Summary. Vision. From Product to Solution Provider. Process Focus: Waste Disposal and Management. Concepts of the Customer Process. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Chapter 3: More Customers and More for the Customer. Management Summary. Vision. Turning Employees and Customers into Fans. Concepts of Market and Customer Development. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Chapter 4: Innovation and Personalization Trump Commoditization. Management Summary. Vision. From Single Standardized Product to Personalized Service Package: Endress+Hauser. Innovating Innovation: Procter & Gamble. Pioneering Co-creation: LEGO Group. The Tata Nano: A Case of Disruptive Innovation? Concepts of Product and Service Development. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Chapter 5: Silent Commerce. Management Summary. Vision. Seamless Fulfillment, Silent Commerce. Concepts of Fulfillment. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Chapter 6: Strategy-compliant Management. Management Summary. Vision. From Reporting to Strategy Implementation. Concepts of Operative Management. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Chapter 7: Value Chain Redesign. Management Summary. Vision. From Value Chain to Ecosystem: Seven Redesigns. Competition in Networks. Concepts of Value Chain Redesign. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Chapter 8: IT's Role in Business Model Transformation. Management Summary. Vision. High-Performance IS Organizations. Concepts of IS Organizational Performance. Realizing the Vision. Checklist. Conclusion: IT-Driven Innovation in the 2010s. Notes. About the Authors. Index.
DR. HENNING KAGERMANN is the former CEO of SAP AG, the world's largest provider of enterprise software, where he served as CEO from 1998 until 2009. He currently serves as president of acatech, the German Academy of Science and Engineering. DR. HUBERT OSTERLE is Director of the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen. He is involved in teaching and research in the areas of business models for the information age and business engineering. JOHN M. JORDAN is a clinical professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems at the Smeal College of Business, Penn State University, where he teaches IT strategy to undergraduates, MBAs, and executives. His research focuses on emerging technologies and their impact on business strategy, design, and practice.
IT-DRIVEN BUSINESS MODELS Global Case Studies in Transformation In a global environment driven by technological development, companies built to take advantage of new technology solutions and architectures have a competitive advantage over traditional models. Moving forward, IT-driven innovation will not only continue to enhance customer value and enterprise value, but that same mode of innovation will matter more and more for larger entities as well. IT-Driven Business Models presents how companies around the globe are transforming their business models with tremendous results and explains how to start the process. Featuring cases from businesses around the globe that have developed their own business models to achieve high levels of performance, this revolutionary book draws from interviews with key executives, revealing IT secrets from well-known innovation leaders such as ABB, IKEA, Apple, Tata, Sharp, Saudi Aramco, De Beers, Telefónica, Valero Energy, LEGO, and Procter & Gamble. Through these extraordinary studies, the book explores how technology drives and enables changes to the fundamental facets of business. Whether you're a CIO, a CEO, an executive, a IT manager, or a consultant, this important and timely book makes it clear: business model innovation will take you beyond traditional business models to take better advantage of emerging opportunities. Discover the key to innovation with the world-class guidance found in IT-Driven Business Models.
Praise for IT-DRIVEN BUSINESS MODELS Global Case Studies in Transformation "IT-Driven Business Models is an important read to better understand the changes taking place in businesses on a global scale through the power of technology. It provides an exciting and well-illustrated vision of how companies can deploy IT-enabled solutions to create unprecedented value with and for customers." —Robert S. Kaplan, Harvard Business School and co-creator, Balanced Scorecard "IT-Driven Business Models is about creating customer value using technology to foster collaboration within and outside the enterprise." —Girish S. Paranjpe, Joint Chief Executive Officer, IT Business, and Member of the Board, Wipro Limited "Kagermann, Osterle, and Jordan make a powerful case, describing how strategic investments in information technology can transform your business and result in huge increases in customer value. Anyone interested in how information technology can fuel business model innovation should read this book." —Mark Johnson, Chairman of Innosight and author of Seizing the White Space: Business Model Innovation for Growth and Renewal From the Foreword: "[The LEGO] journey is not unique, as readers will see in this book. Several phenomena can be seen across the business landscape. Customers are playing new roles, both in relation to a company and in their interactions with each other on Facebook or on blogs. Supply chains are being reinvented, with new scales of time and space to manage. Risk, opportunity, innovation, and capital each must be understood in new ways. Simultaneously managing inside an organization and coexisting with outside ecosystem partners requires new tools and new attitudes. Business models are being reinvented in some fascinating ways." —Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO, LEGO Group

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