It All Matters

It All Matters

125 Strategies to Achieve Maximum Confidence, Clarity, Certainty, and Creativity
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von: Paul Cummings

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 04.10.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119418443
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The all-encompassing framework for achieving the life of your dreams It All Matters presents a framework for the rest of your life. What are those dreams you would only dare to dream if there was no possibility of failure? How can you live a life of real intention and purpose instead of duty and obligation? This book answers these questions and more. Everyone has the capacity to author their own destiny; it's not our circumstances that shape our lives, it's our response to those circumstances that either propels us to great heights or keeps us stuck in the mud. Here, author Paul Cummings shares one of the most comprehensive goal setting systems ever put into print. Based on the key U.B.U. process—Understand who you are, Be true to yourself, and always be Unique—this framework gives you the power to transform your life. Through a fast-moving series of engaging stories, you'll learn how to question yourself to greatness as you begin to think in bigger and more positive terms. Professionals from across the globe have implemented this framework to achieve what they truly wanted out of life—isn't it your turn? This enlightening guide teaches you the revolutionary strategies that can help you make big things happen. Dig deep to find your real dreams, and set a plan to achieve them Discover the core principles the form the foundation for success Learn the art of self-questioning as a motivational tool Implement a comprehensive, proven system for getting what you want You are one great question away from everything you ardently desire at all times. Are you ready to take the leap? It All Matters shifts your perspective to let you see the shining path ahead.
Acknowledgments xiii Introduction xvii Part One CONFIDENCE 1 1 Where It All Began 5 2 The Journey Begins 14 3 Components of Mindset 27 Part Two CLARITY 37 4 The Power of Goals 41 5 Create a Compelling Future 54 6 AGoal Is a Commitment with a Deadline 62 7 Written in Stone 69 8 Stopping-Stones and Stepping-Stones 76 9 Never Leave Home without It 87 10 PursueWisdom and Understand Fear 103 Part Three CERTAINTY 115 11 The Pathway to Dreams 119 12 Planning, Practice, and Preparing 140 13 The Power of Attitude 155 14 See Yourself Stronger Daily 175 15 The Power of Optimism 202 Part Four CREATIVITY 215 16 We Are All Creative 219 17 TheMaster Key to Riches in Life 233 18 It’s HeartWork 247 Part Five A LIFE WELL LIVED 257 19 YouMust Finish Strong 261 20 A LifeWell Lived 272 21 My Stories 279 22 Finding Your “It” 294 125 Life Lessons 299 Index 325
PAUL CUMMINGS is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Paul D. Cummings World Wide Enterprises, a training and teaching company that has motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses to make real and lasting change. Paul also developed Woople, a web-based learning system, to deliver an award-winning online video program utilized by thousands of students.
What are those dreams you would only dare to dream if there was no possibility of failure? How can you live a life of real intention and purpose instead of duty and obligation? Written by change guru and master storyteller Paul Cummings, It All Matters is filled with the life lessons, toolkits, strategies, and action plans you need to live a dynamic and compelling life. It All Matters is your personal guide for becoming the bold, powerful, unique, determined, and immensely successful person you were meant to be. Why settle for a Level 5 when It all Matters can help you take the leap and amplify your life to volume Level 10? Throughout the book, Paul Cummings shares his entertaining, personal stories that reveal how to live a life of real intention and purpose. You have the ability to control your mindset. As Cummings explains, the formula for ultimate success is tied directly to your ability to think bigger and in more positive terms. You are the author of your destiny, it is not the circumstances of your life that shapes your outcomes; it is the way you choose to respond to the circumstances. With It All Matters as your hands-on guide, you will literally question yourself to new heights of greatness. Imagine, at all times you are just one question from everything you most desire in life, from achieving your Level 10. The key to It All Matters is Cummings' unique process known as U.B.U.: Understand who you are, be true to yourself, and always stay unique. The U.B.U. is a proven approach that has been successfully implemented by professionals across the globe. It All Matters offers a comprehensive and actionable system for setting and achieving your most lofty goals. It All Matters gives you the strategies to discover what it takes to create your own unique future, to bury the stopping stones and uncover the stepping stones. Cummings outlines a positive pathway to your dreams that takes planning, practice, and preparation.
THE ALL-ENCOMPASSING FRAMEWORK FOR ACHIEVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS "In Life Lesson 12, Paul Cummings says, 'You're one great question away from anything you want in life at all times.' Now here's a question: Are you ready to find out what matters to you? The answer starts in It All Matters." —Harvey Mackay, #1 New York Times bestseller of Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive "If you're looking for a book that will inspire you to go for what you want in life, It All Matters is a great choice. It could be the key to a successful future." —Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and One Minute Mentoring "Reading It All Matters was an extraordinary experience. We now understand Paul accomplished extraordinary things by deciding each day that 'It All Matters'. If you read this book, and take action on its lessons, your life will change in powerful new ways. It's happening in our company right now!" —Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO, Chief Designer, kathy ireland Worldwide "It All Matters is a fantastic read and having Paul as your personal coach along the way will inspire you to not only dream big, but to deliberately take action so that you can achieve all of your goals and dreams." —Joe Theismann, former professional football player and World Champion quarterback, sports commentator, corporate speaker, and restaurateur "It All Matters is an inspiring book that's full of timeless truths and universal wisdom to help you to succeed in anything that you do." —Brian Tracy, international speaker, self-development expert, and author of over 70 books, including Maximum Achievement "I highly recommend It All Matters to anyone wishing to learn, improve, and grow in the pursuit of excellence." —Henry Bedford, Chairman and CEO of The Southwestern Family of Companies "I highly recommend It All Matters because it's loaded with nuggets of confidence, clarity, and a path to peace, love, happiness, and success." —Dale Brown, LSU Head Basketball Coach (1972-1997) and member of the National College Basketball Coaching Hall of Fame "It All Matters is a timeless masterpiece of intellectual strategies." —Robert Forrester, CEO, Vertu Motors, United Kingdom