Intellectual Property and Innovation Protection

Intellectual Property and Innovation Protection

New Practices and New Policy Issues
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von: Rémi Lallement

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This book analyses the various ways in which intellectual property (IP) operates in relation to innovation activity. It reflects on the “classical” issues of the IP system related to the necessity of protecting risky and often costly investments undertaken by firms and others players involved in the innovation process. Beyond this, it stresses the numerous challenges addressed by contemporary technological and societal change, especially in a world where the digital revolution is rapidly transforming the way in which innovation is organized. In this context, the new corporate IP and innovation practices call for responses on the part of public policies.
Introduction: IPRs at the heart of the knowledge-based and innovation driven economy Innovation protection and the IP system: the “classical” issues at stake New patterns of innovation activity inducing new corporate IP practices New challenges for public policies Conclusion: Prospective elements

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