Innovation Nation

Innovation Nation

Canadian Leadership from Java to Jurassic Park
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von: Leonard Brody, Wendy Cukier, Ken Grant, Matt Holland, Catherine Middleton, Denise Shortt

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Veröffentl.: 02.09.2009
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From developing Java and the Blackberry to defining the specifications for XML, Canadians have blazed trails in the world's most innovative companies. Canadians have also risen to the top of the largest technology firms, providing a CEO for Yahoo!, Jeff Mallet, and eBay's first president, Jeff Skoll. This sets the stage for Innovation Nation, a new book designed to cut through traditional Canadian modesty and provide a window into the fibre, minds and makeup of over thirty Canadians whom the world needs to know. Demonstrating innovative thinking and entrepreneurial drive, these Canadians show themselves to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. Through these profiles, readers will also come to understand how Canada as a nation helped shaped the thinking of these businesses. With strong qualities, Canada has the infrastructure necessary to continue fostering such leadership and emerge as the world's Innovation Nation.
Acknowledgements. Foreword: Welcome to the Always-On Generation by Anthony B. Perkins. The Precis. Introduction: The Canadian Story–Version 1.0. Profiles. Glenn Ballman: Entrepreneur in the Extreme. Jim Balsillie and Michael Lazaridis: You Can't Learn Surfing From a Textbook. Tim Bray: The Seer. Rob Burgess: The Art of the Turnaround. Paul Chen and John Eckert: Surviving the Long Walk Through the Night. Evan Chrapko: "Seed" Financing. Dr. Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande: Success at $26.95. Brian Edwards: The Original Surfer. Norm Francis: The Grand Slalom. Michael Furdyk: Gen Next. Dan Gelbart: True Control Is Being Needed. James Gosling: Lessons My Wife Taught Me About Technology. Rubin Gruber: Wednesday Nights. The Hills-Austin, Hamnett, and Hammie: Missionaries and Mercenaries. Dr. Julia Levy: The Genomics of Profitability. Don Mattrick: He Got Game. Jean Monty: The Transformer. Antoine Paquin: Finding the Magic Spot. Jesse Rasche: Cash, Equity, and Community...Canadian Style. Andrea Reisman Johnson: The Winning Pitch. Emad Rizkalla: Made in Canada. Sold in the USA. Ted Rogers: Skate to Where the Puck Will Be. Ellie Rubin: Interpretation vs. Invention. Jonathan Seelig: Sharing the Podium. Gerri Sinclair: Poetry and Coding. Sukhinder Singh: Deal Diva. Mark Skapinker, Rick Nathan, and Tony Davis: Zigging and Zagging. Carol Stephenson: The "Soft" Skills are Hard. Sandra Wear: Navigating Through the Wind Tunnel. Bob Young: Thinking Open Source. Afterword: Lies an Entrepreneur Told Me by Dr. Paul Kedrosky. About the Authors.
Leonard Brody is currently CEO of Ipreo, a new private equity research firm which assists the financial community in determining the success of private offerings. Previously, Leonard was Vice President of Corporate Development at (Canada's largest IPO) and jointly oversaw its Canadian operations. Leonard is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Information Technology Association of Canada and the Canadian E-Business Opportunities Roundtable. Wendy Cukier is a professor of Information Technology Management in emerging technology trends and strategies at Ryerson University. Professor Cukier has presented and published over 100 papers and articles and is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail's "Report on Business." Ken Grant is the director of the new School of Information Technology at Ryerson University, where he is responsible for the establishment and supervision of the School's administrative and academic operations. Prior to becoming part of the Ryerson community, Ken spent over 20 years in high-tech management consulting at KPMG and as a VP with A.T. Kearney. Matthew Holland is a VP of The Boston Consulting Group and manages the Canadian practice. Matt has helped many major multinationals channel innovation into sustainable new businesses. Matt was the captain of the International Branding Team for the Canadian E-Business Opportunities Roundtable. Catherine Middleton is Co-ordinator of the e-Business Minor within the Faculty of Business at Ryerson and an Assistant Professor in Ryerson's School of Information Management. Denise Shortt is a Harvard-educated writer and consultant. She recently joined the faculty at Ryerson University's School of Information Technology Management as a Research Associate.
Canadians have quietly altered the face of the world economy with business models that have changed the way the world does&everything.; From developing Java and wireless e-mail to defining the specifications for XML, Canadians have sculpted, touched, researched, improved processes and blazed trails in the world's most innovative companies. Canadians have also risen to the top of the largest technology firms in the United States, providing a COO for Yahoo!, Jeff Mallet, and eBay's first President, Jeff Skoll. While fascinating and compelling, these stories are not well known either in Canada or around the globe. This sets the stage for Innovation Nation, a fascinating new book designed to cut through traditional Canadian modesty and provide a window into the fibre, minds and makeup of 30 Canadians whom the world needs to know. Demonstrating qualities such as innovative thinking, entrepreneurial drive, and team building, these profiled Canadians are leaders for today and tomorrow. While their stories are as rich and varied as the people themselves they share a common characteristic-they have all overcome barriers to make a very personal and momentous contribution to the technology landscape. These fascinating, sometimes chaotic and always exhilarating struggles both entertain and inform us as we learn lessons from flesh-and-blood Canadian entrepreneurs. Readers will come to understand how Canada as a nation helped shape the thinking of these business minds. With qualities such as strong communities, favourable technology tax laws and geographic and cultural proximity to the US, Canada is building the physical and intellectual infrastructure necessary to continue to develop as a leading Innovation Nation.
"At Red Herring, we are always interested in writing about nations that are doing extraordinary things when it comes to technology. In this respect, there is no doubt that Canada belongs on the podium with the world's best. When I heard the Canadian story I was overwhelmed at how such a fantastic secret had been kept quiet for so long. This book shows Americans that our friends north of the border are extremely valuable partners, and to some extent, mentors." — Anthony B. Perkins, Editor-in-Chief, Red Herring "Canada needs more books like this...hell, America needs more books like this!" — Mark Pawlosky, Editor-in-Chief, MSN Money Technology is the future and innovation is the path that will take us there From Victoria to St. John's and even in other countries, Canadian technology innovators are creating their own history. Innovation Nation chronicles the fascinating journeys these unique and important people have undertaken-journeys that have redefined the business landscape and helped Canada emerge as a leader in the global technology sector. Entertaining, surprising, and insightful these 30 in-depth profiles reveal the qualities that make up the core of a true entrepreneur. Look inside to learn o Which Canadian company became a "15-year overnight success" o What was invented by "a pretty serious geek" from Calgary o How an introvert became a biotech CEO o Who became a millionaire because they liked to play o Who "started big" using the competitive advantages of Newfoundland "Like a highly effective prizefighter, Canada is beginning to punch well above its weight when it comes to technological innovation."

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