Incremental Software Architecture

Incremental Software Architecture

A Method for Saving Failing IT Implementations
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von: Michael Bell

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 14.01.2016
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The best-practices solution guide for rescuing broken software systems Incremental Software Architecture is a solutions manual for companies with underperforming software systems. With complete guidance and plenty of hands-on instruction, this practical guide shows you how to identify and analyze the root cause of software malfunction, then identify and implement the most powerful remedies to save the system. You'll learn how to avoid developing software systems that are destined to fail, and the methods and practices that help you avoid business losses caused by poorly designed software. Designed to answer the most common questions that arise when software systems negatively impact business performance, this guide details architecture and design best practices for enterprise architecture efforts, and helps you foster the reuse and consolidation of software assets. Relying on the wrong software system puts your company at risk of failing. It's a question of when, not if, something goes catastrophically wrong. This guide shows you how to proactively root out and repair the most likely cause of potential issues, and how to rescue a system that has already begun to go bad. Mitigate risks of software development projects Increase ROI and accelerate time-to-market Accurately assess technological achievability and viability Identify actual software construction value propositions Fierce competition and volatile commerce markets drive companies to invest heavily in the construction of software systems, which strains IT and business budgets and puts immense strain on existing network infrastructure. As technology evolves, these ever-more-complex computing landscapes become more and more expensive and difficult to maintain. Incremental Software Architecture shows you how to revamp the architecture to effectively reduce strain, cost, and the chance of failure.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ix ABOUT THE AUTHOR xi CHAPTER 1 The Need for Incremental Software Architecture 1 PART ONE—Why Do Enterprise Systems Fail? 11 CHAPTER 2 What Is a Failing Enterprise System? Is It Management’s Fault? 13 CHAPTER 3 Technological System-Level Failures 23 PART TWO—End-State Architecture Discovery and Analysis 35 CHAPTER 4 System Fabric Discovery and Analysis 39 CHAPTER 5 Application Discovery 55 CHAPTER 6 Application Mapping 67 PART THREE—End-State Architecture Decomposition 83 CHAPTER 7 End-State Architecture Structural Decomposition through Classification 85 CHAPTER 8 Business Analysis Drives End-State Architecture Structural Decomposition 103 CHAPTER 9 Technical Analysis Drives End-State Architecture Structural Decomposition 119 CHAPTER 10 Business Views Drive End-State Architecture Decomposition 145 CHAPTER 11 Environment Behavior Drives End-State Architecture Decomposition 161 PART FOUR—End-State Architecture Verification 179 CHAPTER 12 Design Substantiation 181 CHAPTER 13 Introduction to End-State Architecture Stress Testing 197 CHAPTER 14 End-State Architecture Stress Testing Driven by Pressure Points 223 CHAPTER 15 Enterprise Capacity Planning for End-State Architecture 235 INDEX 253
MICHAEL BELL is the founder of Methodologies Corporation, a leading business and technology modeling company offering modern and innovative agile approaches to reduce enterprise expenditure and increase productivity and profitability. His clients have included AIG, Prudential, J.P. Morgan, Chase, Citibank, UBS Paine Webber, American Express, and the U.S. government.
When large-scale implementations and monolithic application formations fail, the results are devastating to an organization's productivity and bottom line. Reducing this type of risk requires slicing the architectural blueprint into segments in order to design, analyze, verify, and ultimately implement a robust, company-wide system solution in phases. Incremental Software Architecture is the cutting-edge field guide to diagnosing and rebuilding underperforming software systems into models of efficiency and standardization. Authoritative insight from a leader in the industry paired with plenty of hands-on practice make this groundbreaking resource a must-have for IT and business managers serious about saving their software systems by developing the best and most powerful remedies to the root causes of their software malfunctions. Practical coverage is specifically designed to answer the most common questions facing those in charge of finding and fixing software systems when they negatively impact business performance. It details architecture and design best practices for enterprise architecture efforts and demonstrates how to promote reusing and consolidating existing software assets. To provide at-your-fingertips referencing in the real world, critical material on the incremental software architecture process and its primary objectives is conveniently organized in three sections covering the discovery and analysis, decomposition, and certification of an enterprise end-state. Right away, you'll be able to start: Mastering effective tools to assess technological achievability and viability Increasing ROI and accelerating time-to-market Identifying actual software construction value propositions Engineering a system that operates effectively in complex computing environments There's no end to the fierce competition and volatile commerce markets driving companies to allocate large budgets to constructing software systems, which makes the skill set you gain with this book a long-term asset to your professional toolbox. See for yourself how your value to a company increases with your ability to decrease strain, cost, and the chance of failure with Incremental Software Architecture.
THE BEST-PRACTICES SOLUTION GUIDE FOR RESCUING BROKEN SOFTWARE SYSTEMS Incremental Software Architecture is the only guide you need to proactively root out and repair failing software systems, while mitigating the impact to a company's system, budget, and future risk. The wrong software system increases a company's risk of failure so much, it's a question of when, not if, something goes catastrophically wrong. This practitioner's guide gives you all the strategies and methods used by industry leaders for designing custom-fit software systems, along with cautionary advice on how to avoid developing systems destined to fail. Engineer with confidence using the step-by-step approach that enables you to design and test your software system through every sector of the enterprise. You'll turn to this cutting-edge resource again and again for its: Proven best practices for developing software systems that reduce business risk A revealing collection of case studies illustrating how and why software systems underperform Refreshing perspective and tactics for gaining a competitive edge by operating with smaller, more adaptable management and technical groups If it's broken, fix it right with Incremental Software Architecture.

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