Incorporating Your Business For Dummies

Incorporating Your Business For Dummies

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If you’re a business owner, incorporation can help you protect your personal assets and cut down your tax bill. But all the paperwork and legalese can make incorporation seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Incorporating Your Business For Dummies offers all the savvy tips you need to get incorporated — starting today! Whether your business is big or small, incorporating isn’t as simple as it could be. This handy reference makes incorporation make sense, and guides you through the process step by step. From handling the mountain of paperwork to getting back to business once you’re finished, Incorporating Your Business For Dummies offers a wealth of helpful advice on these and many more topics: Knowing whether or not incorporation can help you Choosing the type of entity that will work best for your business Dealing with shareholders and shareholder agreements Transferring money and assets in or out of the corporation Documenting corporate actions and maintaining compliance Finding the right attorney, accountant, tax advisor, and other professionals Written by the experts at The Company Corporation, who handle more than 100,000 incorporations every year, this helpful book offers the kind of advice you can only get from professionals — but in a user-friendly, lingo-free format. Whether you just want a little help with the paperwork, or don’t even know what a corporation is, you’ll find everything you need to know: What limited liability means Corporate statutes, bylaws, and articles Choosing directors and assigning duties The benefits of S corporation status Deciding where to incorporate Registering corporate names and domain names Balancing equity versus debt Understanding shareholder rights Getting your financial information in order Hiring a professional to help with corporate compliance If you want step-by-step help on setting up your corporation, dealing with the paperwork, and getting off on the right foot, Incorporating Your Business For Dummies is the only resource you need. Packed with the kind of tips and advice you’ll find nowhere else, it’s the uncomplicated way to get incorporated.
Introduction. PART I: Is a Corporation Really for Me? Chapter 1: What's a Corporation? Chapter 2: Choosing an Entity That Works for Your Business. Chapter 3: Getting My Ducks in a Row -- A Pre-incorporation Checklist. PART II: How Do I Incorporate? Chapter 4: Who Can Help Me Incorporate? Chapter 5: Where, Oh Where Should I Incorporate? Chapter 6: Winning the Name Game. Chapter 7: Getting Down to Business with the Articles of Incorporation. Chapter 8: Getting to the Nitty-Gritty with Your Bylaws. Chapter 9: Capitalizing Your Corporation. Chapter 10: Doing Business in Other States. PART III: I've Incorporated My Business, Now What? Chapter 11: Conducting an Organizational Meeting. Chapter 12: Getting Started: Numbers, Elections, Registration. Chapter 13: Shareholders: Do's and Don'ts. Chapter 14: Preparing Shareholder Agreements. Chapter 15: Understanding the Role of Directors and Officers. Chapter 16: Director and Shareholder Meetings. Chapter 17: Getting Money (And Other Items of Value) In and Out of the Corporation. PART IV: Compliance Issues -- The Paper Trail Continues. Chapter 18: Documenting Corporate Actions. Chapter 19: Corporate Record Keeping. Chapter 20: Getting Your Financial Information in Order. Chapter 21: Closing Up Shop. Chapter 22: Who Can Help Me with Corporate Compliance Matters? PART V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Locate and Retain a Good Professional Team. Chapter 24: Ten Things You Never Want to Do with Your Corporation. Chapter 25: Ten Common-sense Principles to Incorporate and Live Each Day By. Appendix A: Sample Forms. Appendix B: Resources. Appendix C: Glossary. Index. Book Registration Information.
The Company Corporation is part of a group of affiliated companies that have been providing incorporation and business services since 1899.
"An invaluable tool to help you make the proper decision on how to incorporate." —Larry Kesslin, Let's Talk Business Network, New York City Praise for Incorporating Your Business For Dummies "One of the most comprehensive resource tools of its kind, this step-by-step manual provides… state-of-the-art guidance on the ‘best practices’ to use in forming and maintaining a corporation." —Mark Schultz, Research Institute for Small & Emerging Business, Inc. "Incorporating Your Business For Dummies provides an invaluable resource with clear and informative directions for anyone who has caught the entrepreneurial bug." —Melissa Wahl, National Association for Female Executives Get savvy tips on cutting through the paperwork jungle Let the experts show you how fast and easy it is to incorporate your business For more than 100 years, The Company Corporation has been helping businesses like yours get incorporated. Now they've distilled all their expertise into a friendly, easy-to-understand guide that walks you through the entire process. If you want to protect your personal assets, save on taxes, and enjoy the other benefits of incorporation, this book can help you make it happen — starting today! Discover how to: Evaluate the pros and cons of incorporation Find answers to your business structure questions Plan for bylaws, meetings, and elections Document organizational activities to protect your personal assets Find assistance with locating capital Get smart! Register to win cool prizes Browse exclusive articles and excerpts Get a free Dummies Daily e-mail newsletter Chat with authors and preview other books Talk to us, ask questions, get answers

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