How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone

How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone

Confident Communication for Work, Life and Relationships
2. Aufl.

von: Mark Rhodes

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Verlag: Capstone
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 02.08.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9780857087485
Sprache: englisch
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Talk to anyone, anytime, about anything — with confidence. How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone is your personal handbook for stepping up your communication game. Part confidence coach and part social manual, this book reveals the reasons behind your reserve and offers real, practical ways to break through the barriers and make a connection. Whether you fear judgement and rejection or just don't know what to say, these simple exercises will equip you with a gold mine of social tools to get you through any situation. This new second edition has been updated to include the complete 30-day Zero to Hero Personal Confidence Course, to help you build your skills and increase your chances of getting what you want out of any conversation. Working step-by-step, you'll learn how to approach strangers, strike up a conversation and exit gracefully; by first changing your outlook, you develop the ability to navigate even tricky situations with confidence and ease. Conversation skills affect more than your social life — they can impact your career as well. In removing your social hesitance, you open up a whole new world of effective communication with customers and colleagues, and begin building the relationships that get you closer to your goals. This book provides real-world techniques to help you get better and better every day, enabling you to: Overcome your fear of rejection. Strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. Open up to make real connections and build strong rapport. Carry your confidence into networking, sales and more. Leave the days of awkwardness behind you. Stop running away from uncomfortable interactions and start getting comfortable instead. Whether you need to close the deal, build contacts or just make small talk at a party, How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone helps you build the confidence and skills you need to talk your way to success.
About the Author Foreword by Armand Beasley Introduction: Why You Should Want to Speak to Absolutely Anyone Part One: Common Fears and Barriers about Speaking to Absolutely Anyone 1 Fear – Does It Hold You Back? 2 “I don’t want to experience rejection” 3 “I worry about what other people might think” 4 “I hate talking to strangers – why would I want to?” Part Two: The Four Stages of an Interaction 5 Stage 1 – Your Outcome and Starting a Conversation 6 How – How Do You Mentally and Physically Approach? 7 What – What Do You Say? 8 Stage 2 – Creating Curiosity and Interest 9 Stage 3 – Making a Connection and Being Understood 10 Stage 4 – Get Them to Take Action Part Three: Making Your Communication Even Better 11 Making Your Voice Work for You 12 Common Pitfalls 13 Difficult Work and Business Conversations 14 Final Thoughts Part Four: Your “Zero to Hero Talk to Anyone” Development Plan Index
 “…this book is a well written piece of art, which gives the reader practical skills and tips on how to start and maintain conversations in any situation.” (Nursing Times, April 2018)
'Easy-to-follow steps and ideas on how to instantly boost your confidence to approach anyone in any situation' –Armand Beasley, International Image Expert and Celebrity Makeup Artist Talk Your Way To The Top Are you a conversation starter or a shrinking violet? It's completely natural to feel nervous talking to other people, but communication is key in all areas of life. Networking can build your career, and even personal relationships involve difficult conversations. So how can a wallflower get ahead? Become A Confident Communicator And Get The Life You Want Any conversation can be the start of something new, so it's time to master the art of confident communication. With proven guidance from personal mentor Mark Rhodes, you'll learn how to overcome the obstacles holding you back and awaken the conversation starter within. Now including the 31 Day "Zero To Hero" Talk To Absolutely Anyone Plan, this second edition of How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone will show you how to: Be confident in business and social situations Strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere Make a connection and make yourself understood Avoid common pitfalls and communication mistakes Broach even difficult topics with clarity and grace Stop letting fear and anxiety keep you in the shadows — step out into the light and make yourself heard. How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone gives you the confidence you need to claim your happiness and success. 'Communication, and the ability to be able to build relationships, are absolutely crucial for business and personal success. Mark brings his knowledge and experience in the area of communication to everyone in How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone.' —Charlie Lawson, National Director, BNI UK & Ireland

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