How to Manage Problem Employees

How to Manage Problem Employees

A Step-by-Step Guide for Turning Difficult Employees into High Performers
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von: Glenn Shepard

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 30.12.2010
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There was a time when people were committed to working hard and being productive in the work force. Today, however, some workers have an entitlement mentality and the labor pool includes some people who donâ??t want a job - just a paycheck. In response to this trend, Glenn Shepard has written How to Manage Problem Employees. This comprehensive book will tell you how to set new hires up for success, structure compensation packages to maximize their involvement and work ethic, deal with problem areas before they become bad behavior, and motivate slow and often unmotivated employees. You'll learn the different personality types and how to handle specific manifestations of each, including gossiping, back stabbing, direct confrontation, hypochondriacs, breaking the chain of command, and sarcasm, as well as how to terminate employees while staying on solid legal ground.
Chapter 1. What Happened to the American Work Ethic? Chapter 2. Becoming the Manager You Need to Be. Chapter 3. Creating a Healthy Work Environment. Chapter 4. How Do I Avoid Hiring Problem Employees? Chapter 5. Tamingthe Compensation Monster. Chapter 6. How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls. Chapter 7. Why People Do the Things They Do. Chapter 8. How to Get Employees to Come to Work and Be on Time. Chapter 9. The Art of Discipline. Chapter 10. Fighting Abuse of Unemployment Benefits. Chapter 11. How to Handle Daily Challenges Problem Employees Create. Notes. Index.
GLENN SHEPARD is the owner and founder of Glenn Shepard Seminars in Nashville, Tennessee. Nearly 100,000 managers, from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, have attended his seminars. He is also the author of How to Make Performance Evaluations Really Work, from Wiley.
A manager's guide to hiring, firing, and motivating employees A comprehensive how-to for employers, How to Manage Problem Employees covers all the people-management skills managers need—from how to set new hires up for success, to properly structuring compensation packages that maximize employee work ethic, to dealing with employee problems before they take a toll on your business. Author Glenn Shepard doesn't bother with political correctness and he doesn't pull any punches when it comes to employees. He has no patience for negative behavior—and neither should you. He'll show you how to handle every kind of problem employee—gossips, backstabbers, hypochondriacs, emotional basket cases, rebels with authority problems, and everyone else. And when you have to, Shepard shows you how to fire employees fairly and legally. Plus, there's more: Fostering a good work ethic Avoiding problem hires Motivating slow or lazy employees Avoiding legal pitfalls Being the best manager you can be Using discipline in the workplace Creating a healthy work environment Rewarding good employees How to Manage Problem Employees helps managers run a productive department that people will want to be a part of, while building a business culture that encourages success. It empowers managers to be tougher, fairer, and better—but also shows them how to encourage the same qualities in their employees. If it's time for you to get tough with problem employees and take your business back, this book is the answer.

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