Hardrock Tunnel Boring Machines

Hardrock Tunnel Boring Machines

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von: Bernhard Maidl, Leonhard Schmid, Willy Ritz, Martin Herrenknecht

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Verlag: Ernst & Sohn
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Veröffentl.: 09.01.2012
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This book covers the fundamentals of tunneling machine technology: drilling, tunneling, waste removal and securing. It treats methods of rock classification for the machinery concerned as well as legal issues, using numerous example projects to reflect the state of technology, as well as problematic cases and solutions. The work is structured such that readers are led from the basics via the main functional elements of tunneling machinery to the different types of machine, together with their areas of application and equipment. The result is an overview of current developments. Close cooperation among the authors involved has created a book of equal interest to experienced tunnelers and newcomers.
HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT AND FUTURE DEMANDS BASIC PRINCIPLES AND DEFINITIONS Basic Principle and Procedure Definitions and Terms TUNNELING Tunneling Procedure The Cutterhead Cutting Tools Drive Unit Thrust Capacity Special Designs THRUST General Information Thrust with Gripper System Thrust with Shield-TBM MATERIAL TRANSPORT Material Transport in Machine Area Material Transport through the Tunnel EQUIPMENT OF THE BACKUP SYSTEMS Backup System Design Construction References VENTILATION, DUST CONTROL, WORK SAFETY, VIBRATIONS Ventilation Dust Control Industrial Safety and Safety Planning in TBM Operation Vibrations ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Exploring and Improving of Geological Conditions Rock Support Equipment TBM Control Investigation/Survey ROCK SUPPORT General Information Rock Support Systems and Performance Rates Systematic Safety in the machine area Shotcrete Rock Support Specific Safety Stabilization in front of the Cutterhead COMBINATIONS OF TBM AND SHIELD MACHINES Roofs Partial Shields and Cutterhead Shields Walking Blade TBM Full Face Double Shields Shields with Liquid conveyance Shields with Snail Conveyor Micro Machines for Hard Rock SPECIAL PROCEEDINGS.COMBINATION OF TBM AND SHOTCRETING Different Utilization Procedure Options GEOLOGICAL ANALYSES AND INFLUENCES General Information Influences on the Tunneling Process Influences on the Gripper System of the Machine Influences Rock Support CLASSIFICATION EXCAVATION AND SUPPORT General Information and Goals for mechanized tunneling Classification Systems Norms, Rules and Recommendations Author's Recommendation for Classification ADVERTISEMENT, BIDDING PROCESS, AWARD, CONTRACT Examples of Procedure Planning and Geotechnical Qualifications for the Advertisement of a Mechanized Tunneling as a Secondary Offer LINING General Information Principles for Lining a Tunnel Lining with Concrete Segments Local Concrete Shotcrete Segments for permanent Lining Statistical Analysis EXAMPLES OF COMPLETED CONSTRUCTIONS Tunnel Operation with Gripper-TBM Tunnel Operation with Shield-TBM Incline Shaft Excavation with Double Shield Pressure Shaft, Cleuson-Dixence
Die vier Autoren arbeiten alle in verschiedenen Bereichen des Tunnelbaus. Professor Maidl ist seit 1974 Ordinarius am Lehrstuhl fur Bauverfahrenstechnik, Tunnelbau und Baubetrieb an der Ruhr-Universitat in Bochum. 1979 grundete er das Ingenieurburo Maidl und Maidl in Bochum, das an vielen gro?en und schwierigen Tunnelprojekten im In- und Ausland beteiligt ist. Herr Dr. Herrenknecht ist Firmengrunder und Vorstandsvorsitzender des weltweit fuhrenden Unternehmens fur Schildvortriebsmaschinen. Herr Schmid plant Tunnelbauprojekte und leitet ein Ingenieurburo in der Schweiz. Herr Ritz war Direktor einer Tunnelbaufirma in der Schweiz und hat umfangreiche Erfahrungen auf der Bauausfuhrungsseite.
This book covers all aspects of TBM tunnelling: boring, driving, muck clearance, support, rock classification for mechanical tunnelling and also contract considerations. A multitude of example projects clarify the current state of the technology, and problem cases are discussed along with innovative solutions and special equipment. The close collaboration of expert authors has produced a work of interest to the experienced tunnel builder just as much as the newcomer to the field.

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