Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

The Transformative Power of "Yes, and" at Work and in Life
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von: David Ahearn, Frank Ford, David Wilk

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 21.08.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119428664
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Stop saying 'no' to opportunity, and start saying 'yes' to possibility Happy Accidents is your personal guide to transforming your life. As we take on task after task, responsibility after responsibility, we lose sight of who we are and why we're doing what we do; we rush through the day completing a to-do list, but we never really seem to accomplish the things that are most important. What goals do you have for your life? What steps have you taken toward them today? Consider this book your guide to getting back on track to your dreams and help inspire those around you. It's not about doing more or doing less, it's about making what you do worthy of the effort. From forging new relationships, stepping out of your comfort zone, and reframing your work—start valuing these as empowering choices you get to make toward a particular goal every day. To preserve our precious time and energy, we often default to 'no,' yet this only closes the door to our growth, while a 'yes' opens up a world of possibilities. The secret is adding 'yes, and' to our lives. This seductively simple turn of phrase opens the doors to better collaboration and positive relationships, and invites self-sustaining opportunities into our world. 'Yes, and' helps you get from where you are, as an individual or organization, to where you want to be. No person or organization is an island, and none of us reaches our goals alone. This book shows you how to build on the power of open-mindedness, cultivate supportive relationships, and adopt a win-win mindset to reignite your purpose and unleash your best. Harness the power of team collaboration, cooperation, and creativity Reframe 'mistakes' and 'bad ideas' into 'Happy Accidents' that lead to opportunities Communicate more effectively by learning how to listen actively and build on the pertinent information Relinquish some degree of control to allow for more growth and discovery Children have a natural inclination toward curiosity. As we grow into adults, our curiosity gradually takes a back seat to obligations, responsibility, and duty—but that spark remains, and can be reignited. Don't spend your life adrift in a sea of 'could've, would've, should've'—take back your sense of purpose, positivity, joy, time, and energy with the power of Happy Accidents.
Introduction: A Crazy Little Bet on “Yes, And” How to Reset Your Mind-set From “No, But” to “Yes, And” Chapter 1: Out of the Darkness How to Harness the Power of Positive Cooperation Chapter 2: It’s Showtime! It’s All About the Leap, Not the Landing Chapter 3: The Winds of Change How to Get the Maximum Return on Improvisation (ROI) Chapter 4: Hollywood Calls How to Treat Your Coworkers Like Artists and Poets Chapter 5: Into the Darkness – Again Why a Controlled Life Is the Enemy of a Happy Life Chapter 6: Meltdown? Heck No! Melt-Up, That’s More Like It How Being a Better Listener Makes You a Better Communicator Chapter 7: Happy Accidents, or Why There Are No Mistakes, Only Higher and Lower Percentage Choices Chapter 8: Legacy: A Love Story or How to Transform Your Labor of Love Into a Masterpiece Chapter 9: Keep Going When All Else Succeeds, Leap Again: How to Remain Passionate at Work Chapter 10: “Yes, And” Comes Full Circle It Takes a Village, Idiot  Encore Exercises Afterword: “Yes, the End” Index
DAVID AHEARN, FRANK FORD, and DAVID WILK are the founding members of Four Day Weekend Comedy. Four Day Weekend has performed nearly 6,000 live shows, has been awarded the Key to the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and was named Small Business of the Year by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. They have delivered their "Yes, and" keynote address to the United States Congress and work with dozens of Fortune 500 companies every year. As Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, they collaborate with faculty and teach students improvisation and entrepreneurial skills.
For far too long we have "no, butted" ourselves. No, you can't. No, you're wrong. No, but… no, no, no. Yet we've had it wrong. Growth, whether in our work or at home, happens when we say "Yes, and." It means being supportive of others first – your coworkers, your customers, and your loved ones. When you give first and you lead by supporting those around you, you reap rewards previously unseen. These serendipitous rewards, the gifts we gain through active listening and providing positive reinforcement each day, are what Happy Accidents is all about. If you've been searching for a solution to a problem at work or even a magic pill for a more harmonious home life, you've found it. The authors illustrate how to enrich your creativity, elevate your culture, and empower listening and collaboration through improvisation. This book shows you how to step out of the routine of daily life, and start seeing possibility with fresh eyes and an open heart. Instead of dreading what you "have to" do, think in terms of the opportunity of what you "get to" do, and notice the everyday gratitude that drives self-sustaining and team purpose. Renew your passion, refresh your outlook, and rediscover the incredible opportunities around you by relinquishing a measure of control and gaining the freedom to achieve more than you ever dreamed. It's real, it's doable, it works—and it has the potential to change the rest of your life as you: Actively experience the power of positive collaboration and the confidence to take your next big leap as part of a supportive team or as an entrepreneur. Gain the maximum return on your efforts every time you step outside of your comfort zone and adapt to unknown situations and new obstacles. Release some degree of control to enjoy greater freedom and discover more fulfillment as you attract new opportunities. Change your perspective to remain optimistic, passionate, and engaged during even the most challenging projects or mundane tasks. In improvisation, we recognize that all ideas have merit and there are no "wrong" choices, only higher and lower percentage ones. Authors David Ahearn, Frank Ford, and David Wilk have personally benefitted from this "Yes, and" mind-set by founding Four Day Weekend Comedy and launching themselves to international renown. Their transformational work together has impacted tens of thousands of lives, and they have helped people and organizations around the world adopt an optimistic attitude and an openness that begins with a simple change of phrase. With their insight, expert guidance, and practical exercises, you can experience the power of "Yes, and." By placing your faith in people, partnerships, and communication, you can shatter the horizons and propel your life forward toward even the most far-reaching goals. Visit for more information.
IMPROVISE YOUR WAY TO WINNING TOGETHER AND INSPIRING THE BEST IN OTHERS Improvisation is more than just a comedy technique—it's a way of life. Happy Accidents shows you how to harness the power of improvisation to re-awaken your spirit and lead a more fulfilling life both at work and home. Shake up your routine, be more present and positive, and step out of your comfort zone to make a conscious decision to say "Yes, and." Say YES to… OPPORTUNITY COLLABORATION PARTNERSHIP CREATIVITY GROWTH AND much more! A simple turn of phrase can be a powerful force for change, one which transforms ideas, people, and companies from "what can be" to "what is." Happy Accidents shows you how to harness that power for yourself. Letting go of fear and laughing in the face of uncertainty is only the beginning, and the strength you gain becomes a driving force behind a new outlook. "Yes, and" thinking helps you open hearts, change minds, and win together in a "no, but" world.

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