Handbook of Enology, Volume 1

Handbook of Enology, Volume 1

The Microbiology of Wine and Vinifications
2. Aufl.

von: Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon, Denis Dubourdieu, B. Donèche, A. Lonvaud

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 01.05.2006
ISBN/EAN: 9780470010358
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The "Microbiology" volume of the new revised and updated Handbook of Enology focuses on the vinification process. It describes how yeasts work and how they can be influenced to achieve better results. It continues to look at the metabolism of lactic acid bacterias and of acetic acid bacterias, and again, how can they be treated to avoid disasters in the winemaking process and how to achieve optimal results. The last chapters in the book deal with the use of sulfur-dioxide, the grape and its maturation process, harvest and pre-fermentation treatment, and the basis of red, white and speciality wine making. The result is the ultimate text and reference on the science and technology of the vinification process: understanding and dealing with yeasts and bacterias involved in the transformation from grape to wine. A must for all serious students and practitioners involved in winemaking.
Remarks Concerning the Expression of Certain Parameters of Must and Wine Composition. Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. 1. Cytology, Taxonomy and Ecology of Grape and Wine Yeasts. 2. Biochemistry of Alcoholic Fermentation and Metabolic Pathways of Wine Yeasts. 3. Conditions of Yeast Development. 4. Lactic Acid Bacteria. 5. Metabolism of Lactic Acid Bacteria. 6. Lactic Acid Bacteria Development in Wine. 7. Acetic Acid Bacteria. 8. The Use of Sulfur Dioxide in Must and Wine Treatment. 9. Products and Methods Complementing the Effect of Sulfur Dioxide. 10. The Grape and its Maturation. 11. Harvest and Pre-Fermentation Treatments. 12. Red Winemaking. 13. White Winemaking. 14. Other Winemaking Methods. Index.
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Since the discovery of the role of yeast and alcoholic fermentation in transforming grape juice into wine in the 19th century, many scientific experiments in microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry have provided the basis for accurate definitions of the technological practices used in making different wines and continuous improvements in production conditions, as well as, consequently, the quality of the various types of wine. In 1999, the first edition of the Handbook of Enology volume 1 "The microbiology of wine and vinification" provided an overview of scientific knowledge at that time and its application in techniques commonly used during the first stage in winemaking, from the grape harvest to the end of the fermentation processes. This new edition reaps the benefits of new developments based on the latest findings produced by extremely active scientific research in this field. There have been significant changes in the new version, including in-depth modifications to present updated knowledge as well as additional paragraphs covering entirely new topics. Altogether, the new edition has approximately 10% more pages than the previous version. This new, updated handbook provides valuable information for winemakers, enology students, and, in general, for biochemistry and microbiology specialists interested in the scientific and technical issues involved in vinification.

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