Gender and the City before Modernity

Gender and the City before Modernity

Gender and History Special Issues, Band 12 1. Aufl.

von: Lin Foxhall, Gabriele Neher

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Gender and the City before Modernity presents a series of multi-disciplinary readings that explore issues relating to the role of gender in a variety of cities of the ancient, medieval, and early modern worlds. Presents an inter-disciplinary collection of readings that reveal new insights into the intersection of gender, temporality, and urban space Features a wide geographical and methodological range Includes numerous illustrations to enhance clarity
Notes on Contributors ix Introduction 1 LIN FOXHALL and GABRIELE NEHER 1 The Queen and the City: Royal Female Intervention and Patronage in Hellenistic Civic Communities 20 GILLIAN RAMSEY 2 'A Remarkably Patterned Life': Domestic and Public in the Aztec Household City 38 CAROLINE DODDS PENNOCK 3 Women, Property and Urban Space in Tenth-Century Milan 57 ROSS BALZARETTI 4 Towards a Female Topography of the Ancient Greek City: Case Studies from Late Archaic and Early Classical Athens (c.520–400 BCE) 86 LISA C. NEVETT 5 Bodymaps: Sexing Space and Zoning Gender in Ancient Athens 107 JAMES DAVIDSON 6 Ladies who Lounge: Class, Religion and Social Interaction in Seventeenth-Century Isfahan 125 EMMA LOOSLEY 7 The Nanjing Courtesan Ma Shouzhen (1548–1604): Gender, Space and Painting in the Late Ming Pleasure Quarter 140 MONICA MERLIN 8 Squabbling Siblings: Gender and Monastic Life in Late Anglo-Saxon Winchester 163 HELEN FOXHALL FORBES 9 A Father, a Daughter and a Procurator: Authority and Resistance in the Prison Memoir of Perpetua of Carthage 195 KATE COOPER 10 Women's Social Networks and Female Friendship in the Ancient Greek City 213 CLAIRE TAYLOR 11 Seeing is Believing: Urban Gossip and the Balcony in Early Modern Venice 231 ALEXANDER COWAN Index 249
Lin Foxhall is Professor of Greek Archaeology and History at the University of Leicester. She has written extensively on issues related to gender, agriculture and land use in classical antiquity. Gabriele Neher is Lecturer in Renaissance Art History at the University of Nottingham. She is also Reviews Editor for the journal Gender & History.
Gender and the City before Modernity presents a series of multi-disciplinary readings that explore issues related to the role of gender and gendered behaviours in cities before the onset of modernity – that is, in societies unaffected or only lightly touched by the processes of large-scale industrialization, capitalism, large-scale globalization and world-wide networks. Cities in the ancient, medieval and early modern worlds exhibited qualitatively different kinds of spatial, political, social, religious and economic configurations from their more recent counterparts, often emerging for very different reasons, and operating in different political and territorial contexts. Yet, gender played a crucial role in shaping the lives of the inhabitants of all pre-modern urban communities, both physically and conceptually, as a fundamental element of human identities, social relationships and the larger political, economic and cultural networks in which they were embedded. The wide range of case studies in this book spans various facets of gender during the ancient, medieval and early modern periods in Mexico, China, Britain, Italy, Carthage, Greece, Asia Minor and Persia. Gender and the City before Modernity offers insights into the similarities, differences and convergences of gender as practiced in cities around the world.

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