Flexible Glass

Flexible Glass

Enabling Thin, Lightweight, and Flexible Electronics
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Coatings Technology 1. Aufl.

von: Sean M. Garner

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Veröffentl.: 04.08.2017
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This book details flexible glass properties that enable use in emerging electronic and opto-electronic applications. Discussion includes flexible glass advantages compared to alternative substrate materials. Examples describe flexible glass in processes such as vacuum deposition, monolithic integration, printing, and roll-to-roll. Flexible glass demonstrations in emerging applications such as photovoltaics, flexible displays, and optical interconnects are also detailed.  The reader will find in this unique book:  Discussion of flexible glass processing and mechanical reliability. Demonstration of flexible glass in roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication processes. Flexible glass substrate examples in displays, sensors, and photovoltaics. Flexible glass ecosystem description for identification of new applications.
Preface xi Part I: Flexible Glass & Flexible Glass Reliability 1 Introduction to Flexible Glass Substrates 3Sean M. Garner, Xinghua Li, and Ming-Huang Huang 1.1 Overview of Flexible Glass 3 1.2 Flexible Glass Properties 5 1.3 Flexible Glass Web for R2R Processing 21 1.4 Flexible Glass Laser Cutting 22 1.5 Summary 23 2 The Mechanical Reliability of Thin, Flexible Glass 35G. Scott Glaesemann 2.1 Introduction 35 2.2 The Mechanical Reliability of Glass 36 2.3 Applied Stress 49 2.4 The Strength of Thin Glass Sheets 52 3 Low Modulus, Damage Resistant Glass for Ultra-Thin Applications 63Timothy M. Gross and Randall E. Youngman 3.1 Introduction 64 3.2 Young’s Modulus and Basic Fracture Mechanics 64 3.3 Vickers Indentation Cracking Resistance of Calcium Aluminoborosilicate Glasses 77 Part II: Flexible Glass Device Fabrication 4 Roll-to-Roll Processing of Flexible Glass 87James C. Switzer III and Mark D. Poliks 4.1 Introduction 87 4.2 Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Process Equipment 90 4.3 R2R Deposition and Patterning of ITO on Thin Flexible Glass and Plastic films 104 4.4 Conclusions 121 4.5 Future 122 5 Thin-Film Deposition on Flexible Glass by Plasma Processes 129Manuela Junghähnel and John Fahlteich 5.1 Introduction 130 5.2 Substrate Requirements for Vacuum Processes 130 5.3 Types of Vacuum Processes 133 5.4 Large Area Coatings onto Flexible Glass 159 5.5 Thermal Pre- and Post-Treatment for Flexible Glass 167 5.6 Future Trends in Vacuum Processing on Flexible Glass 173 6 Printed Electronics Solution-Based Processes with Flexible Glass 181Jukka Hast, Elina Jansson, Riikka Suhonen, Liisa Hakola, Markus Tuomikoski, Marja Vilkman, Kari Rönkä and Harri Kopola 6.1 Introduction 181 6.2 Printing Processes 183 6.3 Summary of Different Printing Processes 198 6.4 Example – Printed OPV Cell on Ultra-Thin Flexible Glass 198 6.5 Future 203 Part III: Flexible Glass Device Applications 7 Flexible Glass in Thin Film Photovoltaics 213Matthew O. Reese and Teresa M. Barnes 7.1 Introduction 213 7.2 General Substrate Requirements for Photovoltaic 215 7.3 Requirements for CdTe Superstrates 233 7.4 Standard CdTe device stack and processing 235 7.5 Flexible CdTe Device performance 236 7.6 Flex and Bend Testing of CdTe 238 8 Ultra-Thin Glass for Displays, Lighting and Touch Sensors 247Steffen Hoehla and Norbert Fruehauf 8.1 Introduction and Overview 247 8.2 Ultra Thin Glass Substrates for Flexible Displays 254 8.3 Thin Film Device Processing on Ultra Thin Glass 265 8.4 Thin Glass Displays 282 9 Guided-Wave Photonics in Flexible Glass 291Sheng Huang, Mingshan Li and Kevin P. Chen 9.1 Flexible Guided-Wave Photonics 292 9.2 Flexible Polymer Passive Waveguide Photonics 292 9.3 Flexible Polymer Active Waveguide Photonics 299 9.4 Flexible Polymer Waveguides for Electro-Optic Applications 301 9.5 Flexible Glass Optical Substrates 303 9.6 Ultrafast-Laser Fabrication of Embedded Waveguides 305 9.7 Embedded Waveguides in Flexible Glass 307 9.8 Prospective of Thermal Poling in Flexible Glass Waveguides 321 10 Flexible Glass for Microelectronics Integration 331Murat Okandan, Jose Luis Cruz-Campa, Gregory N. Nielson 10.1 Introduction 332 10.2 Integration Technology Description: Why Flexible  Glass for Electronics/Sensor Integration (3 Dimensional Integrated Circuits – 3DIC) 332 10.3 Example of Microelectronics/Sensor Integration 333 10.4 Fabrication Techniques 336 10.5 Future Direction 345

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