Fixing Feedback

Fixing Feedback

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von: Georgia Murch

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 04.12.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9780730327486
Sprache: englisch
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Feedback is broken — here's how to fix it to create a highly engaged workplace with high performing leaders and employees Fixing Feedback is not just another management book — it's a smart, refreshing, practical guide to feedback in the workplace. Everyone already knows how important feedback is, and we all know we should be giving it and receiving it regularly — yet we still do it poorly or avoid it entirely. This book shows you how to do it right. You'll learn what exactly constitutes useful feedback, how to deliver it effectively, how to receive it gracefully and how to use it to strengthen yourself, your team and your business. You'll learn critical communication skills that you can put into practice today, and get on track to building a "feedback culture" that results in highly engaged, highly productive employees. The way you communicate dictates how you build relationships and make decisions. It's the difference between being remarkable and being a d!ck. Poor communication is a major force driving feedback into the ground, and it can be extremely costly for the company as a whole. This book shows you how to turn the ship around by making feedback a meaningful — and welcome — part of your everyday workflow and overall company culture. Understand "remarkable feedback", and how it changes people and workplaces Self-assess your communication style and gauge the impact it has on others Deliver meaningful feedback using a set of pragmatic tools and techniques Confront the personal issues that prevent you from effectively receiving feedback Learn what organisations need to drive to create a 'feedback culture' When organisations fail to grasp the importance of investing in their people effectively, employees disengage. Building a meaningful feedback culture, on the other hand, makes your organisation a place where people want to work, want to achieve and want to be the best. It's all about effective communication. Fixing Feedback provides no-nonsense guidance toward equipping your people to succeed.
About the author ix Acknowledgements xi Introduction xiii 1 Feedback is broken 1 2 The cost of poor communication 21 3 Why don’t we have the conversation? 27 4 Understanding the ‘real truth’ 37 5 Having the conversation 53 6 It’s all about safety 77 7 Own your stuff 99 8 The Board of Directors in your head 113 9 Climb out of the thinking trap 135 10 Embedding ‘remarkable’ in your organisation 149 11 Do the work 175 Index 179
GEORGIA MURCH has over 20 years' experience working with public and private organisations. She has worked in consulting, designing and facilitating leadership and culture change as well as with customer-focused programs.
We all want to communicate effectively, but this intent doesn't always translate into action. We avoid giving feedback or handle it poorly when it is given to us. Endless training programs are not enough. There is a better way. In Fixing Feedback, Georgia Murch outlines a refreshingly candid and easy to follow process that encourages the effective give-and-take of highly productive feedback. Once your people and organisation adopts this approach, it will create a cultural shift that fosters a climate of engagement and productivity. This feedback bible shows you: what gets in the way of becoming a remarkable communicator how to better understand the impact that you have when communicating tools and techniques to give and receive feedback well our unhelpful thinking patterns and how to re-set them how to create a culture of feedback that becomes the norm. Fixing Feedback offers a pragmatic roadmap for creating outstanding communicators and remarkable organisations.

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