Everyday Teacher Leadership

Everyday Teacher Leadership

Taking Action Where You Are
Jossey-Bass Leadership Library in Education, Band 14 1. Aufl.

von: Michelle Collay

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The essential guidelines for leading effective change in your school From an education expert comes a much-needed resource that gives teacher leaders the strategies and tools they need to improve their practice and assume new leadership roles in their schools. The author outlines the everyday acts of teacher leadership and shows how to lead effectively through collaboration. The book also contains suggestions for leading change beyond the classroom. Discusses what works when taking on the role of teacher leader in a school Contains proven strategies and tools for implementing school change Includes activities in each chapter that are teacher-tested and can be used by individuals, teams, or larger groups This important resource offers school leaders a much-needed guide for learning how to lead and implement school change.
About the Author. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Teaching Is Leading. My Own Journey. The Purpose of This Book. How This Book Is Organized. How to Use This Book. Using Systematic Inquiry. Everyday Teacher Leadership. 1. A Very Brief History of School Leadership. Leading Learning Past and Present. Different Leaders for Different Schools. Schools Refl ect Society. The Evolution of Leading and Managing in Schools. Who Becomes a Principal? Who Becomes a Teacher? Challenging the Dichotomy Between Site Leaders and Teachers. Teaching as Leading. Inhabiting the Role of Teacher. Choosing to Stay in Teaching. Professional Identity Development. Images of Leading in Schools. Leadership Roles in and Beyond the Classroom. Historical and Cultural Infl uences on Leadership. INQUIRY ONE: Leadership Activities. A Week (or a Month) in the Life of a Teacher. The Physical Characteristics of Schools Shape Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. 2. The Personal Dimensions of Leadership. Teaching as a Vocation. Instilling Values While Remaining Neutral. The Cultural Roots of Our Practice. Teaching “in Loco Parentis” (in Place of Parents). Confl icts Between Parent Values and Teacher Values. How Parenting Informs Teaching. Teaching as a Profession. Leadership Identity Development. Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us. Assessing How Your Personal History Informs Your Leadership. INQUIRY TWO: Life Experiences Infl uence Your Practice. Stepping Stones (Vocation). Refl ections on Teaching as Parenting (in Loco Parentis). Identifying Gatekeepers (Profession). 3. Teaching Is Leading. Reframing Teaching as Leadership. Choosing Classroom Leadership over School Site Management. Perceiving Oneself as a Leader. Creating Better Conditions for Learning. Leading Learning in the Classroom and Beyond. Leading with Professional Expertise. Leading Through Student Advocacy. Leading Through Mentoring. Leading Through Curriculum Design. Leading Professional Development. Reimagining Instructional Leadership. INQUIRY THREE: Student and Curriculum Case Studies. Student Case Study. Curriculum Case Study. 4. Collaboration Is Leading. Assumptions About Collaboration. Collaborative Structures. Partners or Pairs. Role-Alike Teams. Task-Focused Teams. Sharing Professional Responsibility for Learning. Collaborating Across Roles. Collaborating with Families. INQUIRY FOUR: Collaborations Small and Large. Professional Development Mapping and Analysis. 5. Inquiry Is Leading. Using Inquiry Where You Are. Inquiry About Classrooms as Part of a Larger System. Inquiry About Curriculum. Inquiry About Student Assessment. Inquiry About the Culture of the School. Using Inquiry to Cross Boundaries. Inquiry About Professional Development. Inquiry About Mandates and Policies. Inquiry About the Community. INQUIRY FIVE: Framework for Developing an Equity Plan. 6. Partnership Is Leading. District Partnerships. Enacting Existing Policies. Aligning Professional Development with Mandates. Agency Partnerships. Developing Programs. Creating Collaboratives. Finding and Using Research. Community Partnerships. Bringing the Community into the Classroom. Facilitating Cross-Cultural Conversations. An Afterword About Partnerships and Schools. INQUIRY SIX: Transforming School Leadership Through Partnerships with Agencies. Index.
Michelle Collay is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at California State University—East Bay, located in Hayward, California. A former public school music teacher, Collay is a scholar-practitioner who integrates teaching and scholarship in higher education and K–12 settings. She coaches school leaders engaged in professional learning communities, constructivist teaching and leading, and equity-focused inquiry. Collay stays grounded through parent volunteerism in her children's schools.
Written by noted educational leadership expert Michelle Collay, Everyday Teacher Leadership offers the strategies and tools teacher leaders need to improve their practice and assume new leadership roles within their schools. Step-by-step, Collay outlines the everyday acts of teacher leadership and reveals what it takes to lead effectively through collaboration. Designed as a hands-on resource, the book includes activities in each chapter that are teacher-tested and can be used by individuals, teams, or larger groups. In addition, the book offers useful suggestions for leading change beyond the classroom. Praise for Everyday Teacher Leadership "Dr. Collay's years of experience as a classroom teacher and education professor benefits all teachers as she presents specific ideas about how teachers' life experiences influence their instruction, and how they can use this renewed recognition to teach with integrity every day. Everyday Teacher Leadership is essential reading for those new to the profession or veterans looking to enhance their practices. It shows us the way as we continue the perennial quest to understand the nature of learning and the social construction of knowledge."—Dan Fleming, teacher, Emery Secondary School, Emeryville, California "Teachers-in-training, veteran teachers, administrators, superintendents, policy-makers and anyone who values the art of teaching and the genuine integrity of the teacher would benefit from this book. Professor Collay's insights, humor, and expertise make this an essential read for those of us in the education field." —Vera Jacobson, history teacher, Carlmont High School, Belmont, California "Everyday Teacher Leadership is a must read for administrators, instructors, and educators . . .past, present, and future! Collay delivers an empowering call to change, explaining how educators can fundamentally improve their working environments, bring the focus back to student learning, reform educational relationships, and re-establish the importance of 'leadership' in the American education system." —Carl Menge, curriculum designer, WIlliamsburg, Virginia

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