Effective Telephone Fundraising

Effective Telephone Fundraising

The Ultimate Guide to Raising More Money
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von: Stephen F. Schatz

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Veröffentl.: 10.03.2010
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An authoritative guide to boosting your nonprofit's bottom line through effective telephone fundraising Presenting a detailed structure for writing effective telephone call "scripts", Effective Telephone Fundraising explains the necessary and effective components of an effective call from beginning to end, and provides helpful hints, detailed examples, phrases to employ, phraseology to avoid, and a "road map/chart" for structuring effective call scripts. This how-to manual examines in detail the various stages of an effective telephone call from identifying the prospect and introducing yourself; getting through screens and talking to the decision maker; developing rapport and a creating two-way conversation; explaining the purpose of your call; making a proposal to the prospect;the process of negotiation and effective closing strategies; results of the negotiation;and ending the call. Examines in detail a systematic way of dealing with objections Deflection/decision deferral strategies, along with psychological motivators for giving over the telephone Reveals how to assess the giving potential of prospects Includes sample scripts or call outlines Effective lines that could immediately be incorporated into existing telephone fundraising strategies to improve results A complete, start-to-finish guide for successful telephone fundraising, Effective Telephone Fundraising helps you structure effective call scripts for your nonprofit's best advantage.
Foreword. Introduction. Acknowledgments. About the Author. CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF THE TELEPHONE MEDIUM IN FUNDRAISING. Contacting your Database of Constituents. Face-to-Face Soliciting. Direct Mail Soliciting. E-Mail. The Telephone Medium. Strategies for Using the Telephone in Fundraising Campaigns. Summary. CHAPTER 2 SCRIPTING STRATEGIES. Prescriptive versus Nonprescriptive Scripts. One End of the Spectrum: The Hard Script. The Other End of the Spectrum: The Call Guide. Somewhere in the Middle: The Hybrid Soft Script or Call Outline. Final Analysis: Which Script Approach Is Best? Summary. CHAPTER 3 OVERVIEW OF AN EFFECTIVE CALL PROCESS. Step 1: Identify ‘‘the’’ Prospect. Step 2: Introduce and Identify Yourself. Step 3: Build Rapport. Step 4: Explain the Purpose of your Call—Making the Case. Step 5: Ask, Ask, Ask—The Process of Negotiation. Step 6: The Result of a Negotiation—Yes or No? Summary. CHAPTER 4 IDENTIFICATION OF THE PROSPECT AND INTRODUCING YOURSELF. Job 1: Finding the Right Prospect. Job 2: Introducing Yourself. Summary. CHAPTER 5 RAPPORT—DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP. Put the Prospect at Ease. Give Thanks When Due. Build on your Existing Relationship. Closed-Ended Questions. Open-Ended Questions. Listening for Clues. Summary. CHAPTER 6 THE PURPOSE OF THE CALL. The Segue to the Purpose Section of the Call. The Four Cs of Effective Case Making. Other Challenges. Brevity Is the Essence of Wit—and Effectiveness. The Purpose: Case Statement Strategies. Precall Letters: Yes and No! Summary. CHAPTER 7 THE ASK! The Weak-Kneed—Need Not Apply. The Concept of a ‘‘Proposal’’. Make It Personal. Strategies for the First ‘‘Ask’’. Summary. CHAPTER 8 NEGOTIATION. The Three-Ask Strategy. Other Factors Limiting the Length of a Negotiation and Number of Asks. First Things First: Setting the Stage for the Counterproposal. Articulating the Counterproposal. Increase the Urgency as the Call Proceeds. Summary. CHAPTER 9 THE CLOSE. The Final ‘‘Spin’’ of Urgency—an Optional Strategy. Decisions, Decisions: How Low to Go. Articulating the Close. Prior Donors. Summary. CHAPTER 10 THE RESULT. What Is a Pledge? Pledges: The Confirmation. Other Issues. Refusals. Unspecified Pledges. Summary. CHAPTER 11 DEALING WITH OBJECTIONS. Objections Defined. Objections Can Occur at Any Point in the Call. Objections Examined. Discovering Objections. Two Types of Objections. Strategies for Dealing with Willingness Objections. Deliberation, Delay, and Deferral of Decisions. Other Negotiating Strategies. Summary. CHAPTER 12 WRITING, REFINING, AND TESTING YOUR SCRIPT. Step 1: Writing the First Draft. Step 2: Writing the Final Draft. Step 3: Role Playing. Step 4: Live Calling Test. Step 5: Fine-Tuning the Script. Summary. CHAPTER 13 CONCLUSIONS AND FINAL WORDS. Appendix. Samples and Scripts. Develop Your Own Scripts. Afterword. Index.
Stephen F. Schatz, CFRE, cofounded The Development Center—one of the country's preeminent direct mail/telephone fundraising service bureaus—in 1982. He guided its growth with hundreds of clients and multi-million dollar revenues. For over twenty years,The Development Center represented some of the nation's most prestigious nonprofit organizations, particularly colleges, universities, museums, performing arts organizations, and healthcare institutions. He was also a founding trustee and chief operating officer of the ePhilanthropy Foundation, the world's most prominent organization promoting ethical online fundraising, education, and best practices.
It's all about the call. Despite the advent of sophisticated fundraising methods via the Internet, social media, and other online platforms, the bottom-line truth is: good old-fashioned telephone fundraising still works, bringing in over one billion dollars annually from generous Americans. It's a wellspring of untapped funds your nonprofit could be reaping. Savvy, straightforward, and humorous, Effective Telephone Fundraising: The Ultimate Guide to Raising More Money shows you how to secure more donors, raise more money, and build donor loyalty—all by restoring phone fundraising to its rightful place at the top of your donor development strategies toolbox. Drawing on his experience as cofounder of a direct mail/telephone fundraising service bureau that raised tens of millions of dollars in over twenty years, author Stephen Schatz shares his donor-centered fundraising secrets, including: Which script approach is best? The Three-Ask strategy The 4 Cs of effective case making Closed- and open-ended questions Setting the stage for the counterproposal The close Dealing with objections Writing, refining, and testing your script This ultimate insider's guide to telephone fundraising is most emphatically not telemarketing 101, or a resource on data segmentation, or a book on running a call center. It's just about the call, equipping you with simple, easy-to-do tips and techniques for effective phone calls that raise lots of money. Today, a lot of people are receiving a lot of calls for contributions to a lot of organizations. Don't get left behind! Put an end to dead-end phone calls with Effective Telephone Fundraising and discover how your organization can harness this powerful approach to telephone fundraising with big results.

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