Doing Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Doing Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Adapting Psychodynamic Treatment to Contemporary Practice
2. Aufl.

von: Richard Bromfield

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Veröffentl.: 31.03.2007
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This readable guide for therapists and therapists-in-training lays out the theoretical essence and practical essentials of doing child and adolescent psychotherapy from the referral call to the last goodbye.
What’s New to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments. To the Reader. Part I The Essentials. 1 Easy Does It: Beginning Therapy. 2 Can I Help You? Evaluating the Child and Offering Treatment. 3 The Not-So-Magic of Therapy: How Therapy Works. 4 Do Fence Me In: The Bounds and Limits. 5 Tell Me Where It Hurts: On Talking and Querying. Part II Techniques and Tools. 6 The Lowdown on High Drama: Playing with Puppets and Action Figures. 7 Shoot, Topple, and Roll: Using Games, Building Toys, and Guns. 8 Drawing Out the Child: Artwork in Therapy. 9 All Together Now: Balancing Play and Talk. 10 Pushing the Envelope: On Giving, Telling, and Other Exceptions. Part III The Rest. 11 Handle with Care: Working with Parents. 12 Handle with Care, Part II: More Work with Parents. 13 On Brotherly Love and Musical Chairs: Family Work. 14 Talking Heads: Working with Schools and Other Agencies. 15 Hard Times: Unwilling Patients and Therapeutic Crises. 16 Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Me: Race, Religion, and Culture. 17 When Therapy Is Not Enough: Medication. 18 I Can Name That Tune in Six Sessions: Managed Care and Evidence-Based Treatment. 19 All’s Well That Ends Well: Closing Therapy. References. Index. About the Author.
"In this updated text, psychologist Richard Bromfield, Ph.D. opens a window into child therapy at its best. Highly recommended, this lively volume will be of great interest to professionals working in clinic or office practice, as well as to experienced clinicians who teach or supervise child psychotherapy." (New England Psychologist, July 2009) "…is a comprehensive yet coherent guide to counseling youth. He gives the social work student and current practitioner a realistic view of working with children." (, 7/2008) "Through an accessible and contemporary overview of psychodynamic work with adolescents, this book draws from the author's years of experience as a practitioner with children, adolescents, and families. This second volume is colorfully written, and full of rich clinical insights written in plain language." (Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, June 2008) "'Doing Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy' is excellent--engaging, fun, educational, and thought provoking. It would be a great addition to the library of both the novice and the experienced therapist." —Abigail L. Donovan, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital (JAACAP, June 2008)
Richard Bromfield is a faculty member of Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts Mental Health Center. He has written extensively about children, psychotherapy, and family life, and maintains a private practice with children and adult clients.
A practical and comprehensive guide that covers the therapy process from the referral call to the final goodbye, this h ands-on guide thoroughly portrays the challenge, intricacies,s and subtleties of the client-therapist relationship. Part I, The Essentials, addresses how to begin treatment, the mechanics of therapeutic powers, the need for limits, and the techniques of therapeutic talk and query, Part II, Techniques and Tools, offers pragmatic and lively discussion on the use of puppet play, games, toys, and art in child therapy, paying special attention to the ways play and talk are balanced. Finally, Part III, The Rest, ambitiously tackles parental guidance, family work, reluctant patients, crisis, medication, diversity and cultural dynamics, managed care and evidence-based treatment, and closing out a relationship. In addition to vivid and detailed spotlights on the one-on-one talk and play of child therapy, this new edition includes chapters on evidence-based treatment, school consultation, and the influence of race, religion, and culture. Clinicians of all disciplines orientations will find this thorough guide to be revealing, confirming, provocative, and instructive as they conduct their important work with children, adolescents, and families. Praise For the First Edition. "Impressive...easy to read, hard to resist, and full of practical fundamental knowledge...Overall, this book is a gem." —Harinder S. Ghuman, MD, Community Mental Health Journal "Highly pragmatic and thoughtful...The teachers in this text are the patients...The writing is deceptively simple, but the material bespeaks a great depth of experience, as well as a true love for patients and for the profoundly complex and difficult work involved in healing...Plain and simple, it is a wonderful, refreshing text." —Eugene Beresin, MD, Journal of the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry "Jargon-free, this book lucidly describes how psychotherapy with children and adolescents is used by an expert." —Albert Solnit, MD, Yale Child Study Center "Deceptively easy to read, yet full of clinical wisdom. Both students and experienced therapists will be well served by the clear explanations of why we do what we do." —Paul M. Brinich, PhD, University of North Carolina "With great attention to detail, Richard Bromfield Guides us through the nuts and bolts of child and adolescent psychotherapy. The author's belief in the therapist-child relationship and play therapy techniques comes through loud and clear. highly recommended!" —Charles E. Schaefer, PhD, Fairleigh Dickinson University