Diasporas in Dialogue

Diasporas in Dialogue

Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation in Worldwide Refugee Communities
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von: Barbara Tint

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Diasporas in Dialogue is an indispensable guide for those leading or participating in dialogue processes, especially in ethnically diverse communities. The text offers both a theoretical and practical framework for dialogue, providing insight into the needs, assets and challenges of working in this capacity. The first book to offer structured processes for dialogue with refugee communities - demonstrates how diaspora communities can be engaged in dialogue that heals, reconciles and builds peace Relates the story of the Portland Diaspora Dialogue Project, a remarkable collaboration between university researchers and African community activists committed to helping newly arrived refugees Written accessibly to provide practitioners, academics, and community members with a simple and cogent account of how, step by step, the process of healing communities and re-building can begin Published at a critical time in the face of the worldwide refugee crisis, and offers helpful frameworks and practical tools for dialogue in situations where individuals and communities are displaced
About the Authors vii About the Partners xi Foreword by Paula Green xiii Foreword by Mette Brogden xvi Preface xviii Acknowledgments xxii 01 Diaspora Stories: Endings 1Marie Abijuru and Rukia Mohammed 02 Diaspora Populations 6Barbara Tint, Caroline Sarkis, Sa’eed Mohamed Haji, Vincent Chirimwami, and Carmina Rinker Lass 03 The Transition Framework 23Diana Bianco, Barbara Tint, and Roland Clarke 04 Recruitment 40Daniel Amine, Barbara Tint, and Mindy Johnston 05 Cultural Considerations 48Caroline Sarkis, Barbara Tint, Gloria Ngezaho, Roland Clarke, and Mindy Johnston 06 Dialogue 62Barbara Tint, Julie Koehler, Mary Lind, Vincent Chirimwami, Roland Clarke, and Mindy Johnston 07 Evaluation 131Mary Lind and Barbara Tint 08 Implications for Policy 169Roland Clarke and Djimet Dogo 09 Diaspora Stories: New Beginnings 172Rukia Mohammed and Marie Abijuru 10 Closing Reflections 176Djimet Dogo and Barbara Tint Bibliography 184 Index 194
Barbara Tint is Professor of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University and an international trainer, consultant, and facilitator. She travels globally training groups in issues of dialogue, status and power, intercultural relations, leadership, gender dynamics, and resilience. She has published widely in multiple books and journals on these topics. She has facilitated dialogue processes with Jewish Israelis and Palestinians, mixed race groups in the US, Tamil and Sinhalese community members in Sri Lanka, white and Aboriginal Australians, mixed gender groups and with refugee communities from Africa.
Diasporas in Dialogue integrates Western and traditional community modes of peace-building to provide a unique blueprint for working with diaspora populations all over the world. Communities in conflict import the conflict relationship with them when they migrate to a resettlement context, and it is therefore crucial to understand and address these issues. Documenting the landmark Diaspora Dialogue Project (DDP) from first vision to final evaluation, the text reflects the culmination of five years of work conducting needs assessment, dialogue processes, facilitator training and capacity building in refugee communities rooted in historical conflict. It presents both a theoretical and practical framework for dialogue, offering insight into the many challenges of working in this capacity, along with Dialogue Session templates, worksheets, evaluation tools and recommendations for addressing issues of recruitment and cultural congruence.  

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