Customer Service For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

Customer Service For Dummies®

3. Aufl.

von: Karen Leland, Keith Bailey

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 31.07.2006
ISBN/EAN: 9780470049723
Sprache: englisch
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Customer Service For Dummies, Third Edition integrates theunbeatable information from Customer Service For Dummies and OnlineCustomer Service For Dummies to form an all-in-one guide tocustomer loyalty for large and small businesses alike. The bookcovers the fundamentals of service selling and presents up-to-dateadvice on such fundamentals as help desks, call centers, and ITdepartments. Plus, it shows readers how to take stock of theircustomer service strengths and weaknesses, create useful customersurveys, and learn from the successes and failures of businessesjust like theirs. Karen Leland and Keith Bailey (Sausalito, CA) arecofounders of Sterling Consulting Group, an internationalconsulting firm specializing in quality service consulting andtraining for such clients as Oracle, IBM, Avis, and Lucent.
Introduction. Part I: Creating the Customer-Centric Organization. Chapter 1: Championing Customer Service. Chapter 2: In-Focused or Customer-Focused: Where Do You Stand? Chapter 3: Building a Winning Service Strategy. Chapter 4: Better Service through Surveys: Questionnaires, Focus Groups, and Interviews. Chapter 5: Company-Wide Training as a Catalyst for Change. Part II: Take It from the Top: Service Management. Chapter 6: Coaching Service Excellence. Chapter 7: What You Can Measure, You Can Manage: Service Standards. Chapter 8: Beyond Employee of the Month: Reward and Recognition. Chapter 9: It Takes a Team: Problem-Solving with a Twist. Part III: Keeping Your Customers: Simple Actions, Significant Payoffs. Chapter 10: A Wink, a Smile, and a Nod: Body Language. Chapter 11: It"s Not What You Say, It"s How You Say It: Phone Tone and Etiquette. Chapter 12: It Takes Two to Tango: Getting in Step with Your Customer. Chapter 13: Turning Service Excellence into Sales Success: Five Timeless Techniques. Part IV: Road Blocks: When the Going Gets Rough. Chapter 14: Saying No: What to Do When You Can"t Say Yes. Chapter 15: Seeing Red: Dealing with Difficult Customers. Chapter 16: Taking Initiative: Bouncing Back from Service Blunders. Chapter 17: The Gift of the Gaffe: Dealing with Customer Complaints. Part V: Working in a Wired World: Customer Service on the Web. Chapter 18: Clicking with Your Customers: Online Content and Commerce. Chapter 19: Making Your Web Site Shine with Site Design. Chapter 20: E-Mail Etiquette and Writing: Making the Most of the Medium. Chapter 21: CRM: Automating the Personal Touch. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 22: Ten Major Don"ts of Customer Service. Chapter 23: Ten Tips for Constructive Conflict with Co-Workers. Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Get Better Service as a Customer. Index.
Karen Leland and Keith Bailey are cofounders of the Sterling Consulting Group, an international consulting firm specializing in quality service consulting and training. Clients include Oracle, IBM, Avis, and Lucent.
Features even more new information on online customer service "Provides the tools to achieve results that have benefited me, my company, my customers." "Bo Wilson, VP Global Customer Support, VeriSign Good products and good marketing aren't enough to succeed in business; you also need good customer service. This new edition reinforces the fundamentals of getting in step with your customers and shows you how to apply them in any scenario. Here's your key to happy customers " and success " in today's business world. Praise for Customer Service For Dummies "Well-written, fun-to-read. . . . An excellent book to make those hard-earned marketing dollars work to your advantage." "Self-Employed America "Excellent. . . . Provides lots of step-by-step tips." "Small Business Opportunities "A 'must-have' manual for companies of all sizes " from the sole proprietor to the largest corporation." "Home Business Journal Discover how to Understand key customer service concepts Measure your strengths and weaknesses Foster good face-to-face and telephone service Respond and relate to different customer personalities Deal effectively with angry or abusive customers

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