Content Marketing For Dummies

Content Marketing For Dummies

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von: Susan Gunelius

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Get the whole picture and learn to create a successful online content marketing program Successful online marketing is about more than creating a Facebook page or writing a corporate blog. Brands need to build lasting connections with the right customers online through an effective online content marketing strategy, and this book shows you how. It explores ways to create a content marketing strategy, identify the content that will keep your customers coming back, create that content, distribute it online, and measure the results, with hands-on, step-by-step guidance. Content marketing is an essential element of successful online marketing and brand-building; this book shows you how to begin creating and distributing content online to market your business Explains why content marketing is important and how to create an online content marketing strategy, which tools to use, and what to avoid Shows how to create content and get it published online in long or short form Offers plenty of tips, case studies, and worksheets to ensure success Online content marketing positions your business and your product for lasting customer interaction; Content Marketing For Dummies gives you the tools to create a program that works.
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started with a Content Marketing Plan. Chapter 1: Defi ning the Content Marketing Opportunity. Chapter 2: Creating a Content Marketing Strategy. Chapter 3: Taking the First Steps to Executing Your Content Marketing Plan. Part II: Marketing with Long-Form Content. Chapter 4: Introducing the Tools of Written Long-Form Content Marketing. Chapter 5: Using Video, Audio, Online Events, and E-Mail for Long-Form Content Marketing. Chapter 6: Writing in Long Form for the Web. Chapter 7: Taking Long-Form Web Content to the Next Level. Part III: Marketing with Short-Form Content. Chapter 8: Introducing the Tools of Short-Form Content Marketing. Chapter 9: Using Twitter and Creative Ideas for Short-Form Content Marketing. Chapter 10: Writing in Short Form for the Web. Chapter 11: Discovering Ways to Improve Short-Form Content Marketing. Part IV: Engaging in Online Conversations to Share Content. Chapter 12: Defi ning Conversational Content Marketing. Chapter 13: Introducing the Tools of Conversational Web Writing. Chapter 14: Getting the Most out of Online Conversations. Part V: Achieving Long-Term Success. Chapter 15: Integrating Your Content Marketing Efforts. Chapter 16: Analyzing Results and Fine-Tuning Your Strategy. Chapter 17: Building a Content Marketing Team. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 18: Ten Free Tools to Get Started with Content Marketing. Chapter 19: Ten Sites to Publish Your Content for Free. Chapter 20: Ten Resources for Content Marketing Help. Part VII: Appendixes. Appendix A: Sample Content Marketing Quick Start Plans. Appendix B: Glossary. Index.
Susan Gunelius is a 20-year marketing veteran and President and CEOof KeySplash Creative, Inc. Her marketing-related content appears,, and other business-oriented sites. She is the author of Blogging All-in-One For Dummies and Google Blogger For Dummies. Susan speaks about these topics at events around the world.
Learn what content marketing is and how to develop a strategy for your business Content marketing is an exciting opportunity — and a moving target. The trick to success lies in understanding both the tools available and the strategic thought process that makes them work. That's what this book is about! Learn the basics, how to build a strategy, how to create long-form and short-form content, how to analyze results, and a whole lot more. Engage them — discover how to capture the attention of your customers instead of interrupting them Add value — learn to create content that offers your customers an informational benefit Go long — develop and promote blogs, videos, webinars, and more to share content that offers value to your customers The short version — get the lowdown on supplying content via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and more Mind your manners — understand and follow social media etiquette to protect your brand Start a conversation — familiarize yourself with the tools of informal Web writing, start conversations, and participate in forums or start your own Keep it moving — analyze the results of your efforts and continually fine-tune your content marketing strategy Open the book and find: How content marketing can benefit and build your brand Techniques for breaking through the clutter Ways to be sure you're not spamming Search engine optimization tricks you can use Advice on contributing to other Web sites Great free tools to get you started A glossary to explain the many terms you'll encounter Tips on building relationships Learn to: Develop an online content marketing strategy Create content and publish it in long or short form Promote your brand through conversations online Follow the laws and avoid questionable content

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