Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics

Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics

3. Aufl.

von: I. Chorkendorff, J. W. Niemantsverdriet

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In the past 12 years since its publication, Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics has become a standard textbook for graduate students at universities worldwide. Emphasizing fundamentals from thermodynamics, physical chemistry, spectroscopy, solid state chemistry and quantum chemistry, it introduces catalysis from a molecular perspective, and stresses how it is interwoven with the field of reaction kinetics. The authors go on to explain how the world of reacting molecules is connected to the real world of industry, by discussing the various scales (nano - micro - macro) that play a role in catalysis. Reflecting the modern-day focus on energy supplies, this third edition devotes attention to such processes as gas-to-liquids, coal-to-liquids, biomass conversion and hydrogen production. From reviews of the prior editions: 'Overall, this is a valuable book that I will use in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates.' (Angewandte Chemie - I. E.) '...this excellent book is highly recommended to students at technical universities, but also entrants in chemical industry. Furthermore, this informative handbook is also a must for all professionals in the community.' (AFS) 'I am impressed by the coverage of the book and it is a valuable addition to the catalysis literature and I highly recommend purchase' (Energy Sources)
From Reviews of former editions: '... such an enterprise will be of great value to the community, to professionals as well as graduate and undergraduate students attempting to move into the field of modern catalysis and kinetics. I strongly recommend you publish this book based on the proposal.' - Prof. Dr. G. A. Samorjai, University of California 'Both authors are well respected specialists, with a very long record of original top-quality work and an international reputation. A book from these authors will be considered an authoritative piece of work, I definitely support this project and I am looking forward to use the book when published.' - Prof. Dr. D. E. Resasco, University of Oklahoma 'I wholly support the proposed project. The authors are very competent young colleagues and there is a real need for such a textbook' - Prof. Dr. G. Ertl, Fritz-Haber-Institut, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin "I am impressed by the coverage of the book and it is a valuable addition to the catalysis literature and I highly recommend purchase" Energy Sources "The book's structure is based on academic courses taught over the years by the two authors. Questions and exercises are offered at the end of the book. Highly recommended." Choice "...this excellent book is highly recommended to students at technical universities, but also entrants in chemical industry. Furthermore, this informative handbook is also a must for all professionals in the community." AFS "The text is well written and easy to follow, with references provided for the reader who wants to know more. The text is enlivened by snippets of information and comment... If you are looking for a good textbook on heterogeneous catalysis, "Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics" is well worth considering. It is certainly a book I would have liked to have read when I started in catalysis research." Platinum Metals Review "The authors are experienced experts, who have a fundamental understanding of catalysis - from its theoretical-chemical and physical-chemical basics right up to applications in process technology. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone seeking a solid basis in the field of catalysis." Chemie Ingenieur Technik "In summary "Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics" is a valuable guide to enter and travel the sometimes rather labyrinthine trails in heterogeneous catalysis. " ChemPhysChem "The book is well written and richly illustrated with instructive black and white diagrams. Students, especially those at Eindhoven and Lyngby, will have to read it from cover to cover. More mature readers, such as myself, have the privilege to skip the dry bits on kinetics and focus on the catalysis parts for the sheer excitement of the facts... The book does catalysis justice as a central concept of chemistry." Chemistry & Industry "This book is a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the science and application of heterogeneous catalysis." Applied Organometallic Chemistry "This book will be a valuable addition to many chemistry libraries... For the specialist in heterogeneous catalysis, the book provides a wealth of information regarding both fundamentals and applications." Synthesis
Ib Chorkendorff is Professor in Heterogeneous Catalysis and Director of the Danish National Research Foundation CINF (Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality), consulting Professor at SLAC, Stanford University and Director of The Villum Center for Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals. He has been author and coauthor of close to 300 scientific papers and 16 patents. Hans Niemantsverdriet is Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry of Surfaces of Eindhoven University of Technology (1989-2015, The Netherlands) and Honorary Distinguished Professor at Cardiff University (UK). Presently he is Director of the Research Institute SynCat@Beijing of Synfuels China Technology, Co., Ltd and his own Dutch research enterprise Syngaschem BV in Eindhoven. He coauthored almost 300 scientific papers and three books, and has served as Editor of the Journal of Catalysis (1996-2015).
Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics (first edition 2003, second 2007) is the first textbook to span the full range from fundamentals of kinetics and heterogeneous catalysis via modern experimental and theoretical results of model studies to their equivalent large-scale industrial production processes. This expanded third edition includes significant new developments, particularly in the application of catalysis in energy technology. Several chapters have been updated with new examples, and all chapters now have a separate section with literature references. With its focus on practical application on the basis of fundamental understanding, the book provides key knowledge for students at technical and comprehensive universities and professionals already working in industry or academia.

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