Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Emotional Disorders
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von: Assen Alladin

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is now in use worldwide, while hypnosis as a technique continues to attract serious interest from the professional community. Integrating the two, the field of cognitive hypnotherapy uses the natural trance states of clients to unlock unconscious thoughts and memory patterns that can generate and sustain problems. Cognitive hypnotherapists work within the client’s model of the world, so that changes are more likely to be subconsciously accepted and become permanent. This practical guide shows how cognitive hypnotherapy can be used to treat a range of emotional disorders including depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD.
About the Author. Foreword. Preface. 1 The Rationale for Integrating Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the Management of Emotional Disorders. 2 Cognitive Hypnotherapy Case Formulation. 3 Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the Management of Depression. 4 Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the Management of Migraine Headaches. 5 Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 6 Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Psychocutaneous Disorders. 7 Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the Management of Somatisation Disorder. 8 Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the Management of Chronic Primary Insomnia. 9 Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the Management of Sexual Dysfunctions. 10 Future Directions. Appendices. References. Index .
"This interesting book is practical, providing a step-by-step approach for integrating hypnotherapy with CBT. It demonstrates how this method is applied with common psychological disorders such as depression and PTSD. Clinicians who use hypnosis will be very pleased with this work because it gives them more techniques to use with their clients." (Doody's, April 2009)
Dr Asssen Alladin is a Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Foothills Medical Centre and Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Calgary Medical School. he has been practicing and teaching hypnosis and clinical psychology for over 25 years. He served as Secretary of the British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis for many years and currently he is the President of the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis-Alberta Society. He was Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Dr Alladin has published many chapters and papers on clinical hypnosis and is the author of Handbook of Cognitive-Hypnotherapy for Depression: An Evidence-Based Approach (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2007) and Hypnotherapy Explained (Radcliffe Publishing, 2008). He served as guest Editor for Special Issues in Hypnotherapy for the Journal of Preventive Neurology and Psychiatry (1992), the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: An International Quarterly (1994), and the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (April 2007 & July 2007). He is interested in the empirical validation of clinical hypnosis and the integration of hypnosis with other forms of psychotherapy. He is the 2005 recipient of the Best Research Paper from Division 30 of the American Psychological Association. Dr Alladin comes from the island of Mauritius and he completed all his studies in England. He was initially trained as a registered Nurse and a Social Worker before taking Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Dr. Alladin has two adult children and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He loves teaching, and traveling with his wife of 27 years. He has presented addresses and workshops on clinical hypnosis at national and international conferences.
Cognitive hypnotherapy has proven to be an effective treatment for a number of emotional disorders, including anxiety and depression. Now, in this innovative book, Assen Alladin demonstrates how hypnotherapy can be combined with cognitive behavioural therapy to further improve patient outcomes. Focusing on the professional needs of practitioners Cognitive Hypnotherapy: An Integrated Approach to the treatment of Emotional Disorders provides the latest integrative psychotherapy model and empirical rationale for assimilating the two approaches. Extensive case studies and treatment protocols that readers can apply in their own practice are provided. A range of emotional disorders are covered, including: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Somatization Disorder depression Insomnia Migraine Headache Sexual Disorders Skin disorders Grounded in empirical research and full of practical treatment strategies, this is essential reading for hypnotherapists, cognitive behavioural therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals.

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