City Logistics 2

City Logistics 2

Modeling and Planning Initiatives
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von: Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson

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Verlag: Wiley-Iste
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Veröffentl.: 24.05.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781119495116
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This volume of three books presents recent advances in modelling, planning and evaluating city logistics for sustainable and liveable cities based on the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). It highlights modelling the behaviour of stakeholders who are involved in city logistics as well as planning and managing policy measures of city logistics including cooperative freight transport systems in public-private partnerships. Case studies of implementing and evaluating city logistics measures in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits from major cities around the world are also given.      
1. Review of city logistics. 2. Modelling city logistics. 3. Planning and evaluating city logistics. 4. Case studies.

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