Chiral Nanomaterials

Chiral Nanomaterials

Preparation, Properties and Applications
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von: Zhiyong Tang

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Thorough and up-to-date, this book presents recent developments in this exciting research field. To begin with, the text covers the fabrication of chiral nanomaterials via various synthesis methods, including electron beam lithography, ion beam etching, chemical synthesis and biological DNA directed assembly. This is followed by the relevant theory and reaction mechanisms, with a discussion of the characterization of chiral nanomaterials according to the optical properties of metal nanoparticles, semiconductor nanocrystals, and nanoclusters. The whole is rounded off by a summary of applications in the field of catalysis, sensors, and biomedicine. With its comprehensive yet concise coverage of the whole spectrum of research, this is invaluable reading for senior researchers and entrants to the field of nanoscience and materials science.
AN INTRODUCTION TO CHIRAL NANOMATERIALS Historical Introduction to Chiral Materials Brief Overview of Chirality at the Nanoscale Development of Chiral Nanomaterials Conclusion THEORY AND MECHANISM Introduction Chiral Molecules and Semiconductor Nanocrystal Systems Chiral Molecules and Metal Nanoparticle Systems Chiral Assemblies OPTICALLY ACTIVE METAL NANOPARTICLES Introduction Preparation of Chiral Metal Nanoparticles Optical Activity of Metal Nanoparticles Self-Assembly of Chiral Metal Nanoparticles CHIRAL SEMICONDUCTOR NANOCRYSTALS Introduction Chiral Quantum Dots Preparation and Synthesis Optical Activity of Chiral Semiconductor Nanocrystals Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Chiral Quantum Dots CHIRAL NANOCLUSTERS Introduction Classification of Chiral Nanoclusters Synthesis of Chiral Clusters Chirality and Separation of Gold Clusters CHIRAL MESOPOROUS SILICA MATERIALS Introduction Synthesis and Formation Mechanisms Synthetic Controls Supramolecular Chiral Imprinting DNA-BASED CHIRAL NANOSTRUCTURES Introduction Original Chirality of DNA DNA Fabricated Plasmonic Nanostructures Designed Nanostructures by Origami Technology FABRICATED PLASMONIC NANOMATERIALS Introduction Theoretical Basics of Dipole-Dipole Coupling Coupling of Split-Ring Resonators Three-Dimensional Chiral Nanomaterials APPLICATIONS IN CATALYSIS Introduction Catalytic Properties of Chiral Metal Nanoparticles Reaction Mechanisms Perspectives APPLICATIONS IN BIOMEDICINE Introduction Biodetection through Chiral Nanoparticles From Fabricated Plasmonic Nanomaterials to Biosensors Bio-Security of Chiral Quantum Dots
Prof. Zhiyong Tang obtained his PhD degree in 1999 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After this, he went to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland, and to the University of Michigan, USA, for his postdoctoral research. In November of 2006, he joined the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) in China and took up a full professor position. His current research interests focus on fabrication and application of chiral inorganic nanoparticles as well as nanoparticle superstructures.

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