Blind Spots

Blind Spots

How to uncover and attract the fastest emerging economy
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von: RJ Brideson

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 30.08.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9780730345398
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Are you ready for the next global economic disruption? Blind Spots outlines the way forward for companies who want to get early-mover advantage on this new $28 trillion economy. This powerful market has remained untapped, ignored and underserved despite the fact it is more economically powerful than India and China together – twice over and continues to rise. Women: they drive the majority of our purchases, they're outpacing men in graduate education and they routinely make or break brands by voting with their swelling wallets. This book shows you exactly how to tap into the modern female market and reap its numerous financial benefits before your competitors do. Written by Australia's definitive marketing-to-women authority and gender intelligence expert Bec Brideson, this book provides a practical framework for future-focused businesses who are done debating gender, and ready for profit and action. Women's impact on the bottom line is becoming undeniable but the grey areas around gender hold us back. Change is moving glacially thanks to tokenistic brand efforts and homogenous, risk-averse corporate reasoning. If you're ready to take the sort of bold, decisive action that cements market leaders and visionaries; this book is for you. Brideson will show you how to: Single out a competitive advantage in a volatile, slow-growth market. Bridge the gap between gender nuance and commercial gain. Leverage authentic insights into a long-term, loyal relationship. In the search for advantage, CEOS look to technology for disruption yet they consistently neglect the market providing innovation and better profitability to the status quo. Blind Spots provides the framework and critical shift in perspective for making it in the new economy of women.
Foreword ix About the author xiii Acknowledgements xv Preface xvii Introduction xxv 1 From history to herstory 1 2 Are you blind? 35 3 Proof of difference 67 4 Meet modern woman 95 5 Are we dating or in a relationship? 117 6 Busting the biggest business myths 143 7 $how me the money 177 8 Future proof and female ready 195 Conclusion 225 References 233 Image credits 245 Index 251
RJ BRIDESON has been a pioneer and innovator of 'womenomics' for over 25 years; teaching businesses how to capture their share of the fastest, emerging global economy.
'We already have women in our marketing team. We can't have gender blind spots!' —Legacy CMO 'My bottom line is already fine and our formula works, besides why would I make a budget for "women"?' —Traditional Business CEO Blind Spots puts modern leaders on the offense for the next big $28 trillion disruption to hit the changing business landscape: WOMEN. It's time to lose the out-dated stereotypes and get real about the business of women today. She's influencing and making the final decision in most category purchases. She's outpacing men globally in graduate education, as well as influence, and her total world income is growing exponentially year-on-year. Yet most businesses aren't maximising their connection to her powerful wallet and underserved needs. With granular, visionary insight, Australian marketing veteran RJ Brideson challenges business to get gender-smart and smell the ensuing profits. Full of unique case studies across a wide range of industries, Blind Spots provides you with the tools, facts and clarity needed to alchemise this complex issue into greater market share and top-down cultural change. Get reading now and get ready for the transformation that will have you: leveraging fast growth in an uncertain economy discovering key gender indicators and turning gender differences into gender profits helping her make, not break, your brand creating a rich and enduring relationship with women for long lasting loyalty. Blind Spots is your bible for surviving and thriving in the new gender-intelligent economy.

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