Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development

Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development

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von: Steve Fox, Chris Johnson, Donovan Follette

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A complete revision to a popular SharePoint developer's resource Fully updated for SharePoint 2013, this book is an ideal starting place for SharePoint development. Covering all the major topics that a new developer needs to know in order to get started, this resource contains 100 percent new content and addresses the major overhaul to the SharePoint 2013 platform. The team of authors, led by Microsoft's Steve Fox, presents you with a detailed overview that helps you establish a starting point for development. They then walk you through ways to advance your knowledge so that you leverage the new SharePoint 2013 features to build custom solutions. Addresses developing managed or unmanaged applications Provides an overview of Windows Azure for SharePoint Looks at common developer tasks in SharePoint 2013 Gets you started with building, packaging, and deploying SharePoint 2013 applications Highlights essential points of security in SharePoint 2013 Touching on everything from developing applications using Office services to development workflow applications, Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development covers everything you need to know to start confidently working with the platform today.
INTRODUCTION xxiii PART I: GETTING STARTED WITH SHAREPOINT 2013 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO SHAREPOINT 2013 3 Getting to Know SharePoint 4 Defining SharePoint by Function 5 Defining SharePoint by User 5 Introducing the User Interface 6 Introducing the Structure 8 Addressing the Needs of the Developer 9 Extending SharePoint 2013 10 Breaking It Down for Developers 12 SharePoint 2013: The Platform 15 SharePoint Installation Types 16 SharePoint 2013 Capabilities 18 Site Collections and Sites 20 SharePoint 2013 APIs 24 SharePoint Central Administration 26 Application Management 27 Monitoring 28 Security 28 General Application Settings 28 System Settings 28 Backup and Restore 29 Upgrade and Migration 29 Configuration Wizard 29 Apps 29 Summary 29 Recommended Reading 31 CHAPTER 2: OVERVIEW OF THE SHAREPOINT 2013 APP MODEL 33 SharePoint 2013 App Model 33 Apps for Office 34 Apps for SharePoint 35 Moving to the Cloud 37 Understanding the Three Apps for SharePoint Deployment Models 38 SharePoint-Hosted 38 Autohosted 44 Provider-Hosted 49 Summary 52 Recommended Reading 53 CHAPTER 3: DEVELOPER TOOLING FOR SHAREPOINT 2013 55 SharePoint Development Across Developer Segments 56 Web-Based Development in SharePoint 57 Site Settings 58 Developing SharePoint Applications Using SharePoint Designer 65 Developing SharePoint Applications Using Napa 69 Developing SharePoint Applications Using Visual Studio 2012 74 Other Tools for SharePoint Development 82 Developing with Expression Blend 83 Debugging Using Fiddler 85 Summary 85 Recommended Reading 87 CHAPTER 4: UNDERSTANDING YOUR DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS 89 Application and Solution Types 90 Common Developer Tasks 93 Creating Web Parts 93 Creating SharePoint-Hosted Apps 101 Working with SharePoint Data 106 Creating Cloud-hosted Apps 109 Creating Event Receivers 109 Creating ASPX Pages 112 Creating Master Pages 114 Summary 116 Recommended Reading 117 CHAPTER 5: OVERVIEW OF WINDOWS AZURE FOR SHAREPOINT 119 Defining the Cloud 120 Defining Windows Azure 121 Windows Azure Platform 122 Data Layer 123 Services Layer 123 Integration Layer 123 Developing Windows Azure Applications 124 SharePoint and Windows Azure 133 Understanding SharePoint Cloud-Hosted Apps and Windows Azure 134 Creating a Simple Autohosted SharePoint App 136 Summary 146 Recommended Reading 147 PART II: FUNDAMENTAL SHAREPOINT 2013 DEVELOPMENT BUILDING BLOCKS CHAPTER 6: DEVELOPING, INTEGRATING, AND BUILDING APPLICATIONS IN SHAREPOINT 2013 151 Development Models Available in SharePoint 2013 152 Application Integration Options in SharePoint 2013 153 User Interface Integration 154 Events and Logic Integration 166 Data Integration 168 Summary 171 Recommended Reading 173 CHAPTER 7: PACKAGING AND DEPLOYING SHAREPOINT 2013 APPS 175 Anatomy of an App 176 Manifest and Assets 178 SharePoint Solution Package 179 Web Deploy Package 180 Database Package 181 Packaging and Publishing an App 182 Packaging an App 182 Private Publishing in an App Catalog 183 Deploying an App 184 SharePoint-Hosted App Deployment 185 Provider-Hosted App Deployment 188 Autohosted App Deployment 196 Summary 199 Recommended Reading 200 CHAPTER 8: DISTRIBUTING SHAREPOINT 2013 APPS 201 Publishing Apps in the SharePoint Store 203 Creating a Client ID and Secret 204 Pricing and Licensing Apps 206 Submitting Apps 208 Getting Apps Validated 211 Application Life Cycle 212 Using Seller Dashboard Metrics 213 Upgrading Apps 214 Summary 216 Recommended Reading 217 CHAPTER 9: OVERVIEW OF THE CLIENT-SIDE OBJECT MODEL AND REST APIS 219 Introducing Remote APIs in SharePoint 2013 220 Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) Basics 221 Managed Code (.NET) 222 Setup 223 Querying 224 JavaScript 228 Setup 229 Querying 230 Security and Cross-Domain Calls 236 Windows Phone 237 Setup 238 Querying 239 REST and OData 241 Getting Started with REST and OData 242 Filtering and Selecting 244 Creating, Updating, and Deleting 246 Client-Side Object Model API Coverage 250 Summary 252 Recommended Reading 253 CHAPTER 10: OVERVIEW OF OAUTH IN SHAREPOINT 2013 255 Introduction to OAuth 256 OAuth in SharePoint 2013 257 Creating and Managing Application Identities 258 Application Authentication 263 App and User Context in API Calls 266 Managing Tokens in Your Application 266 Application Authorization 269 Requesting Permissions Dynamically 271 App-Only Policy 271 On-Premises App Authentication with S2S 272 Summary 275 Recommended Reading 276 PART III: ADVANCED DEVELOPER TOPICS IN SHAREPOINT 2013 CHAPTER 11: DEVELOPING INTEGRATED APPS FOR OFFICE AND SHAREPOINT SOLUTIONS 279 The New App Model for Office 280 The Office JavaScript Object Model 286 Document-based Apps 286 Functional Capabilities by Office Client 291 Mailbox-based Apps 292 App Security 297 Integrating Apps for Office with SharePoint 298 Standalone Apps for Office 299 Apps for Office Integrated with an App for SharePoint 300 Summary 305 Recommended Reading 306 CHAPTER 12: REMOTE EVENT RECEIVERS IN SHAREPOINT 2013 307 Introducing Remote Event Receivers 308 App-level Life-cycle Remote Event Receivers 318 Summary 319 Recommended Reading 320 CHAPTER 13: BUILDING LINE-OF-BUSINESS SOLUTIONS USING BUSINESS CONNECTIVITY SERVICES 321 Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2013 322 BCS in Apps for SharePoint 328 Building a BCS-enabled Business Solution 332 Summary 339 Recommended Reading 341 CHAPTER 14: DEVELOPING APPLICATIONS USING OFFICE SERVICES 343 WOPI and the New Offi ce Web Apps Server 344 What’s New in Excel Services 348 Word Automation Services and the New PowerPoint Automation Services 355 The New Machine Translation Services 359 What’s New in Access Services 362 Summary 366 Recommended Reading 368 CHAPTER 15: DEVELOPING WORKFLOW APPLICATIONS FOR SHAREPOINT 2013 369 Introducing Workfl ow Manager 370 The Big New Features for SharePoint Designer 371 Visio Professional, SharePoint Designer, and Workflow 372 Workflow and Visual Studio 383 Workflow in Apps for SharePoint 390 Summary 397 Recommended Reading 398 APPENDIX A: ANSWERS TO EXERCISES 399 INDEX 407
Steve Fox is a director in Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) at Microsoft. He presents and keynotes at conferences globally and publishes regularly in MSDN Magazine. Chris Johnson is a general manager at Provoke Solutions Seattle. Previously, he worked for Microsoft for nearly 10 years. Donovan Follette is a senior technical evangelist with Microsoft. Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that guides you through all the techniques involved.
An ideal starting point for SharePoint development SharePoint 2013 boasts a major evolution for this rich development platform. For beginners, this book serves as an ideal launching pad for your SharePoint experience; if you are already familiar with the capabilities of SharePoint, this resource will serve as essential reading to evolve the way you develop applications for SharePoint 2013. The team of authors—led by Microsoft's Steve Fox—covers everything from developing applications using Office services to building custom solutions, enabling you to start confidently working with SharePoint today. Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development: Discusses developing managed or unmanaged applications Provides an overview of Windows Azure? for SharePoint as well as the client-object model Highlights building line-of-business apps using Business Connectivity Services Looks at common developer tasks and tools for SharePoint 2013 Addresses building, packaging, and deploying SharePoint 2013 applications Programmer Forums Join our Programmer to Programmer forums to ask and answer programming questions about this book, join discussions on the hottest topics in the industry, and connect with fellow programmers from around the world. Code Downloads Take advantage of free code samples from this book, as well as code samples from hundreds of other books, all ready to use. Read More Find articles, ebooks, sample chapters and tables of contents for hundreds of books, and more reference resources on programming topics that matter to you.

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