Becoming a Midwife in the 21st Century

Becoming a Midwife in the 21st Century

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von: Ian Peate, Cathy Hamilton

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The NMC have produced standards of proficiency for pre registration midwifery education and those standards have been written in an “academic” language, for higher education institutions. Each student prior to being admitted to the profession must have achieved the proficiencies stated in the NMC publication. The purpose of this book is to provide students with material related to the standards of midwifery education. The students will be able to use the contents of this text and relate it to their own approved programme of midwifery study, as their programme of study would have had to comply with NMC’s requirements. It will help student midwives appreciate how their own programmes have been designed, and why they are required to study and understand some of the subjects they are, or will be studying.
List of contributors. Acknowledgements. Introduction (Ian Peate & Cathy Hamilton). 1. Effective Communication (Tandy Deane-Gray). 2. The Aims of Antenatal Care (Laura Abbott). 3. Programmes of Care During Childbirth (Laura Abbott). 4. Interdisciplinary Working: Seamless Working within Maternity Care (Eileen Huish & Lisa Nash). 5. Intrapartum Care (Annabel Jay & Cathy Hamilton). 6. Effective Emergency Care (Caroline Duncombe, Meryl Dimmock & Sarah Green). 7. Initial Assessment and Examination of the Newborn Baby (Lyn Dolby). 8.Effective Postnatal Care (Annabel Jay). 9. Medication and the Midwife (Cathy Hamilton). 10. Effective Documentation (Carole Yearley, Celia Wildeman & Chandra Mehta). 11. Regulating the Midwifery Profession - Protecting Women or the Profession (Christine Lawrence & Carole Yearley) 12. The Impact of Cultural Issues on te Practice of Midwifery (Celia Wildeman). 13. Legislation and the Midwife (Cathy Hamilton & Lisa Nash). 14. Confidentiality (Celia Wildeman). 15. Clinical Decision-Making (Marianne Mead). 16. Health, Safety and Environmental Issues (Lisa Nash). 17. Evidence-Based Practice (Marianne Mead). 18. Statutory Supervision of Midwives (Kath Mannion). 19. Clinical Governance Framework and Quality Assurance in Relation to Midwifery Care (Cathy Rogers, Sally Luck & Nada Schiavone). Answers to the Cultural Awareness Quiz. Glossary. Index.
Cathy Hamilton BSc(Hons), MSc, RGN, RM, PGDip, PGCert is a Senior Midwifery Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and Supervisor of Midwives. In 2004 Cathy undertook the preparation for supervisors programme and has joined the team supervisors of midwives at West Herts NHS Trust. Ian Peate BEd (Hons), MA (Lond), EN(G), RGN DipN (Lond), RNT, LLM is Associate Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Hertfordshire. Ian's key areas of interest are nursing practice and theory, sexual health and HIV/AIDS. His portfolio centrs on recruitment and marketing and professional academic development with the school of Nursing and Midwifery.
The title registered midwife is a protected title in law. This means it can only be used by a person who is registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). Becoming a Midwife in the 21st Century explores the fundamental aspects of midwifery practice based on the NMC's standards of proficiency for pre registration midwifery education, and guides the reader through the journey of becoming a registered midwife. Becoming a Midwife in the 21st Century is a contemporary text reflecting current midwifery practice. It will enable students to understand fundamental aspects of clinical practice in order to provide safe and effective care to women and their families in various situations and settings. It will help the reader develop their caring skills with a sound knowledge base, which will underpin the delivery of care- preparing them for registration with the NMC. This text is: Written by midwives for student midwives and those who intend to undertake a programme of study leading to registration as a midwife Accessible and interactive with case studies and activities throughout, enabling the reader to link theory to practice. Applicable to a number of care settings- ie hospital, birth centre, community and independent midwifery practice. This text will be invaluable to all midwifery students, health care assistants, those undertaking NVQ level of study, or anyone who intends to undertake a programme of study leading to registration as a midwife.

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