Be Great

Be Great

The Five Foundations of an Extraordinary Life in Business - and Beyond
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von: Peter H. Thomas

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 03.12.2009
ISBN/EAN: 9780470737569
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Peter Thomas has lived a tremendously successful and fulfilling life, despite personal tragedy and occasionally grave financial circumstances. He founded and built Century 21 Real Estate into the largest real estate network in Canada, and profitably spearheaded dozens of large-scale real estate developments all over North America. He has founded several more wildly successful businesses, the not-for-profit organizations LifePilot and the Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership, flown a helicopter, dived to 850 feet in a submarine, and raced motorcycles. So why him? Peter Thomas doesn"t believe he is a particularly gifted person or any smarter than the average man or woman in the street, but his achievements in business and philanthropy are world class. So what is the secret to building an exceptional life? The answer is that there are many paths to success, but what they all have in common is being true to the people on them, and you get to " have to " pick your own. Thomas shares his life, experience, and wisdom with you to illustrate his Five Foundations for achieving the life you want: Values: Clarify your personal values and live them. Focus: Understand the power of focus and how to apply it. Visualization: If you can picture your goal, you can work towards it. Inspiration: Celebrate the genius within you. Reflection: Tap into positive forces you control. For Peter Thomas, learning and applying these principles has brought him fame and fortune, aligned with a resolute conviction to help the less fortunate. There is no limit to what we are capable of achieving. Be Great is a manual for unlocking human potential.
Acknowledgements vii Foreword xi A Word of Introduction 1 Foundation 1: Values Chapter 1 " Doing What Matters 9 Chapter 2 " First Things First 23 Chapter 3 " Why Some People Get All the Breaks 39 Chapter 4 " When to Say Yes, When to Say No 51 Foundation 2: Focus Chapter 5 " Work Magic in Your Life 69 Chapter 6 " Learn to RUMBA 77 Chapter 7 " Three Luxuries You Can"t Afford 85 Chapter 8 " Create Your Personal Brand 93 Foundation 3: Visualization Chapter 9 " See It, Have It 105 Chapter 10 " Believe You Already Have What You Want 115 Chapter 11 " Rehearse for Success 121 Chapter 12 " From Vision to Action 125 Foundation 4: Inspiration Chapter 13 " The Gift of Self-Renewal 135 Chapter 14 " Recognize the Genius Within 147 Chapter 15 " It's Not What You Have, It's Who You Have 155 Chapter 16 " If You Never Quit, You Never Fail 169 Foundation 5: Reflection Chapter 17 " Look Back to Move Ahead 185 Chapter 18 " The Touchstone for Health and Happiness 193 Chapter 19 " Find Your Sanctuary 205 Chapter 20 " Your Life Can Be What You Want It to Be 209
Peter H. Thomas is one of the leading real estate developers and lenders of his time in North America, developing several billion dollars of projects including shopping centers, apartment and condominium developments, land assembly, and golf courses. He is best known for his success as founder of Century 21 Real-Estate Canada Ltd., Samoth Capital Corporation (now known as Sterling Centrecorp Inc.), and the development of the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. After the tragic loss of his son in 2000, Peter decided to focus his time and energy on social entrepreneurship, and to share his experience and philosophy with others. He is the Founder and Chairman of LifePilot, the Founder and Chairman of the Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership at Royal Roads University in BC, Canada, Chairman Emeritus of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), and Vice-Chairman of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO).

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