von: Anton Weißenbach, Achim Hettler

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The book deals with the structural design of temporary excavation support and the dimensioning of excavation support walls and their individual components. Completely calculated examples explain the application of the procedures described in the book.
1. Basics 2. Active and passive earth pressure 3. Stability analysis 4. Unlined construction pits 5. Unsupported building pit walls fixed in the ground 6. Building pit walls with a single support 7. Building pit walls with multiple supports 8. Foundation modulus method 9. Finite Element Method 10. Conditions of equilibrium 11. Design of individual components 12. Sample calculations 13. Tables 14. References
From 1982 until 1994 Prof. Weißenbach held the chair of ground and soil engineering at the TU Dortmund. From 1965 until 2006 he chaired the working group 2.4 "Construction Pits" of the German Geotechnical Society. Prof. Hettler has succeded him in both posts. He is also member in several standardization committees including as chairman of DIN 4085 "Soil - Calculating Earth Pressure". He is also authore of a book on high-rise foundations, the chapter on earth pressure in the Soil Engineering Handbook and co-author of the a book on construction experts in court.

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