Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers
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von: Jeffrey K. Rohrs

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 05.11.2013
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Proprietary audience development is now a core marketing responsibility. Every company needs audiences to survive.  They are where you find new customers and develop more profitable relationships.  And yet, most companies today treat their email, mobile, and social media audiences like afterthoughts instead of the corporate assets they are.  With AUDIENCE, Jeff Rohrs seeks to change this dynamic through adoption of The Audience Imperative.  This powerful mandate challenges all companies to use their paid, owned, and earned media to not only sell in the short-term but also increase the size, engagement, and value of their proprietary audiences over the long-term.  As content marketing professionals have discovered, the days of “build it and they will come” are long gone.  If you’re looking for a way to gain a lasting advantage over your competition, look no further and start building your email, Facebook, Google, Instagram, mobile app, SMS, Twitter, website, and YouTube audiences to last.
Foreword Scott Dorsey ix Introduction: Why AUDIENCE? 1 Part I: The Audience Imperative 5 Chapter 1 Audiences as Assets: Think Like The Boss 7 Chapter 2 The Audience Imperative: Our Hybrid Source of Business Energy 17 Chapter3 Your Proprietary Audiences: Seekers, Amplifi ers & Joiners 26 Chapter 4 The VIP Joiners: Subscribers, Fans & Followers 41 Chapter 5 Beyond Don Draper: Paid, Owned & Earned Media 56 Chapter 6 Increase What Matters: Size, Engagement & Value 70 Chapter 7 A Larger Font: Our Long-Term Responsibilities 91 Part II: The Audience Channels 101 Chapter 8 Website: Marketing’s Magnetic Center 103 Chapter 9 Email: The Bedrock Audience 109 Chapter 10 Facebook: Making It Personal 114 Chapter 11 Twitter: Real-Time Characters 121 Chapter 12 Blogs: A Website by Another Name 127 Chapter 13 Mobile Apps: Audiences on the Go 133 Chapter 14 LinkedIn: The Professional Audience 139 Chapter 15 YouTube: Internet Built the Video Star 144 Chapter 16 Google+: The Great Unknown 149 Chapter 17 Pinterest: A Collection of Beautiful Followers 153 Chapter 18 SMS: Cutting through the Clutter 158 Chapter 19 Instagram: Moving Pictures 163 Chapter 20 Podcasts: Listen Carefully 168 Chapter 21 Other Audience Channels: More? You Want More?!? 172 Part III: The Audience Roadmap 177 Chapter 22 Map & Align: Strategy and Team 179 Chapter 23 Build & Engage: Audiences on Demand 200 Chapter 24 Serve, Honor, Deliver, Surprise & Delight: The Red Velvet Touch 228 Chapter 25 Test & Evolve: What Marketers Can Learn from 5,000 Years of Football 238 Conclusion 247 Notes 249 Acknowledgments 273 Index 275
JEFFREY K. ROHRS is a recovering attorney, life-long Cleveland sports fan/victim, and pied piper of common-sense marketing advice. As VP of Marketing Insights for ExactTarget, a company, he co-created and produces the award-winning SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS Research Series—the world's first and longest-running examination of consumer relationships with brands through email, mobile, and social channels.
Most companies are still taking one step forward and two steps back in their customer relationships because they don't understand how to build and engage a long-term online audience. The new job every marketer must learn is "Proprietary Audience Development." Audience is a manifesto—a "call to arms"—that every marketer can deliver to their C-Suite in order to permanently put an end to "spammy" digital marketing and social media strategies that may gain a few quick sales but lose a long-term audience. This powerful mandate challenges all companies to treat their email, mobile, and social audiences like the corporate assets they are. In AUDIENCE, author Jeff Rohrs establishes The Audience Imperative for every company: to use your paid, owned, and earned media to not only sell in the short-term but also increase the size, engagement, and value of proprietary audiences over the long-term. To gain a lasting advantage over your competition, look no further than your email, Facebook, Google, Instagram, mobile app, SMS, Twitter, website, and YouTube, where you can start building audiences that last. Through research data and case studies, this book details how marketers can gain a competitive advantage with proven strategies, including how to: Embrace "Hybrid Marketing" to squeeze more value from "Fossil Fuel Marketing" (i.e., paid media) Build "renewable energy sources" (owned email, mobile, and social audiences) that provide long-term competitive advantage Create your own Proprietary Audience Development strategy Market with the Red Velvet Touch: Serve the individual, honor their preferences, deliver relevant content, surprise them with access, and delight them with your company's humanity Test and evolve your efforts on an ongoing basis Every company needs audiences to survive. They are the source of new customers and more profitable relationships. It's time to restructure your marketing efforts to serve your most important asset. Master the art and the science of Proprietary Audience Development.
"A highly practical book, Audience details the why-to and how-to of building your own brand's 'proprietary audience' of potential customers, supporters, fans, and advocates. Jeff Rohrs has written a succinct, to the point, and extremely useful book that should be on every marketer's desk today." —Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, PhD, coauthors of Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage "This is a strategic book, a plea to recognize (before it's too late) the value of earning audience engagement. In many ways, it's the latest chapter following the line of thought I introduced in Permission Marketing." —Seth Godin, author "During a time of unprecedented change, volatility, and innovation, marketers would do well to rethink their obsession with quantity (eyeballs, impressions, likes) and, instead, focus on quality (human beings, employees, customers). Audience reminds, challenges, and inspires us to prioritize, connect, and truly engage." —Joseph Jaffe, author of Flip the Funnel and Z.E.R.O. "This is the book I've been waiting for because it ignites a conversation that businesses desperately need to have. To be a 'publisher' in our social and digital world means that your audience matters more than ever—and is the key to your success. An audience for your content is your biggest marketing asset, and Jeff's book shows you not just why, but how to serve, honor, and delight the people in your audience—first, and relentlessly." —Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs; coauthor of Content Rules "Without attention and connection, you've got a big pile of nothing—especially in social media and digital marketing. This book provides a unique and thorough analysis of the real motivations of the most important people to your company: your audience. Read it." —Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help not Hype "So many brands out there create content without a clear business goal. Jeff Rohrs has the answer: build loyal subscribers. This book will transform your content marketing strategy. Buy it, use it, and pass it on to your CMO." —Joe Pulizzi, founder, Content Marketing Institute; author of Epic Content Marketing

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