Attachment and Sexual Offending

Attachment and Sexual Offending

Understanding and Applying Attachment Theory to the Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders
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von: Phil Rich

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This book provides a broad overview of the literature, theory, and clinical treatment of attachment deficit. It discusses its application in understanding the etiology of juvenile sexual offending, as well as implications for treatment. Issues addressed include the components of attachment and social connection, attachment and the development of personality, neurology and attachment, the development of social competence, and consideration of whether attachment can be learned.
About the Author. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: The Relationship of Attachment to Juvenile Sexual Offending. Chapter 2: The Foundations of Attachment: Attunement and Human Connection. Chapter 3: The Formation of Attachment and the Emergence of Self. Chapter 4: The Secure Self: Attachment, Self, and the Internalized World. Chapter 5: An Attachment Framework. Chapter 6: Patterns of Attachment. Chapter 7: The Assessment and Classification of Attachment. Chapter 8: Measuring Attachment. Chapter 9: Disordered Attachment or Attachment Disorder? Chapter 10: Applying the Attachment Framework: An Attachment-driven Case Study. Chapter 11: Presumed Links: An Attachment-driven Pathway to Sexual Abuse. Chapter 12: The Evidence for Attachment-driven Sexual Offenses. Chapter 13: Antisocial Pathways. Chapter 14: Essential Elements: Empathy, Morality, and Social Connection. Chapter 15: The Neural Self: The Neurobiology of Attachment. Chapter 16: Understanding Attachment-informed Treatment. Chapter 17: The Attachment-informed Treatment Environment. Chapter 18: Implications for Treatment. Chapter 19: Conclusions: Getting Connected. Bibliography. Index.
"...significant contribution..." (The Psychologist, July 2006) “…this book represents a detailed account of attachment theory and research, at the same time exploring possible links to sexually abusive behaviour.” (The Howard Journal, Vol.42, No.2, May 2007)
Phil Rich, EdD, MSW, LICSW is the Clinical Director of Stetson School, a residential treatment program for juvenile sexual offenders and sexually reactive children in Barre, Massachusetts. He received his MSW in 1979 and his doctorate in applied behavioral and group studies in 1992, and has practiced as a clinical social worker for over 25 years. He has served as the program director of five residential and day treatment programs, and has worked extensively with troubled adolescents and adults in residential, inpatient, day treatment, and outpatient settings. He has 12 published books, including Understanding Juvenile Sexual Offenders: Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation, published by John Wiley & Sons.
In work with juvenile sexual offenders, it has become increasingly common to link disturbed or under-developed early attachment relationships to the later development of pathology. Beginning with a detailed and critical overview of attachment theory, Attachment and Sexual Offending provides an analysis of research that links attachment theory to sexually abusive behavior in children and adolescents. This complete guide also extensively covers literature that relates attachment to adult sexual offending. A comprehensive framework for applying attachment theory to the treatment of juvenile sexual offenders is also included, providing steps for developing and implementing attachment treatment. This important text will appeal to anyone interested in attachment theory and its application to clinical and forensic psychology. It is a valuable resource for professionals working with sexually abusive juveniles in a range of clinical settings, and will also be of interest to those working with adult sexual offenders. “This is a fascinating and important book” —Tony Ward, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand “Attachment and Sexual Offending is a thought provoking book that challenges the traditional ways in which we have thought about, assessed and treated juvenile sexual abusers. Phil Rich's book is brilliant and should be read by any professional who works with, and/or comes in contact with, juveniles who sexually abuse.” —Robert E. Longo, Independent Consultant and Trainer, USA “Attachment and Sexual Offending is a must for anybody working in the field, as well as for those who want to know more about this area.” —Anthony Beech, University of Birmingham, UK

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