Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

A New History
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von: Waldemar Heckel, Lawrence A. Tritle

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Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Alexander the Great: A New History combines traditional scholarship with contemporary research to offer an innovative treatment of one of history's most famous figures. Written by leading experts in the field Looks at a wide range of diverse topics including Alexander's religious views, his entourage during his campaign East, his sexuality, the influence of his legacy, and his representations in art and cinema Discusses Alexander's influence, from his impact on his contemporaries to his portrayals in recent Hollywood films A highly informed and enjoyable resource for students and interested general readers
List of Figures vii List of Contributors viii Chronology ix Preface and Acknowledgments xiv Abbreviations xv Journal and Serial Abbreviations xvii Map xx Introduction 1 1 The Macedonian Background 7Michael Zahrnt 2 Alexander’s Conquest of Asia 26Waldemar Heckel 3 The Diadochi, or Successors to Alexander 53Patrick Wheatley 4 A King and His Army 69Waldemar Heckel 5 The Court of Alexander the Great as Social System 83Gregor Weber 6 Alexander and the Greeks 99 The Corinthian LeagueElisabetta Poddighe 7 Alexander and the Greeks 121 Artists and Soldiers, Friends and EnemiesLawrence A. Tritle 8 The Empire of Darius III in Perspective 141Pierre Briant 9 Alexander and the Persian Empire, between “Decline” and “Renovation” 171 History and HistoriographyPierre Briant 10 Alexander and his “Terrible Mother” 189Elizabeth D. Carney 11 Alexander’s Sex Life 203Daniel Ogden 12 Heroes, Cults, and Divinity 218Boris Dreyer 13 Alexander’s Image in the Age of the Successors 235Alexander Meeus 14 Roman Alexanders 251 Epistemology and IdentityDiana Spencer 15 The Construction of a New Ideal 275 The Official Portraiture of Alexander the GreatCatie Mihalopoulos 16 Power, Passion, and Patrons 294Alexander, Charles Le Brun, and Oliver StoneE. J. Baynham Bibliography 311 Index 349
"This book belongs in all university libraries." (CHOICE, September 2009) "This book is ... '[A] highly informed and enjoyable resource for students and interested general readers.' ... H. and T.'s collection of essays does offer is a synthesis of recent scholarship and current trends that will reward both the general and the specialized reader as well as stimulate further discussion." (The Classical Journal, November 2009) "All in all this volume is certainly to be welcomed. At an affordable price it offers coverage of a comprehensive range of topics, with the 'big names' well represented among the contributors." (Scholia Reviews, 2009)
Waldemar Heckel is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Calgary. His publications include Who's Who in the Age of Alexander the Great (Blackwell, 2005), Alexander the Great: Historical Sources in Translation (with J.C. Yardley, Blackwell, 2003), Crossroads of History: The Age of Alexander (with L.A. Tritle, 2003), The Wars of Alexander the Great (2002), and The Marshals of Alexander’s Empire (1992). Lawrence A. Tritle is Professor of History at Loyola Marymount University. He is author and editor of The Peloponnesian War (2004), From Melos to My Lai. War and Survival (2000), The Greek World in the Fourth Century (1997) and Phocion the Good (1988), as well as numerous articles on Greek history.
Alexander the Great has been studied and reinterpreted in every culture, from the great thinkers of the Hellenistic age to twenty-first century Hollywood. Alexander the Great: A New History offers an innovative treatment of one of history’s most famous figures. Bringing together leading experts in the field, this book combines traditional scholarship with contemporary research to examine a number of intriguing subjects in Alexander studies. The volume explores such diverse topics as Alexander’s religious views, his entourage during his campaign East, his sexuality, the influence of his legacy, and later representations in art and cinema. Reappraisals of the Macedonian army and Macedonian relations with the Greeks complement these new approaches to Alexander’s reign.
"In the many hundreds of books in print on Alexander the Great, few address the larger context of his career. This study by a team of distinguished international scholars, presenting the man, his background and legacy, and his on-going image, fulfills that need triumphantly." —Carol G. Thomas, The University of Washington "Is there anything new to be written about Alexander? To judge from this excellent collection of essays, covering an unusually wide range of topics, the answer is most certainly yes." —John Cherry, Brown University

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