AIChE Equipment Testing Procedure - Tray Distillation Columns

AIChE Equipment Testing Procedure - Tray Distillation Columns

A Guide to Performance Evaluation
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Chapter 1. Purpose and Scope. Purpose. Scope. Liability. Chapter 2. Definitions and Descriptions of Terms. Flow Quantities. Key components. Tray Efficiency. Operating Lines. Pinch. Maximum Throughput. Minimum Throughput. Operating Section. Chapter 3. Test Planning. Safety. Environmental. Preliminary Preparation. Test Objectives. Organizational Resources. Schedule. Column Control and Instrumentation. Peripheral Equipment. Pretest Calculations. Types of Tests. Performance Tests. Acceptance Tests. Specific Areas of Interest. Tray Efficiency. Capacity Limitations. Energy Consumption. Pressure-Drop Restrictions. Data requirements-Measured. Properties of External Streams, Overall and Component Material Balances, Over Enthalpy Balances. Internal Temperatures. Internal Samples. Pressure Profiles. Data Requirements-Physical Properties. Essential Data. Auxiliary Data. Test Procedure Documentation. Chapter 4. Methods of Measurement and Sampling. Measurement of Temperatures. Accuracy. Errors. Measurement of Flow Rates. Orifice Meters. Rotameters. Direct Volume or Weight Measurement. Measurement of Column Pressure Drop. Instruments. Pressure taps. Seal Pots. Accuracy. Sampling Procedures. General. Selection of Sampling Points. Sample Connections. Containers. Sampling of High Boiling Materials. Sampling of Intermediate Boiling Materials. Sampling of Materials Having Boiling Points Below -50o F (-46oC). Labeling and Handling of the Samples. Chapter 5. Test Procedure. Preliminary. Pretest Procedure for Maximum Hydraulic Throughput. Reaching the Flooding Point. Capacity Test. Test Period. Establishment of Steady State Conditions. Length of Test Period. Chapter 6. Computation of Results. Verification of Test Data. Material Balance. Enthalpy Balance. Overall Balance. Internal Flow Rates. Column Capacity. Column Pressure Drop. Overall Column Efficiency. Computer Calculation. Graphical Calculation. Murphree Tray Efficiency. Sample Calculations. Chapter 7. Interpretation of Results. Sources of Experimental Error. Effects of Experimental Error. Possible Reasons for Not Meeting Design Performance. Mechanical. Process. Applications of Test results to Design Conditions. Chapter 8. Appendix. Notation. Illustrations. Sample Calculation. English Units. SI Units. References.

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