Aging and Mental Health

Aging and Mental Health

Understanding Aging 3. Aufl.

von: Daniel L. Segal, Sara Honn Qualls, Michael A. Smyer

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Preface ix Part I Introdction 1 1 Mental Health and Aging: An Introduction 3 2 Basic Gerontology for Working with Older Adults 21 3 Psychological Bases of Positive Mental Health 45 Part II Models of Mental Health in Later Life 65 Part II Introduction 65 4 Psychodynamic Model 69with co-author Lacey Edwards 5 Cognitive?]Behavioral Model 89 6 Stress and Coping Model 117 7 Family Systems Model 145 Part II Summary and Commentary: Choosing Among Models of Mental Disorders in Later Life 165 Part III Introduction to Mental Disorders 171 Part III Introduction 171 8 Cognitive Impairment and Neurocognitive Disorders 175 9 Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder 207 10 Serious Mental Disorders in Older Adults: Schizophrenia and Other Late?]Life Psychoses 241Stephen J. Bartels, Karen L. Fortuna, and John A. Naslund 11 Anxiety Disorders, Hoarding Disorder, and Post?]Traumatic Stress Disorder 281 12 Sexual Disorders, Sleep Disorders, and Chronic Pain 313 13 Substance?]Related Disorders and Personality Disorders 343 Part IV Settings and Contexts of Mental Health 375 Part IV Introduction 375 14 Health Services Delivery Systems 377 15 Housing, Social Services, and Mental Health 393 16 Family and Friend Relationships, and Caregiving 407 17 Ethical Issues in Work with Older Adults: Advanced Care, Financial Decision?]Making, and the Impacts of Climate Change 423 Epilogue 445 Name Index Subject Index
Daniel L. Segal, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Sara Honn Qualls, PhD, is Kraemer Professor of Aging Studies, Professor of Psychology, and Director of the Gerontology Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Michael A. Smyer, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and former Provost at Bucknell University.
"This is the perfect text for instructors from diverse fields who want to engage their students in understanding mental health and aging, and help them develop a passion for providing excellent care for older adults and their families." William E. Haley, PhD, University of South Florida "The Third Edition of Aging and Mental Health offers far more than an update. It is a thoughtfully and creatively designed textbook poised to serve as a strong introduction to major clinical disorders, dominant models of therapy, service delivery systems, and ethical issues, together rounding out the universe of mental health and mental illness in older adults." Erlene Rosowsky, PsyD, William James College "Aging and Mental Health is that rare book which is both pleasurable to read and deeply informative. The science of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment is set forth through rich conceptual frameworks of gerontology and psychology, and – new in this edition – critical health service contexts. As a comprehensive and skillfully crafted resource all in one volume, the book is an indispensable gem for students and practitioners alike." Jennifer Moye, PhD, VA Boston Healthcare System and Harvard Medical School Fully updated and revised, this new edition of a highly successful text provides students, clinicians, and academics with a thorough introduction to aging and mental health. The third edition of Aging and Mental Health is filled with new updates and features, including the impact of the DSM-5 on diagnosis and treatment of older adults. Like its predecessors, it uses case examples to introduce readers to the field of aging and mental health. It also provides both a synopsis of basic gerontology needed for clinical work with older adults and an analysis of several facets of aging well. Introductory chapters are followed by a series of chapters that describe the major theoretical models used to understand mental health and mental disorders among older adults. Following chapters are devoted to the major forms of mental disorders in later life, with a focus on diagnosis, assessment, and intervention strategies. Finally, the book focuses on the settings and contexts of professional mental health practice and on emerging policy issues that affect research and practice. This combination of theory and practice helps readers conceptualize mental health problems in later life and negotiate the complex decisions involved with the assessment and treatment of those problems. Aging and Mental Health, Third Edition is an ideal text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, for service providers in psychology, psychiatry, social work, and counseling, and for clinicians who are experienced mental health service providers but who have not had much experience working specifically with older adults and their families.