Above the Line

Above the Line

How to Create a Company Culture that Engages Employees, Delights Customers and Delivers Results
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von: Michael Henderson

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Position your organisation's culture to attain new heights Above the Line: How to Create a Company Culture that Engages Employees, Delights Customers and Delivers Results offers all leaders a handbook for leveraging an organisation's culture to engage staff, increase customer satisfaction and streamline business performance. A groundbreaking work, this book reveals what it takes to achieve optimum results from your organisational culture without employing the use of external consultants. This organic, in-house approach to company culture transformation saves both time and money. Step-by-step, author Michael Henderson illustrates how to create a culture in which employees and leaders delight those outside the company—customers, shareholder, employees' families, suppliers and the board of directors—and anyone else who may benefit from an association with the organisation. The book's proven models and ideas have been tried and tested with a broad range of of high-profile international companies. Expert author, Michael Henderson, a.k.a. The Corporate Anthropologist, has more than 30 years' experience, and a proven track record of working and consulting with organisations to enhance their workplace cultures. Reveals how to create an organisational culture that achieves desired results Puts the cultural transformation process in the hands of the people directly effected Smashes some of the established and costly myths about culture and how to work with culture This important resource is written for leaders, managers and supervisors at all levels and across industries.
About the author xi Acknowledgements xiii Introduction xv Part I: Understanding culture 1 1 What is culture? 3 2 Why organisations should take culture seriously 19 3 Aligning culture and strategy 33 Part II: Above the line culture 65 4 Above and below the line cultures 67 5 Below the line stages: dead cultures 99 6 Below the line stages: dying cultures 103 7 Below the line stages: disabled cultures 109 8 Crossing the line: a shift in perspective 119 9 Above the line cultures: stable 125 10 Above the line cultures: successful 131 11 Above the line cultures: excelling 139 12 A glimpse behind the curtain: consciousness and culture 151 Part III: Elevating culture 157 13 Cultural buoyancy devices 159 14 Leaders worth following 165 15 Work worth doing 175 16 Cultures worth contributing to 187 Part IV: Culture planning 197 17 Preparing to plan 199 18 Culture plan 1: purpose 203 19 Culture plan 2: identity 205 20 Culture plan 3: values 209 21 Culture plan 4: capability 213 22 Culture plan 5: behaviour 215 23 Culture plan 6: environment 219 24 Culture plan example 227 25 A final word of encouragement 233 26 Next steps 235 Bibliography 237 Index 239
Michael Henderson is a corporate anthropologist and has 30 years' experience consulting to organisations to enhance their workplace culture. Michael has studied traditional and organisational cultures in over 40 countries and has written numerous books on values and culture. Michael has studied traditional and organisational cultures in over 40 countries and has written numerous books on values and culture.
Humans are hardwired for culture, yet few companies truly understand and work with their cultures. High staff turnover, lack of collaboration, increased absenteeism and poor quality output are just some of the symptoms of a culture rejecting an organisation’s business strategy or leadership. In an increasingly competitive business environment, business leaders need to understand that their organisation's culture is a key component of success. In Above the Line, Michael Henderson offers a tried-and-tested approach to corporate culture management. Employed by organisations such as the New Zealand High Performance Olympic sports unit, Canon Australia and New Zealand Rugby, Henderson’s proactive, organic approach places accountability for company culture in the hands of the employees themselves. Above the Line will help you: gain insight into the importance of culture, what it is, and why it must be taken seriously determine the cultural health of an organisation and the steps to improve it examine the role of identity, values, capability, behaviour and environmental impact relating to culture give external providers of culture climate and engagement surveys a wide berth. Above the Line smashes some of the well-established and costly myths about what culture is and how to work with it. It offers business leaders a faster and more effective approach to develop, nurture and leverage their own organisation’s culture to achieve higher levels of staff engagement, increased customer satisfaction and improved business performance.

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