A Short History of South-East Asia

A Short History of South-East Asia

6. Aufl.

von: Peter Church

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 13.03.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119062486
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Explore the fascinating history of south-east Asia A Short History of South-East Asia, Sixth Edition is the latest in a series of updated texts spotlighting this fascinating region. With revised chapters for all of the countries in this geographic area, this interesting text paints a remarkable overview of the characters and events that have shaped this part of the world. Founded upon a deeply perceptive observation of the late founding Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, this book brings shape to the idea that 'to understand the present and to anticipate the future, one must know enough of the past, enough to have a sense of the history of a people.' With an approachable writing style and comprehensive content, this unique text was written for business readers interested in improving their understanding of this important region. With globalization continuing to gain momentum, south-east Asia is emerging as an important business sector for many industries. Not only does this open up professional opportunities, it exposes individuals in other parts of the world to the unique histories and cultures of the area. If you are interested in learning more about the region, this abbreviated text is a wonderful resource. Explore historic and political developments that have taken place throughout south-east Asia Quickly navigate text organized by country, allowing you to dive into the events that have shaped Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam Gain an important global perspective, which can prove valuable on personal and professional levels Leverage your new understanding of the region's past to better understand its present and anticipate its future A Short History of South-East Asia, Sixth Edition is an abbreviated history of south-east Asia written with business readers in mind.
Preface vii Introduction xi Brunei 1 Cambodia 12 East Timor 36 Indonesia 44 Lao PDR 72 Malaysia 88 Myanmar 116 Philippines 136 Singapore 158 Thailand 176 Vietnam 202 Further Reading 223 Maps 229 Index 240
PETER CHURCH, OAM, is a lawyer, corporate adviser, and company director, who has spent more than 35 years living and working in South-East Asia and India. He advises a varied group of companies in relation to their activities in Asia and Australia and sits on a number of for-profit and not-for-profit boards. He is Chairman of AFG Venture Group, Special Counsel to the English law firm Stephenson Harwood, an Adjunct Professor at Curtin Business School in Perth, Western Australia, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Great Lakes Institute of Management in Chennai, India. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 1994 for his services to the promotion of business relations between Australia and the South-East Asian region.
PRAISE FOR A SHORT HISTORY OF SOUTH-EAST ASIA "Peter has invaluable insights as a result of his many years living, investing and working in South-East Asia. It is clear through his writing that he has taken the time to really get a deep understanding of local people, systems and conditions and thereby provides a balanced view of the historical development of each individual country. He is one of my favourite 'go-to' commentators on the countries in our region." —DANE CHAMORRO, CFE; Senior Partner – Head of ASEAN, Control Risks "A masterful overview of South-East Asian history in a single volume." —RONACHAI KRISADAOLARN, Managing Director, Bangkok International Associates, Thailand "The interpretation of events in this book has managed to capture to a considerable degree South-East Asian perceptions of history. To have achieved this in such a brief text is impressive." —NONO ANWAR MAKARIM, Founder and Counsel to Makarim and Taira, Jakarta, Indonesia "Peter Church's book is ideal for those wanting to learn why South-East Asia countries operate the way they do by understanding their interrelated histories. It is also a great refresher and reference for those familiar with South-East Asia." —MICHAEL MANN, AM, Former Australian Ambassador to Laos and Vietnam; Chancellor, Torrens University, Australia "The countries that make up the trading bloc known as ASEAN are not homogeneous and they vary vastly in culture, religion and peoples. Hence, a successful business strategy for one country will not necessarily succeed in another. Any businessman wanting to do business in South-East Asia must understand the history of the area if he is to be successful. This easily read book provides this invaluable information—ignore it at your peril." —VALERIANO DEL ROSARIO, Managing Partner, Del Rosario Raboca Gonzales Grasparil–Manila, Philippines "The countries comprising South-East Asia are historically, culturally and politically diverse. Yet, this short book manages to pull these different strands together to provide readers with an easy to understand 'feel' for the past and present of these countries and a glimpse into where they might be heading in the future. A must-read for those wishing to go beyond tourist guides and get a deeper understanding why certain things are where they are now in these countries." —LAI VOON KEAT, Managing Partner – Greater China, Stephenson Harwood, Hong Kong

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