A History of Modern Africa

A History of Modern Africa

1800 to the Present
Wiley Blackwell Concise History of the Modern World, Band 7 2. Aufl.

von: Richard J. Reid

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Updated and revised to emphasise long-term perspectives on current issues facing the continent, the new 2nd Edition of A History of Modern Africa recounts the full breadth of Africa's political, economic, and social history over the past two centuries. Adopts a long-term approach to current issues, stressing the importance of nineteenth-century and deeper indigenous dynamics in explaining Africa's later twentieth-century challenges Places a greater focus on African agency, especially during the colonial encounter Includes more in-depth coverage of non-Anglophone Africa Offers expanded coverage of the post-colonial era to take account of recent developments, including the conflict in Darfur and the political unrest of 2011 in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya
List of Maps xiv List of Plates xv Acknowledgments for the Second Edition xvii Acknowledgments xviii 1 Introduction: Understanding the Contours of Africa's Past 1 A Brief History of the Study of Africa 5 Land 8 People 12 Part I Polity, Society, and Economy: Ingenuity and Violence in the Nineteenth Century 17 2 Western Transitions: Slave Trade and "Legitimate" Commerce in Atlantic Africa 23 States and Societies during the Atlantic Slave Trade 24 "Illegal" Traffic: The Nineteenth-Century Slave Trade 28 Mineral and Vegetable: "Legitimate" Commerce 32 Change and Continuity in Forest and Savannah 35 3 Eastern Intrusions: Slaves and Ivory in Eastern Africa 42 Commercial Horizons: Slaves and Ivory 43 Maritime Empire: Zanzibar 48 Statehood, Conflict, and Trade (1): The Lacustrine Zone 52 Statehood, Conflict, and Trade (2): Northeastern Africa 59 4 Southern Frontiers: Colony and Revolution in Southern Africa 65 African State and Society to around 1800 65 War, Revolution, and the Zulu Impact 67 Cape Colonialism: White Settlement and the "Native Question" 71 Voortrekkers: White Communities in the Interior 74 Balances of Power to around 1870 75 Part II Africa and Islam: Revival and Reform in the Nineteenth Century 77 5 Revival and Reaction: North African Islam 81 Old and New Identities: Brotherhoods of the Desert 81 Trade and Conflict in the Mediterranean World: Ottoman and European Frontiers 82 Changing Society (1): The Maghreb 86 Changing Society (2): Egypt 89 6 Jihad: Revolutions in Western Africa 94 Islam inWestern Africa to the Eighteenth Century 94 The Wandering Fulani 96 Prophets and Warriors 97 7 The Eastern Crescent: The Islamic Frontier in Eastern Africa 103 Swahili Islam: Coastal Frontiers in the Nineteenth Century 103 Islam in the Central East African Interior 105 Cross and Crescent in Northeast Africa 106 Islam on the Nile 108 Part III Africa and Europe: Commerce, Conflict and Co-option, to c.1920 113 8 The Compass and the Cross 119 Interested Gentlemen and Learned Bodies: Explorers and Exploration 119 Creeping Hegemony and the Invention of Africa 123 European Missionary Activity in Africa to around 1800 125 Evangelical Humanitarians: Missionary Revival 126 The Christian Impact on Culture, State, and Society 129 Mission and Empire 134 9 "Whatever Happens . . .": Towards the Scramble 139 Africa and Theories of Imperialism 140 Race and Culture 142 Disorder and Civilizing Violence: Political and Economic Justifications 145 10 Africans Adapting: Conquest and Partition 150 Explaining the "Conquest" 150 Spears and Water: Violent Resistance 155 Histories Old and New: Colonialism and Historical "Knowledge" 165 Realities Old and New: Colonialism and Political "Knowledge" 168 BushWars and Distant Shadows: Africa in Global War 175 Part IV Colonialisms 183 11 "Pax Colonia"? Empires of Soil and Service 189 Monopolies on Violence 190 Slaves and Labor 193 Cash Crops 194 White Settlement 199 Industry 201 Social Change and Emergent Crisis 204 Hearts and Minds 207 Environment and Medicine 210 12 Hard Times: Protest, Identity, and Depression 218 Making Tribes 218 Emergent Protest in the Islamic World 221 Salvation and Resistance: The African Church 223 Class and Tribe: The Industrial Complex 224 Cash Crops, Rural Crises, and Peasant Protest 227 Other Voices 230 13 Battles Home and Away: Africa in GlobalWar (Again) 236 The War in the Continent 236 Shifts in Politics and Society 241 Part V The Dissolution of Empire 245 14 The Beached Whale: Colonial Strategies in the Postwar World 251 Postwar Africa and the International Climate 252 Economic Policies and Visions, c. 1945–50 253 Political Plans, c. 1945–50 256 15 Conceiving and Producing Nations 259 The Widening Horizons of Belonging 260 Tensions and Transitions: From Political Consciousness to Political Parties 261 Irresistible Force and Immovable Object: Nationalists and Settlers 268 A Time of Contrasts 273 16 Compromising Conflict: Routes to Independence 276 Debate and Debacle: “Constitutional” Transfers of Power 276 Violence: Growth, Form, and Impact 286 From Suez to Sharpeville, and Beyond: The End of High Imperialism 291 Part VI Legacies, New Beginnings, and Unfinished Business 297 17 Unsafe Foundations: Challenges of Independence 303 Building the Nation (1): Economy and Society 303 Building the Nation (2): Polity 310 Political Stability and Islam 316 Crowded House: Africa and the ColdWar 320 18 Violence and the Militarization of Political Culture 328 The Military in African Politics 328 The Politics and Cultures of Insurgency 332 Expanding Military Horizons 337 19 Rectification, Redemption, and Reality: Issues and Trends in Contemporary Africa 339 Africa and the Post-ColdWar World 339 Democracy and Authoritarianism: Trends in Governance 343 NewWars, Old Problems 349 Body and Mind 352 Economic Predicaments: Assessing "Growth" and "Development" 355 Further Reading 363 Index 365
Richard Reid is Reader in the History of Africa at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is the author of Political Power in Pre-Colonial Buganda: Economy, Society and Warfare in the Nineteenth Century (2002), War in Pre-Colonial Eastern Africa (2007), and Frontiers of Violence in Northeast Africa (2011), as well as numerous articles on the nineteenth- and twentieth-century history of east and northeast Africa.
Updated and revised to reflect recent historic events and scholarly debates, this second edition of A History of Modern Africa recounts the full breadth of Africa's political, economic, and social history over the past two centuries. Author Richard Reid presents a thought-provoking and illuminating journey through the key moments and issues that have shaped Africa's recent past. Arguing that the continent's story cannot be understood without full consideration of its deeper historical experience – both the violent dynamism within Africa, and the external challenges confronting it – Reid focuses on the continuity between the pre-colonial and the postcolonial eras, in addition to highlighting the multifaceted impact of colonial rule. The new edition places stronger emphasis on the legacies of the 19th century and the colonial period in the context of the twenty-first century. Reid also explores the contemporary tensions facing Africa, including those most apparent in recent developments in Darfur, Sudan, Somalia, Côte d'Ivoire, and Libya. A History of Modern Africa is an essential recounting of the turning points of Africa's past and the rich and diverse strands of African culture that will help shape its future.

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