A History of Latin America to 1825

A History of Latin America to 1825

Blackwell History of the World, Band 11 3. Aufl.

von: Peter Bakewell, Jacqueline Holler

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The updated and enhanced third edition of A History of Latin America to 1825 presents a comprehensive narrative survey of Latin American history from the region's first human presence until the majority of Iberian colonies in America emerged as sovereign states c. 1825. This edition features new content on the history of women, gender, Africans in the Iberian colonies, and pre-Columbian peoples Includes more illustrations to aid learning: over 50 figures and photographs, several accompanied by short essays Concentrates on the colonial period and earlier, expanding coverage of the period and incorporating more social and cultural history with the political narrative
List of Illustrations x List of Maps xiii Photo Essay xiv Series Editor’s Preface xv Preface to the Third Edition xviii Conventions Used in the Text xix Maps xx PART I BASES 1 1 Lands and Climates 5 2 American Peoples 22 Ancient Peoples 26 Formative Peoples 30 Classic Peoples 35 Aztecs and Incas 47 Less Known Cultures 61 3 Iberia and Africa 68 PART II APPROACHES 93 4 Columbus and Others 97 5 Experiment in the Caribbean 109 6 Military Conquest 126 PART III DOMINATION 141 7 Administration: The Power of Paper 145 8 Church: Friars, Bishops, and the State 171 9 Society: Old Orders Changed 195 10 Economy: Ships and Silver 225 Photo Essay 259 PART IV MATURE COLONIES 275 11 The Seventeenth Century: A Slacker Grip 281 Challenges to Spain 281 Production, Taxes, and Trade in America 297 Indians in the Heartlands: Making their own Space 307 Indians on the Peripheries 316 Africans 322 Women 328 Arts, Formal and Popular 338 Varieties of Mestizaje 346 12 Eighteenth-Century Spanish America: Reformed or Deformed? 349 People, Production, and Commerce 351 Bourbon Revisions of Rules and Principles 364 Society: Change and Protest 374 Creole Self-Awareness: Rejection and Reception of Europe 386 The Eighteenth-Century Balance 395 PART V PORTUGAL IN AMERICA 397 13 Colonial Brazil: Slaves, Sugar, and Gold 401 Explorers, Interlopers, and Settlers 401 Indians and Jesuits 406 Sugar 410 People and Government 415 Outsiders: The Dutch, and Others, in Brazil 419 Movement Inland: Slavers, Prospectors, and Stockmen 424 Seventeenth-Century Society 430 The Indians and Father Vieira 433 Government and Economy in the Seventeenth Century 436 The Age of Gold 444 Pombal and Reform 451 Products of Mind and Sensibility 455 PART VI INDEPENDENCE AND BEYOND 463 14 Independence 465 15 Epilogue 495 Glossary 505 Notes 510 Bibliography 536 Index 563 Chronologies for each part appear after the part-title page.
Peter Bakewell is Edmund and Louise Kahn Professor of History at Southern Methodist University and has taught in the US since 1975. His major research and writing has centered on the history of silver mining and related topics in colonial Spanish America. His previous works include Silver Mining and Society in Colonial Mexico: Zacatecas, 1546–1700 (1971) and Silver and Entrepreneurship in Seventeenth-Century Potosí: The Life and Times of Antonio López de Quiroga (1988). Jacqueline Holler is Associate Professor of History and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, Canada. She is the author of Escogidas Plantas: Nuns and Beatas in Mexico City, 1531–1601 (2003), and of articles on colonial Mexico.
The third edition of Peter Bakewell’s highly successful narrative history of Latin America features several enhancements and additions, along with the expertise of historian Jacqueline Holler, to reflect the latest scholarship and further improve its utility for students and instructors. The book presents an epic treatment of Latin American history, beginning from the first human presence up to 1825, when the majority of Iberian colonies in America broke free from colonialism to emerge as sovereign states. This edition of A History of Latin America to 1825 continues its emphasis on fundamental aspects of Latin American history – explorations, economy, administration, and politics – while addressing the region’s major social and cultural influences. Special emphasis is placed on illustrating the connections between changes in the colonies and the sweeping historic changes happening in the colonizing powers, Spain and Portugal. Adding depth and balance to the analysis are personal insights into colonial and pre-colonial Latin American society shared by the authors. Another highlight of this new edition is enhanced coverage of a variety of topics that have contributed to Latin America’s rich history, including the history of women, gender, Africans in the Iberian colonies, and pre-Columbian peoples. Sweeping in scope, and supplemented with over fifty illustrations, maps, and photographs, A History of Latin America to 1825, third edition, provides a vivid analytical narrative of the historic events and cultural influences that shaped early Latin America.
"For its graceful prose, thoroughness, erudition, and meticulously balanced interpretations, Peter Bakewell and Jacqueline Holler's A History of Latin America to 1825 conquers the summit in the field of Latin American history textbooks. This is a masterpiece of historical synthesis." —Robert H. Holden, Old Dominion University "This readable and accessible text offers a thorough introduction to colonial and independence-era Latin America. Students will appreciate the volume's clear explanation of important terms and concepts and the use of specific events and figures to bring ideas to life. Professors will welcome Bakewell's judicious weaving of historical debates and competing interpretations into the analysis in a way that should connect the volume to supplementary readings. Photographic essays explaining Latin America's spaces and material culture are a welcome addition drawing attention to the importance of geography and material culture." —Jordana Dym, Skidmore College "A History of Latin America to 1825 offers the most comprehensive treatment in any language of the history of early Latin America. In this book Peter Bakewell does more than inform his readers of the richly complex history of colonial Spanish American and Brazil, he also explains – with constant verve and remarkable intellectual clarity –why things happened the way they did." —Robert Ferry, University of Colorado, Boulder

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