A Companion to the Early Middle Ages

A Companion to the Early Middle Ages

Britain and Ireland c.500 - 1100
Blackwell Companions to British History, Band 18 1. Aufl.

von: Pauline Stafford

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Drawing on 28 original essays, A Companion to the Early Middle Ages takes an inclusive approach to the history of Britain and Ireland from c.500 to c.1100 to overcome artificial distinctions of modern national boundaries.  A collaborative history from leading scholars, covering the key debates and issues Surveys the building blocks of political society, and considers whether there were fundamental differences across Britain and Ireland Considers potential factors for change, including the economy, Christianisation, and the Vikings
List of Maps viii Notes on Contributors ix List of Abbreviations xiii Maps xv PART I INTRODUCTORY MATTER 1 1 Introduction 3 Pauline Stafford 2 Historiography 9 Pauline Stafford 3 Sources 23 Pauline Stafford PART II BRITAIN AND IRELAND, C.500–C.750 39 4 Britain and Ireland, c.500 41 Barbara Yorke 5 Economy 57 Howard B. Clarke 6 Kings and Kingship 76 Barbara Yorke 7 Communities and Kinship 91 David E. Thornton 8 Social Structure 107 Thomas M. Charles-Edwards 9 Britain, Ireland, and Europe, c.500–c.750 126 Paul Fouracre 10 Conversions to Christianity 143 Huw Pryce 11 Church Organization and Pastoral Care 160 Thomas Pickles 12 Latin Learning and Christian Art 177 Martin J. Ryan PART III BRITAIN AND IRELAND IN THE LONG NINTH CENTURY, C.750–C.900 193 13 Viking Raids and Conquest 195 Dawn Hadley 14 Scandinavian Settlement 212 Dawn Hadley 15 Britain, Ireland, and Europe, c.750–c.900 231 Janet L. Nelson PART IV BRITAIN AND IRELAND, C.900–C.1100 249 16 Scotland 251 Alex Woolf 17 Ireland, c.900–c.1000 268 Edel Bhreathnach 18 Ireland, c.1000–c.1100 285 Seán Duffy 19 Northumbria 303 William M. Aird 20 Southumbria 322 Charles Insley 21 Wales and West Britain 341 John Reuben Davies 22 Britain, Ireland, and Europe, c.900–c.1100 358 Simon MacLean 23 The Institutional Church 376 Catherine Cubitt 24 Pastoral Care and Religious Belief 395 Catherine Cubitt 25 Nobility 414 Julia Crick 26 Settlement and Social Differentiation 432 Sally Crawford 27 Localities 446 David E. Thornton 28 Queens and Queenship 459 Pauline Stafford Bibliography 477 Index 524
"Yet another volume in this thoughtful, thought provoking and carefully written series has now appeared, this time focusing primarily on pre Norman Britain and Ireland from the end of the Roman period." (Reference Reviews, February 2010)
Pauline Stafford is Professor Emerita at Liverpool University, previously Professor of Medieval History. She is a specialist in the history of Anglo-Saxon England and of women and gender in England and Europe from the eighth to twelfth centuries. Her previous publications include Queens, Concubines and Dowagers, the King’s Wife in the Early Middle Ages (1983, 1998), Unification and Conquest, a Political and Social History of England in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries (1989), Queen Emma and Queen Edith (1997, 2001), Law, Laity and Solidarities (2001), Gender, Family and the Legitimation of Power: England from the Ninth to Early Twelfth Century (2006), and the jointly edited Gendering the Middle Ages (2000).
This collection of 28 original essays by leading scholars covers the key debates and issues involved in writing a history of Britain and Ireland in the early middle ages. It moves away from the Anglo-centrism which has often characterised accounts of the centuries from the end of the Roman occupation of Britain up to the Norman Conquest of England and its aftermath. The essays combine inclusive and comparative approaches with the questioning of artificial distinctions of modern national boundaries. They are written in a clear, provocative, and lively manner and, taken as a whole, provide both a sophisticated and authoritative overview of the scholarship that has shaped our current understanding of the early medieval History of Britain and Ireland and a new view of that history. Drawing on the range of current historical scholarship, A Companion to the Early Middle Ages is the first reference work of its kind to demonstrate how such a genuinely inclusive approach to the history of Britain and Ireland from c.500 to c.1100 can transform our understanding of the period.
‘The concise presentation of complex information in introductory form is a great talent… The fact that all chapters of the book are consistently clear and readable as introductions to the non-specialist is impressive. That they challenge us conceptually and push at the boundaries of our understanding as well as our knowledge is more so.’ —Reference Reviews

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