A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World, Band 191 1. Aufl.

von: Daniel T. Potts

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A comprehensive and authoritative overview of ancient material culture from the late Pleistocene to Late Antiquity Features up-to-date surveys and the latest information from major new excavations such as Qatna (Syria), Göbekli Tepe (Turkey) Includes a diverse range of perspectives by senior, mid-career and junior scholars in Europe, USA, Britain, Australia, and the Middle East for a truly international group Includes major reviews of the origins of agriculture, animal domestication, and archaeological landscapes Includes chapters dealing with periods after the coming of Alexander the Great, including studies of the Seleucid, Arsacid, Sasanian, Roman and Byzantine empires in the Near East, as well as early Christianity in both the Levant and Mesopotamia Fills a gap in literature of the Ancient Near East, dealing with topics often overlooked, including ethical and legal issues in antiquities markets and international scholarship
VOLUME I List of Illustrations x List of Tables xvii Notes on Contributors xviii Preface xxviii Maps xxxii I The Framework 1 1 Introduction to Geography, Climate, Topography, and Hydrology 3 T.J. Wilkinson 2 Antiquarianism, Copying, Collecting 27 Mark B. Garrison 3 Early Excavations (pre-1914) 48 Nicole Chevalier 4 The Foundations of Antiquities Departments 70 Peter Magee 5 The Political Dimension of Archaeological Practices 87 Reinhard Bernbeck 6 The Antiquities Trade and the Destruction of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures 106 Oscar White Muscarella II Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Hunters and Gatherers 125 7 The Levant 127 Alan H. Simmons 8 Anatolia 144 Klaus Schmidt III Developments in Farming, Animal Husbandry, and Technology 161 9 The Beginnings of Cereal Cultivation and Domestication in Southwest Asia 163 George Willcox 10 Fruit-Growing 181 Margareta Tengberg 11 Animals in the Ancient World 201 Benjamin S. Arbuckle 12 Fish and Fishing 220 D.T. Potts 13 Lithic Industries During the Holocene Period 236 Steven A. Rosen 14 Irrigation 261 Ariel M. Bagg 15 Ceramic Production 279 Cameron A. Petrie 16 Metallurgy 295 Lloyd Weeks 17 Glass 317 Wendy Reade 18 Textiles 336 Irene Good 19 Watercraft 347 R.A. Carter IV Varieties of Early Village and Town Life 373 20 The Northern Levant 375 Karin Bartl 21 The Southern Levant 396 E.B. Banning 22 Northern Mesopotamia 415 Stuart Campbell 23 The Late Epipaleolithic, Neolithic, and Chalcolithic of the Anatolian Plateau, 13,000–4000 BC 431 Douglas Baird 24 Southern Mesopotamia 466 Joan Oates 25 The Arabian Peninsula 485 Philipp Drechsler 26 The Iranian Plateau 501 Barbara Helwing 27 Southwestern Iran 512 Abbas Moghaddam V Bronze Age Cities of the Plains and the Highlands 531 28 Southern Mesopotamia 533 Jason Ur 29 Northern Mesopotamia 556 Timothy Matney 30 The Anatolian Plateau 575 Christoph Bachhuber 31 Iran 596 Christopher P. Thornton 32 The Northern Levant 607 Hermann Genz 33 The Southern Levant 629 Timothy P. Harrison VOLUME II List of Illustrations x List of Tables xii Maps xiii VI The Archaeology of Empire 647 34 The Akkadian Period: Empire, Environment, and Imagination 649 Augusta McMahon 35 The Caucasus and the Near East 668 Adam T. Smith 36 Central Asia, the Steppe, and the Near East, 2500–1500 BC 687 Michael D. Frachetti and Lynne M. Rouse 37 The Ur III, Old Babylonian, and Kassite Empires 706 Marlies Heinz 38 The Hittite Empire 722 Trevor Bryce 39 Elam: Iran’s First Empire 740 Javier Álvarez-Mon 40 India’s Relations with Western Empires, 2300–600 BC 758 Gregory L. Possehl 41 Levantine Kingdoms of the Late Bronze Age 770 Peter Pfälzner 42 Neo-Hittite and Phrygian Kingdoms of North Syria and Anatolia 797 Ann C. Gunter 43 North Arabian Kingdoms 816 Arnulf Hausleiter 44 Egypt and the Near East 833 Thomas Hikade 45 The Assyrian Heartland 851 Friedhelm Pedde 46 The Assyrians Abroad 867 Bradley J. Parker 47 The Urartian Empire 877 Alina Ayvazian 48 Iron Age Western Anatolia: The Lydian Empire and Dynastic Lycia 896 Christopher H. Roosevelt 49 The Neo-Babylonian Empire 914 Heather D. Baker 50 The Achaemenid Heartland: An Archaeological-Historical Perspective 931 Wouter F.M. Henkelman 51 The Achaemenid Provinces in Archaeological Perspective 963 Lori Khatchadourian 52 The Seleucid Kingdom 984 Lise Hannestad 53 The Arsacid (Parthian) Empire 1001 Stefan R. Hauser 54 Roman Rule in the Near East 1021 Bettina Fischer-Genz 55 The Red Sea and Indian Ocean in the Age of the Great Empires 1041 Steven E. Sidebotham 56 Byzantium in Asia Minor and the Levant 1060 Basema Hamarneh 57 The Sasanian Empire: An Archaeological Survey, c.220–AD 640 1076 Ali Mousavi and Touraj Daryaee 58 Christianity in the Late Antique Near East 1095 Cornelia Horn and Erica C.D. Hunter Abbreviations 1113 References 1117 Index 1380
“To that end, the companion may be regarded as a successful contribution for students of Near Eastern archaeology, offering a copious amount of good quality material in two volumes that presents current state of knowledge about Near Eastern cultures from early prehistory to late antiquity.”  (Ancient West & East, 1 November 2015)
D. T. Potts is the Edwin Cuthbert Hall Professor of Middle Eastern Archaeology at The University of Sydney. He is the author of The Archaeology of Elam (1999), Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran, 1967-1975, Volume III: The Third Millennium (2001), Mesopotamia, Iran and Arabia from the Seleucids to the Sasanians (2010) and founding editor of the journal Arabian Archaeology & Epigraphy.
A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East is a comprehensive and authoritative overview of ancient material culture from the late Pleistocene to Late Antiquity. This expansive two-volume work includes sixty new essays from an international community of Ancient Near East scholars.With coverage extending from Asia Minor, the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt to the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Indo-Iranian borderlands, the book highlights the enormous variation in cultural developments across roughly 11,000 years of human endeavor. In addition to chapters devoted to specific regions and particular periods, a large number of chapters present individual industries and major themes in ancient Near Eastern archaeology, ranging from metallurgy and agriculture to irrigation and fishing. Controversial issues, including the nature and significance of the antiquities market, ethical considerations in archaeological praxis, the history of the foundation of departments of antiquities and ancient attitudes towards the past, make this a unique collection of studies that will be of interest to scholars, students and interested readers alike.

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