A Companion to Marcus Aurelius

A Companion to Marcus Aurelius

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World, Band 185 1. Aufl.

von: Marcel van Ackeren

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A Companion to Marcus Aurelius presents the first comprehensive collection of essays to explore all essential facets relating to contemporary Marcus Aurelius studies. • First collection of its kind to commission new state-of-the-art scholarship on Marcus Aurelius • Features readings that cover all aspects of Marcus Aurelius, including source material, biographical information, and writings • Contributions from an international cast of top Aurelius scholars • Addresses evolving aspects of the reception of the Meditations
List of Figures ix Notes on Contributors xi Preface xvii List of Abbreviations xix The Study of Marcus Aurelius: Introduction 1 Marcel van Ackeren PART I The Main Sources 11 1 Cassius Dio and the Historia Augusta 13 Anthony R. Birley 2 Archaeological Evidence of the Marcomannic Wars of Marcus Aurelius (AD 166–80) 29 Thomas Fischer 3 The Meditations 45 Matteo Ceporina 4 Marcus Aurelius’ Letters 62 Pascale Fleury 5 Epigraphic Records 77 Péter Kovács PART II Biography and Background 93 6 The Political State of the Roman Empire 95 Werner Eck 7 Cultural and Intellectual Background and Development 110 Leofranc Holford-Strevens 8 Early Life: Family, Youth, and Education 139 Anthony R. Birley 9 Marcus’ Life as Emperor 155 Anthony R. Birley 10 The Relation of Politics and Philosophy under Marcus Aurelius 171 Lukas de Blois PART III Marcus the Emperor 183 11 Administration and Jurisdiction in Rome and in the Provinces 185 Werner Eck 12 Religion in the Age of Marcus Aurelius 200 Mark J. Edwards 13 The Wars and Revolts 217 Anthony R. Birley 14 The Roman Empire after His Death 234 Olivier Hekster PART IV Material Forms of Self-Representation 249 15 The Column of Marcus Aurelius 251 Martin Beckmann 16 The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius 264 Peter Stewart 17 Coins 278 Susanne Börner 18 The Portraits: A Short Introduction 294 Dietrich Boschung 19 The Reliefs: Representation of Marcus Aurelius’ Deeds 305 Dietrich Boschung PART V Marcus the Philosopher 315 20 The Form and Structure of the Meditations 317 Jean-Baptiste Gourinat 21 The Style of the Meditations 333 Angelo Giavatto 22 Aspects of Orality in (the Text of ) the Meditations 346 Michael Erler 23 The Meditations as a (Philosophical) Autobiography 362 Irmgard M€annlein-Robert 24 Marcus and Previous Stoic Literature 382 Christopher Gill 25 Marcus Aurelius on Physics 396 David Sedley 26 Logic and the Meditations 408 Angelo Giavatto 27 Ethics 420 Jean-Baptiste Gourinat 28 Social Ethics and Politics 437 Gretchen Reydams-Schils 29 The Meditations and the Ancient Art of Living 453 John Sellars 30 The Self in the Meditations 465 Anthony A. Long PART VI Reception 481 31 The Reception of the Philosopher-King in Antiquity and the Medieval Age 483 Julia Bruch and Katrin Herrmann 32 The Sanctification of Marcus Aurelius 497 Amy Richlin 33 Marcus Aurelius and Neostoicism in Early Modern Philosophy 515 Jill Kraye 34 Marcus Aurelius in Contemporary Philosophy 532 John Sellars Index 545
Marcel van Ackeren is Professor at Cologne University. He is the author of Das Wissen vom Guten (2003), Heraklit (2005), Understanding Ancient Philosophy (with Jörn Müller, 2006), The Political Identity of the West: Platonism in the Dialogue of Cultures (edited with Orrin F. Summerell, 2006), and Die Philosophie Marc Aurels (2011).
Considered the last of the "Five Good Emperors," Marcus Aurelius ruled the Roman Empire from AD 161 until his death in 180—yet his influence on philosophy continues to resonate in the modern age through his Meditations. A Companion to Marcus Aurelius presents the first comprehensive collection of essays to explore all essential facets relating to contemporary Marcus Aurelius studies. Featuring contributions from top international scholars in relevant fields, initial readings provide an overview of source material by addressing such topics as manuscript transmission, historical written sources, archaeological evidence, artifacts, and coins. Readings continue with state-of-the-art discussions of various aspects of Marcus Aurelius—his personal biography; political, cultural, and intellectual background; and aspects of his role as emperor, reformer of administration, military leader, and lawgiver. His Meditations are analyzed in detail, including the form of the book, his way of writing and an overview of the various aspects of his philosophy. The final series of readings address evolving aspects of Aurelius reception. A Companion to Marcus Aurelius offers important new insights on a figure of late antiquity whose unique voice has withstood the centuries to influence contemporary life.

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