A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe

A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe

Wiley Blackwell Companions to American History 1. Aufl.

von: Stuart Leibiger

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A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe features essays from leading academics that consider various aspects of the lives and legacies of our fourth and fifth presidents. Provides historians and students of history with a wealth of new insights into the lives and achievements of two of America’s most accomplished statesmen, James Madison and James Monroe Features 32 state-of-the field historiographic essays from leading academics that consider various aspects of the lives and legacies of our fourth and fifth presidents Synthesizes the latest findings, and offers new insights based on original research into primary sources Addresses topics that readers often want to learn more about, such as Madison and slavery
List of Illustrations xi Notes on Contributors xiii Acknowledgments xix Introduction 1 Stuart Leibiger 1 James Madison’s Political Thought: The Ideas of an Acting Politician 4 Jack N. Rakove 2 James Madison’s Journey to an “Honorable and Useful Profession, ” 1751–1780 21 Paul Douglas Newman 3 James Madison, 1780–1787: Nationalism and Political Reform 39 Adam Tate 4 James Madison and the Grand Convention: “The Great Difficulty of Representation” 56 Gordon Lloyd and Christopher Burkett 5 James Madison and the Ratification of the Constitution: A Triumph Over Adversity 74 Kevin R. C. Gutzman 6 James Madison in The Federalist: Elucidating “The Particular Structure of this Government” 91 Michael Zuckert 7 James Madison, Republican Government, and the Formation of the Bill of Rights: “Bound by Every Motive of Prudence” 109 Alan Gibson 8 James Madison in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1789–1797: America’s First Congressional Floor Leader 127 Carey Roberts 9 James Madison and the National Gazette Essays: The Birth of a Party Politician 143 Denver Brunsman 10 James Madison, the Virginia Resolutions, and the Philosophy of Modern American Democracy 159 Garrett Ward Sheldon 11 James Madison’s Secretary of State Years, 1801–1809: Successes and Failures in Foreign Relations 176 Mary Hackett 12 President James Madison’s Domestic Policies, 1809–1817: Jeffersonian Factionalism and the Beginnings of American Nationalism 192 Aaron N. Coleman 13 President James Madison and Foreign Affairs, 1809–1817: Years of Principle and Peril 207 David J. Siemers 14 James Madison’s Retirement, 1817–1836: Engaging the Republican Past, Present, and Future 224 James H. Read 15 James Madison and George Washington: The Indispensable Man’s Indispensable Man 241 Stuart Leibiger 16 James Madison and Thomas Jefferson: A “Friendship Which Was For Life” 259 Jeffry H. Morrison 17 James and Dolley Madison and the Quest for Unity 274 Catherine Allgor 18 James Madison and Montpelier: The Rhythms of Rural Life 292 David B. Mattern 19 James Madison and the Dilemma of American Slavery 306 Jeff Broadwater 20 James Monroe’s Political Thought: The People the Sovereigns 324 Arthur Scherr 21 James Monroe, 1758–1783: Student and Soldier of the American Revolution 343 Daniel Preston 22 James Monroe and the Confederation, 1781–1789: The Making of a Virginia Statesman 359 Robert W. Smith 23 James Monroe in the 1790s: A Republican Leader 375 William M. Ferraro 24 James Monroe as Governor of Virginia and Diplomat Abroad, 1799–1810: A Revolution of Principles and the Triumph of Pragmatism 391 David A. Nichols 25 James Monroe as Secretary of State and Secretary of War, 1809–1817: Toward Republican Strategic Sobriety 405 MackubinThomas Owens 26 James Monroe, James Madison, and the War of 1812: A Difficult Interlude 421 J.C.A. Stagg 27 President James Monroe’s Domestic Policies, 1817–1825: “To Advance the Best Interests of Our Union” 438 Michael J. McManus 28 President James Monroe and Foreign Affairs, 1817–1825: An Enduring Legacy 456 Sandra Moats 29 The Domestic Life of James Monroe: The Man at Home 472 Meghan C. Budinger 30 James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson: Republican Government and the British Challenge to America, 1780–1826 489 Michael Schwarz 31 James Monroe and James Madison: Republican Partners 505 Brook Poston 32 James Madison and James Monroe Historiography: A Tale of Two Divergent Bodies of Scholarship 521 Peter Daniel Haworth References 541 Index 558
“For this reason, A Companion to JamesMadison and James Monroe should find a home in every academic library in theUnited States.” (Journal of American History, 5 November 2013)
Stuart Leibiger is Associate Professor and Chair of the History Department at La Salle University. He is the author of Founding Friendship: George Washington, James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic (1999). Leibiger has worked on the editorial staffs of the Papers of George Washington and the Papers of Thomas Jefferson and is an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer.
While James Madison and James Monroe are frequently overshadowed in the pantheon of America’s Founding Fathers, they were both instrumental in shaping the nation—and went on to occupy the White House for 16 consecutive years. A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe features more than 30 essays from leading academics and eminent historians that consider various aspects of the lives and legacies of our fourth and fifth presidents. Taken as a whole, these readings, divided into two sections, serve as definitive biographies of each Founder. Individual essays explore a specific theme or episode in the lives of each man, addressing such issues as critical friendships and collaborations, political thought, views on slavery, domestic life, and retirement. Grounded in the latest scholarship, A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe provides historians and history students alike with a wealth of new insights into the lives and achievements of two of America’s most accomplished statesmen.
“Leibiger's volume manages to be at once authoritative and innovative. It brings together a remarkable roster of experts to present a trove of original, often pathbreaking essays on our fourth and fifth presidents. The juxtaposition of Madison and Monroe¯neighbors, colleagues, sometime rivals¯is a canny editorial choice, destabilizing old assumptions and providing unexpected insights into the founding era.” – Robert P. Forbes, University of Connecticut “These finely-crafted essays can be read either as two complete biographies or as thirty-two beacons illuminating the political thought and private and public lives of America’s fourth and fifth presidents.” – John Kaminski, University of Wisconsin “This superbly edited collection of essays by noted scholars provides state-of-the-art assessments that illuminate their topics, make original arguments, and will become the starting point for future work.” – Todd Estes, Oakland University

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